Late Night Linux – Episode 284
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A brief news segment with mostly good stuff from Mozilla and KDE. Plus some great discoveries including downloading YouTube and other videos, processing data and CSV files on the command line, controlling cycling workout gear and graphing your progress, and a top tip for following Mastodon accounts in a normal RSS feed reader.   News... Read More
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An incredibly powerful hex editor for reverse engineering binaries, easily searching through snaphots for end users, streaming audio from phones to the Linux desktop, writing interactive fiction games, and how we makes notes and manage tasks.   Support us on patreon and get an ad-free RSS feed...
Published 07/08/24
Published 07/08/24
Instead of the news which is all either boring or grim, we’ve come up with a fun Linux-themed game show that’s definitely not completely fixed. Plus a great network tool, and what keeps us on Linux when most apps are available everywhere else.   Feedback IMUNES           1Password Extended Access...
Published 07/02/24