In life, there are a lot of random rules women stick to. One of them is not telling loved ones about a pregnancy until after the first trimester. But why??? The answer is more often than not, miscarriage.  
Published 07/22/24
Published 07/22/24
Being in love feels so damn good, right? But what if you fall so deeply into your relationship, you start to forget who you are?  
Published 07/15/24
Swipe left, swipe right, match, meet, hook up, repeat. We all know the dating dance, but is it really serving us as women? Enter Hannah Ferguson, the 25-year-old media queen who isn’t afraid to tell us how it is.   When Hannah was in her late teens and dating for the first time, Tinder ruled the scene and sex was available at the swipe of a finger. But a string of sub-par experiences left her wondering if hookup culture is selling women a lie. Have we come to expect scraps because that's...
Published 07/08/24
Women bear the load of most of the invisible (thankless) work in a household. And that shit gets heavy.   School lunches, laundry, dentist appointments, shopping, snot-wiping, cleaning, care-giving – and don’t forget to get those 10k steps in while you’re at it!  We're exhausted just thinking about it.   Yumi dishes out advice on how to even out the mental load and take the weight off your shoulders.   If you’ve got a snag in your life that you just can’t figure out, let us take on the...
Published 07/01/24
What if your appetite for sex was insatiable? Would you love to be boning every day, multiple times a day?   There's this idea that it's men that are always lusting after sex. But guess what? Women can be horn dogs too! But that horniness often comes with the label "slutty".  Yumi Stynes chats to women who are relishing their pleasure and enjoying plenty of orgasms while they’re at it.  
Published 06/24/24
When you’re stuck in the daily grind of working-mum life, sometimes it can be hard not to feel like a s****y mum.   School lunches, getting them dressed (FFS), raising good humans, endless meetings – it's exhausting and soul-destroying.  Yumi has some advice to ease the mum-guilt, when your heart is being yanked in opposite directions and backing away from work isn’t an option.   If you’ve got a problem that not even your girl gang can help you solve, let us take on the burden! Send an...
Published 06/17/24
Yumi has been cheeky and stolen the keys to the ABC archive to bring out one of our favourite episodes. Life is tiring. The cozzi livs, the constant merry-go-round of caring and work and chronic stress can be overwhelming. For some, this relentless pace can lead to burnout.
Published 06/10/24
The "other woman" has been demonised in pop culture, but is it time we learnt to understand her choices rather than judge her for them? 
Published 06/06/24
If you’ve carried a baby, you may have had to deal with the fall out (literally) of pelvic prolapse. But having your organs pop out of your vagina isn’t limited to mammas, getting older is also a big factor. 
Published 06/03/24
Rosie Waterland’s mum was, to put it mildly, chaos personified. Charming and caring one minute, abusive and cruel the next.   This year, she died. A moment Rosie was strangely prepared for. But her mum’s death left her to contend with the conflicting emotions of grief and relief.  Yumi Stynes sat down with Rosie for a heart to heart about growing up with an abusive parent, grieving and coming out of the other side of childhood trauma.   Featured in this episode:   Rosie Waterland, author...
Published 05/27/24
Would you like to flip the script and peg your partner?  Yumi spreads the word on pegging your boo, how to introduce anal play into your sex life and the ins and outs of doing it (or not) so everyone feels good.   If you’ve got a problem that’s doing your head in, never fear because your hottest, coolest agony aunt is primed and ready to help you out! Send us an audio note to [email protected]  
Published 05/20/24
Weight gain, bristly hairs, no period. Welcome to  Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome.   PCOS is one of the leading causes of infertility worldwide and it can cause debilitating physical and psychological symptoms.  1 in 8 women have PCOS, so that’s at least a couple of friends in your group chat. So why do we still know so little about it?   Yumi Stynes catches up with ladies who’ve been battling PCOS for years and finds out how they get on top of it.  Featured in this episode:  Professor...
Published 05/13/24
Do you have to pry your partner off the couch with a fork-lift? Are they living in skanky trackies 24/7?  Yumi spills the tea on what to do if your other half has gone full slob.  Got a life problem you just can’t solve? Help is at hand! We’re handing the mic over to you, our lush listeners and taking the burden of problem solving off your shoulders... because Ladies, We Need To Talk... Back!  Send us your questions as a voice note to [email protected] - we can’t wait to hear from you!
Published 05/06/24
We live in a sex obsessed world, where hook-up culture is king and getting laid out like a spatchcocked chicken is a status symbol.  But what if you’re a fully-fledged adult, paying your own bills and you’re still a “virgin”?  Some women might hold off having sex for the first time because they want to meet the “right” person, others because they haven’t had the opportunity or are waiting until marriage. Whatever the reason, it can feel lonely and isolating when there so much noise around...
Published 04/29/24
Are you a card-carrying virgin? Know what it's like to be the other woman? Horny as hell and can’t get enough?  Ladies, We Need To Talk is back and we’re going deep!  This season we’ll be meeting the truly gorgeous women who are eager to have sex for the very first time, but for whatever reason haven’t met the perfect person yet.   You’ll find out about the mysteries of PCOS and why it’s one of the leading causes of infertility. And we’ll hear from the women who are horny with a capital H,...
Published 04/22/24
Have you ever had a problem you couldn't quite solve? An issue none of your mates could give you advice on?  Enter Yumi Stynes! Your resident agony aunt and all around hottie with the best guidance for all your life problems. Whether you need help with your relationship, dating woes or friendships (just to name a few) Yumi is your gal and she would love to help you out! Send a voice note through to [email protected] and the gorg ladies team will be in touch! 
Published 03/27/24
Ladies, do you feel like you might be hornier than your friends? Does your partner find it hard to keep up with your thirst for orgasms? Would you say you have a high sex drive? If so, we would absolutely love to hear from you for an episode that's in the works for your fave podcast!  Please send us an email to [email protected] and you can remain completely anonymous if you prefer. 
Published 03/11/24
It's a brand new year ladies and we'd love your input for our very first episode of 2024!  Did you know the average age for someone to lose their virginity in Australia is 18 years-old? But what if, for whatever reason, you've made it well into adulthood and you’re still holding onto your v-card?  It could be that you're waiting for marriage or the kind of person you'd want to have sex with for the very first time hasn't materialised. Whatever the reason, we would love to hear from you. And...
Published 02/04/24
Uh oh, what’s that you smell... a funky odour down below? The thought of having a stinky crotch is nightmare fuel for some women, but do we even need to worry about our musky bouquet?   The delicate aroma of our lady-garden can be affected by things like our menstrual cycle and our lifestyle but how do we tell when the stank goes from normal to full on malodorous pudenda territory and what can be done about it?   It’s time to take off those undies and confront the smelly minge in the...
Published 11/27/23
Do you have a conundrum you can’t talk to your mates about? Or maybe you’ve tried, and they’ve awkwardly mumbled something while staring at the ground. Well, help is at hand!   Next season, as well as our regular episodes we’re also launching Ladies, We Need to Talk...Back with me, Yumi Stynes, as your personal agony aunty.   Does your partner live in their dirty old trackie daks while you make an effort to look good, and you don’t know how to raise it with them?   Are you looking after...
Published 11/20/23
What happens when you want a divorce but the cost of leaving your marriage would cripple you financially?   Would you ever stay in an unhappy marriage for the security money offers?   It’s no secret, life is bloody expensive right now. From soaring rents to the cost of a bunch of broccoli, times are tough! So, sticking it out in a relationship you’re no longer happy in can seem appealing.   Yumi Stynes talks to women who’ve had to make that extremely difficult choice.   Featured in this...
Published 11/13/23
What if we put a stop to marriage...for good? Like, just stop with flouncy white dresses, walking down the aisle and having a dude give us away.   In her new book, I Don’t, Clementine Ford is calling for just that. She reckons that a ring on a finger is a bridal march to losing your identity.  From the moment we come screaming into the world, we’re pushed the line that to find “the one” to get married and settle down is the be all and end all. You might discover a cure for cancer, scale Mt...
Published 10/30/23
Do you wizz when you sneeze? Or avoid star jumps at the gym? One in four of us (!) have pelvic floor problems which can lead to incontinence and prolapse (eek).  But don’t stress! Yumi Stynes has kegel’d her way back to the Ladies archives and dug up some reassurance that you can definitely turn things around. Just be prepared to clench. 
Published 10/16/23
You think you’ve met “the one” and they seem totally perfect for you, but is it all too good to be true? Could you be dating a narcissist?   What starts out as a dreamy relationship filled with fancy presents and compliments galore, suddenly turns sour and you’re left wondering if you’re slowly losing your mind.   Narcissists make up only 1% of the population but the impact they have on the women who date them can be truly devastating.   Yumi Stynes meets women who have fallen in love with...
Published 10/02/23