Some updates for my Lalalanders including season 2 coming to an end. Listen to hear why and how and all the things. Love you and talk soon!  Follow Lex: @lexnevin Shop Dressed in Lala: dressedinlala.com
Published 03/20/24
Published 03/20/24
Sit down, get some popcorn, and buckle up for a wild ride. Remember the missing semi-truck of 150k of Lala inventory? Yeah. We found her. Follow Lex: @lexnevin Shop Dressed in Lala: dressedinlala.com
Published 02/23/24
Hello. This is Lex. I am writing to let you know I’m still alive after Taylor announced her BRAND NEW album on Sunday night at the Grammys. But no, really. ARE WE OK?! We get into the announcement and let’s just say I spent a few too many hours on Reddit reading The Tortured Poet’s Department theories. I did the work so you don’t have to. We also have a little pop culture update including Travis Kelce and his “I love you so much, it’s not even funny,” Justin Bieber and his smile that could...
Published 02/07/24
Josie Van Dyke from The Weekly Trash podcast joins us in Lalaland today. She talks all about starting a podcast from the ground up (that now has 1M downloads) as a stay at home mom. We talk haters, how to grow a community of fierce friends, comparison, how she gets inspired when she’s in a funk, and the truth about making money while podcasting. Josie is known for being real and authentic, and I know you’ll feel like you’re hanging out with your girlies while listening to this week’s...
Published 01/31/24
Hi my love angel babies. What a juicy and fun little episode. Mexico recap including my insane behavior the night before we left town and lots of chips and guac. I have to admit something to you about my Queen Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce. I had to say it. And some details on his shirtless brother? And their aura colors??? We talk a little RHOSLC and my run-ins with them, how I chill out after a stressful day, and loyalty in adult female relationships and my experience with that. Hugging you...
Published 01/24/24
We cover it all in this one, guys. But in a really good way, duh. We start off with my recent happenings including drinking BREAST MILK, attending a workshop, and how I feel currently about self-help. We then get into your burning questions including things like how I keep a clean house with so many pets (hint: it is not just me), if I have veneers, and how to know if it’s time to move into a warehouse. Love figuring out life with you, Lalaland Lovers.  Follow Lex: @lexnevin Shop Dressed in...
Published 01/17/24
This episode is girls talk central. Life updates including what Matt and I surprised each other with for Christmas, my cats new lion haircuts, and leaning into winter (or trying at least). We talk Real Housewives of Salt Lake City and how I saw Monica this last weekend at the mall?? I answer some questions on why Joe Jonas has been giving me the ick, talk Gypsy Rose and why everyone is talking about her, and Timothee grabbing Kylie’s butt at the Golden Globes. Ugh, giRlHoOd. ILY,...
Published 01/10/24
It’s 2024, I’m here to remind you that it’s not that serious and you’re doing really great. I also came up with a list of things we all need to be on the same page for in 2024. How to properly take a bath, no more dumb unintentional clutter, and just freaking taking up space. Here’s to us. Follow Lex: @lexnevin Shop Dressed in Lala: dressedinlala.com
Published 01/03/24
Gift guides and girl talk (obviously). We catch up on recent life events including but not limited to: having a clean house while also having 4 wiener dogs and 3 cats and a stolen semi-truck update. Then we get into what the girlies are wanting for Christmas (as in us) and hint* it isn’t things. And then I give you a run-down on ideas for white elephant and favorite things presents. It’s a fun week, if I do say so myself. Love you Lalaland babies. AMAZON STORE LINK:...
Published 12/13/23
Biggest re-occurring lesson I’ve learned in 2023? Protect your peace, baby. I get into mean comments and how I (try) to not spiral longer than a few hours vs letting it kill my vibe for weeks. You get to hear about my fall down the stairs a couple days ago that was extremely traumatic. And then we get into YOUR juicy tea. Secret confessions. Things from hooking up with your guy in your besties honeymoon suite, how to *correctly* shave your coochie, and not breaking up with your boyfriend...
Published 12/06/23
This week, I’m thankful for YOU. A Q&A episode that’s full of lots of tea. First up: a little life update. Creepy clock o’clock, a look inside BFCM weekend at Lala, and The Crown. And then we get into your anonymous questions answered, baby. House tour thoughts, marketing in 2023, eyelids eyelidding, making friends as an adult, passive aggressive in-laws— and SO MUCH MORE.  Follow Lex: @lexnevin Shop Dressed in Lala: dressedinlala.com
Published 11/22/23
We have so much to catch up on, lovers. My birthday, our trip to London, and everything in-between. I give a few takes on Taylor and Travis’ relationship and why I think it’s end game (get it?) material. We also dive into the Priscilla movie and all my juicy thoughts about it. Girl talk, ya know? Follow Lex: @lexnevin Shop Dressed in Lala: dressedinlala.com
Published 11/15/23
It’s been a long time coming, Lalaland lovers. Me + Joe Jonas locking eyes at his SLC show. I truly didn’t have any sort of expectations for this concert (except to have fun and see the boys IRL). Call us delulu, but it was so much more. If you aren’t gonna feed into our delusions of Joe (and his brothers) totally knowing who I was, I suggest you don’t listen. I’m having fun over here in my own little Lalaland, k? Kinzie is here to help fill you in too. You ready? Follow Lex:...
Published 11/08/23
Welcome to Lala Land. This week is a wild ride. You submitted your anonymous personal situations and I gave you my unsolicited advice. We are calling it, ‘Dear Lex.’ And listen, I’m not claiming to know everything and some of my feedback could definitely be questionable. But that’s the fun part, right? You’ll be screaming into the void while listening to this episode. These situations are.. situation-ing. Follow Lex: @lexnevin Shop Dressed in Lala: dressedinlala.com
Published 10/18/23
This week we embrace our basic b*tch energy. October, Love is Blind, and Brody Jenner. I give you a little week update and a full run-down on how I became a crazy cat lady + my Lala photoshoot coming up (hint: it has to do with cats). We do a quick TV recap and end with some interesting pop culture updates, including an insider tip about Taylor and Travis’s hard launch. Follow Lex: @lexnevin Shop Dressed in Lala: dressedinlala.com
Published 10/11/23
This episode feels like good ‘ol girl chat. A quick Palm Springs update for my angels. Eyelid update because, duh. A little sermon on having fun and being silly. A list of things that ALWAYS make me feel better. And we end with a quick but juicy Q&A. Questions you sent in via Instagram. I ended this episode feeling vulnerable, but even more of a reason to share, right? ILY. Follow Lex: @lexnevin Shop Dressed in Lala: dressedinlala.com
Published 10/04/23
This week’s episode is… unhinged? Yeah, more than normal. I get into my recent surgery and give you the full overview of how it went and how healing is going. As we get into pop-culture we touch on the Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner divorce drama and.. uh.. separating the artist from the art. Or something like that. And then we go full-blown Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce. This is my Roman Empire, Lala Land Lovers. We get into my theories, recent information that has come out since Sunday’s...
Published 09/27/23
Lalaland lovers, let’s get into it. At the top of the episode I spill all the piping hot tea on the elective surgery I am getting LITERALLY the day this comes out. Wish me luck. I talk my thoughts about posting children on social media and how I am feeling about that lately. I also accidentally give a sermon about people talking sh*t and being toxic (online and in real life). All about protecting our energy, ya know? And OF COURSE, we talk all things current pop culture. ILY. Follow Lex:...
Published 09/20/23
Hi Lalaland Lovers 💘 This week is a pop culture love fest. The Britney Spears of it all, of course. A quick little overview of RHONY, RHOSLC, and RHOC. And some more Joe Adam Jonas (my boyfriend, IYKYK), Khloé Kardashian, Kylie and Timothee, and some other little treats.  We get into my current favorites— including a little tea. Lastly, I give you a look into my current take on Instagram. Hint— you’re probably leaving some 💰 on the table. Hehe. ILY. Happy bump day! Follow Lex:...
Published 09/13/23
We have a lot to catch up on. August was one of the weirdest months of my life. I was off my game. I fill you in on why I took the month off, all the weird happenings (including a psychic reading gone wrong), and me casually DMing with Joe Jonas (TWICE). We go over all the pop culture current happenings (RE: KYLIE AND TIMOTHEE AT BEYONCE), Joe and Sophie, Scooter Braun, and a lot more. Bonus? You get to hear my sweet angel, Ozzy, sing the alphabet just for you. It's juicy. God bless my...
Published 09/06/23
Catching the Lala Land Lovers up on everything. My recent San Diego girls trip, what other trips I have coming, and some random travel tips. We talk current pop culture (always), and I make one of the boldest statements I’ve ever made (Hint: Hailey Bieber). We finish by some random but *important* things on my mind. One of those chatting with your bestie episodes, ya know? Follow Lex: @lexnevin Shop Dressed in Lala: dressedinlala.com
Published 08/02/23
Manifestation. Such a buzzy word right now, huh? Well, it’s real and Kinzie Madsen (THE MANIFESTATION GURU) joins us this week to break it all down and make it feel easy and fun. We give you our take on manifestation and what we have learned the last 6-7 years building up our businesses from the ground up.  What are we waiting for? Burn the candle you’ve been saving, wear the outfit, drink out of the fancy glasses. Our dream life is waiting and we can start embodying it now. ❤️ Of course,...
Published 07/26/23
Personally? One of my favorite episodes ever. I take you on the journey of buying our house last year, my closet + office, and why I love it all so much. We get into current pop culture tings (Miranda Lambert and Kylie + Jordyn). And we finish the episode with some Q&A including how to build a boutique that stands out in 2023, what my husband, Matt, does at Lala, and what being sold on Nordstrom has really been like.  Follow Lex: @lexnevin Shop Dressed in Lala: dressedinlala.com
Published 07/19/23
We have the pleasure of having the freshest breath of fresh air in Lala Land this week, Morgan Madsen. She is a Gen Z YouTube-obsessed queen who breaks down the whole Colleen Ballinger (Miranda Sings) Drama for us. It’s real weird and creepy— we get into it all. Obviously we also get into recent happenings with Drake, Jonah Hill, and Keke Palmer. Join two besties being unhinged and giving their unfiltered thoughts on all-things pop culture. Follow Morgan: @candybellie Follow Lex:...
Published 07/12/23