Will is annoyed with calculators, Félim adds GUIs to his ropey Python, Graham attempts to tune a Piano, and Joe dreams of playing darts without the maths. Plus your feedback about robot vacuums, guitar cables, Arch, why we don’t talk about Fedora, KDE wins, and more.   Discoveries  qalculate NiceGUI Entropy Piano Tuner Autodarts (video... Read More
Published 03/20/23
Flathub’s grand plans spark a debate the merits of modern packaging, we feel old 20 years on from the SCO lawsuit, great news for un-Googled Android users, a lengthy quest to stream DRM-restricted media on Arm Macs, KDE Korner, and more.   News Flathub in 2023 The SCO lawsuit, 20 years later NewF-Droid  repository format... Read More
Published 03/13/23
Published 03/13/23
Troubleshooting microcontroller projects, reinstalling Ubuntu the quick and easy way, loads of gaming discoveries, follow-up on backups, playing guitar with Linux, keeping kids safe online, and more.   Discoveries mqttshark device IDs to get steering wheel nim Turrican II AGA Zelda a Link to the Past on Linux   Feedback Timeshift Kopia Grsync Cronopete UrBackup... Read More
Published 03/06/23
Canonical angers the community again – this time by asking Ubuntu flavours to stop shipping Flatpak by default, we can’t decide whether Microsoft or Google are worse, NASA contributes to way more open source software than you might think, ten years of Steam on Linux, and KDE Korner.   News Ubuntu Flavor Packaging Defaults NASA... Read More
Published 02/28/23
More reverse-engineering, free tech books, a handy tool for fixing things you’ve aCCIDENTALLY CAPITALISED, Chromium in the terminal, putting apps and config files in a “box”, more on aviation tracking, GUI vs CLI backups on Linux, and loads more.   Discoveries reveng lurk GoalKicker.com books Late Night Linux – Discoveries Convert Case carbonyl Github Sponsors... Read More
Published 02/20/23
Canonical’s latest Ubuntu PR blunder, Mastodon and the fediverse are doing a lot better than some journalists seem to think, yet another telemetry row, the company behind Mycroft is struggling, KDE Korner, and more.   News We now have a Discord server (as well as the Telegram group, Matrix room, and IRC channel). Links to... Read More
Published 02/14/23
Making Home Assistant easier to configure, scoring music with FOSS, protecting yourself against phishing, 3 very different distro releases, traffic shaping and QoS, and more.   Discoveries  MuseScore 4 Node Red Home Assistant Contrib No Homo Graphs Phish-protect Awesome-privacy blendOS helloSystem elementary OS 7   Feedback Buster SQM (Smart Queue Management) Getting SQM Running Right... Read More
Published 02/06/23
The Mars Helicopter continues to amaze, aviation nerds get burned, Google lays off loads of open source people, running a Mastodon instance isn’t for everyone, KDE Korner, and more.   News Mars helicopter Ingenuity aces 40th Red Planet flight JETNET Acquires ADS-B Exchange Feeding to adsb.fi Google’s Fuchsia OS was one of the hardest hit... Read More
Published 01/31/23
Recovering data from a broken SSD, configuring the lights on a new keyboard, trying stock Android on a Pixel 7, easily blocking ads with DNS, playing with 3D models of ancient museum pieces, and more.   Discoveries testdisk Félim’s new keyboard g810-led Pixel 7 Public AdGuard DNS server Nefertiti statue 3D model   Feedback Lotus... Read More
Published 01/23/23
The rise of RISC-V continues apace, we bust a recent ZFS myth, hybrid tiling in Plasma, Stadia departs with a nice gift for people, Joe draws an old skool mucky jpeg and ruins KDE Korner, and more.   News Google’s Stadia Controller is getting Bluetooth support Google wants RISC-V to be a “tier-1” Android architecture... Read More
Published 01/17/23
The ultimate ESP system, VoIP & RTC capture and troubleshooting, overpriced keyboards, making arcade cabinets even more fun, some notable distro releases, avoiding CAPTCHAs, and more.   Discoveries ESPhome Homer/Sipcapture solaar logitech G PRO BGFX The Great Crypto Scam Vanilla OS EndeavourOS Cassini Mozilla changes Firefox’s user agent because of Internet Explorer 11 useragents.me  ... Read More
Published 01/09/23
Real hope for a local-only voice assistant, Matrix learns an age-old lesson about funding FOSS, 2022 was the year of Linux on the desktop, Mozilla is about to catch up to the Mastodon trend, there definitely won’t be a Raspberry Pi 5 this year (honest), and KDE Korner.   News With voice assistants in trouble,... Read More
Published 01/03/23
It’s that time of year where we look back at our 2022 predictions, and make some new ones for 2023.         Linode Simplify your cloud infrastructure with Linode’s Linux virtual machines and develop, deploy, and scale your modern applications faster and more easily. Go to linode.com/latenightlinux and get started with $100 credit... Read More
Published 12/26/22
It’s our 2022 in review episode which features Linux in space, gaming wins and fails, Raspberry Pi drama, the year of user-facing AI, Canonical and Microsoft, the rise of Mastodon, and more.           Linode Simplify your cloud infrastructure with Linode’s Linux virtual machines and develop, deploy, and scale your modern applications... Read More
Published 12/20/22
Loads of discoveries including picking the best DNS server for your connection, Telnet on the Amiga, some synth thing, markdown notes, and fixing downloaded Twitter data. Plus your feedback about Red Hat and IBM, containers and firewalls, Signal alternatives, and more.   Discoveries dnsdiag ZiModem KnobKraft twitter-archive-parser silverbullet One Thing Well   Feedback ksuperkey Firewalld... Read More
Published 12/12/22
Particle physics depends on software that’s maintained by one retiree, another argument about AI, YouTube disrespects Creative Commons, we find an excuse to laugh at Musk, KDE Korner, and more.   News Crucial Computer Program for Particle Physics at Risk of Obsolescence FORM (symbolic manipulation system) – Wikipedia GPT-3 Business Email Generator by Danny Richman... Read More
Published 12/06/22
An application firewall, reverse engineering with a better and scriptable version of Wireshark, getting the most out of webcams on Linux, running the latest kernel on a ten year old phone, moving away from mailing lists, KDE Korner, and the best distro of 2022(?)   Discoveries  Portmaster tshark Will’s reverse engineering efforts cameractrls PostmarketOS on... Read More
Published 11/28/22
Python comes to Arduino, a look at the new version of Fedora Silverblue, Linux helps Windows work with old printers, running your own Mastodon instance, remastering Ubuntu ISOs, and more. With guest host Alan Pope (popey).   News Arduino Announces Official MicroPython Support Announcing Fedora Linux 37 OpenPrinting keeps old printers working, even on Windows... Read More
Published 11/22/22
Some great discoveries including traffic shaping, USB over IP, speech to text, and a funny Firefox extension. Plus Graham talks to Ken VanDine, the engineering manager for Ubuntu Desktop.   Discoveries  Sad Servers Really Awful OSS Incidents AI to BS USB/IP protocol — The Linux Kernel documentation USB/IP Project Wondershaper Nerd Dictation nerd-dictation on GitHub... Read More
Published 11/14/22
Mastodon usage explodes in the wake of Musk ruining Twitter, AI training fair use is about to be legally tested, Signal tries to be Snapchat, KDE Korner, and more.   News Mastodon gained 70,000 users after Musk’s Twitter takeover. I joined them Twitodon Pick an Instance Helper GitHub Copilot litigation The GitHub Copilot Lawsuit Threatens... Read More
Published 11/08/22
Docker firewall issues, Ardour’s major new feature, listening for your neighbours’ garage door openers and tyre pressure monitors, colourising old photos, complaints from new Ubuntu users, KDE Korner, and more.   Discoveries rtl_433 Ardour 7 Palette.fm Pocket Casts Mobile Apps Are Now Open Source Santa Circles   Feedback Unattended upgrades doesn’t upgrade additional repository  ... Read More
Published 10/31/22
It’s our 200th episode spectacular! We look back over some of the key events and trends from the last ~5 years that the show has been going. The rise of Arm and RISC-V, the death of 32-bit x86, Mozilla’s decline, the Ubuntu Phone fever dream, gaming wins, and loads more.       Linode Simplify... Read More
Published 10/25/22
Tracking planes that don’t necessarily want to be tracked, the catch 22 of communicating changes to FOSS users, Graham makes another terrible racket, what we do to procrastinate, and more.   Discoveries ADS-B Exchange Virtual Smart Home introduce Pro tier tuning-workbench-synth tune CLI HPR New Year live show and FOSDEM podcast table      ... Read More
Published 10/17/22
Stadia is finally dead, Valve has shipped a million Steam Decks, Canonical tries to win back the community, Debian votes for common sense, acres of RISC-V laptops, KDE Korner, and more.   News A message about Stadia and our long term streaming strategy New games were still being added last month Canonical launches free personal... Read More
Published 10/11/22