Late Night Linux – Episode 285
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Your favourite obscure open source software in Voice of the masses. Plus whether AI is a load of old rubbish, and even if it is useful for some things we have to ask ourselves: at what cost?   Voice of the masses What’s the best open source app or utility that no one else has... Read More
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Testing the security of your Bluetooth devices, diffing databases, visualising MQTT data, running Linux VMs on an iPad or Iphone, org mode in Kate, and making point and click games. Plus whether we are too negative, or if we are just realistic.   Support us on patreon and get an ad-free RSS feed...
Published 07/22/24
Published 07/22/24
The EU are close to adopting a law to scan messages, Switzerland blazes the public money public code trail, Chromium-based browsers have a “special feature” to interact with Google sites, Mozilla shows that it needs advertising, and openSUSE might be getting a new (terrible) name.   News EU chat...
Published 07/16/24