What you will learn in this episode:  Cory Warren of Lean Green DAD and Gabriel Miller from Plant Based Gabriel, team up to share their first five best "hacks" to save you time and money on a plant-based diet. Busy families be sure to tune in! And be sure to check out the Lean Green Meal Plan at www.leangreenmealplan.com to get started on quick and easy plant-based meals for your busy family. 15-minutes or less!
Published 02/23/21
What You Will Learn In This Episode:  Vegan cheat days. What are they? Should you take them? Do Cory and Gabriel actually cheat on the way they eat every now and then? When is it ok to take a break or have a celebratory deal? Find out in this episode of Lean Green DAD Radio!
Published 01/06/21
What You Will Learn In This Episode:  What the heck do you need in your pantry to thrive on a plant-based diet? We've got you covered!
Published 12/29/20
What You Will Learn In This Episode:  Want to Reverse Insulin Resistance Permanently? Get your best A1c, achieve your ideal body weight, and lower your cholesterol in as little as 3 months. Robby and Cyrus can help you do it. They are NY Times Best-Selling Authors and will help you get your diabetes under control instead of it controlling you...all with a plant-based diet. Listen in!
Published 08/20/20
What You Will Learn In This Episode:  In this episode, Cory from Lean Green DAD and Gabriel from Plant-Based Gabriel, share their thoughts on how to keep your plant-based family moving during a time where you are stuck inside. Listen in and get the goods!
Published 08/14/20
What You Will Learn In This Episode: So you're stuck at home and not sure what to eat. You want to keep your plant-based diet in check but aren't sure what to eat. We have you covered. In this episode, Cory and Gabriel discuss some easy ways you can stay strong and healthy during a pandemic.  **Be sure to visit leangreenmealplan.com to start your FREE 7-day trial of the Lean Green Meal Plan to get 5 quick and easy plant-based dinners sent straight to your inbox every single week!
Published 08/12/20
What You Will Learn In This Episode:  "Where do you get your protein?" While this question is common and makes sense, it doesn't always need to be answered. In fact, there are a few ways you can really find out if someone truly wants to know or if they are just messing with you. Cory Warren of Lean Green DAD and Gabriel Miller from Plant Based Gabriel hop on and discuss what to do when someone approaches you or your kids with negativity around the way you eat. 
Published 03/16/20
Published 03/16/20
In This Episode:  So you are all on board for a plant-based diet, but your partner isn't. What do you do? How do you help someone who doesn't want to be helped? How can you support them and how can you coexist in a house together? Cory and Gabriel share their thoughts and some actionable tips on how to help. 
Published 03/09/20
What You Will Learn In This Episode:  Cory Warren of Lean Green DAD and Gabriel Miller of Plant Based Gabriel team up to talk about starting a plant-based diet for beginners. So what happens when you are starting out on a plant-based diet? Are you setting yourself up for success? What does that even mean? Let these two dads break it down and make it easy for you!
Published 03/03/20
So you have just started a plant-based diet? What happens if you want to go out to dinner?  Cory Warren of Lean Green DAD and Gabriel Miller of Plant Based Gabriel team up to talk about starting a plant-based diet for your plant-based family! In this episode, they provide some actionable tips to help you make eating plant-based easy at a restaurant near you! 
Published 02/24/20
The Plant Power Dad Hour Makes it's debut! Join Cory Warren of Lean Green DAD and Gabriel Miller of Plant Based Gabriel team up to talk about starting a plant-based diet for beginners! In this episode:  Gabriel and Cory both share their personal journeys on how they transition to a plant-based lifestyle and answer questions from audience members on how to make this lifestyle "easy."
Published 02/17/20
In this episode: Vegan fast food! Crazy right? Watch or listen in to find some great food at some of the most unlikely places...where you can find some excellent options for your vegan family. You won't believe your eyes or ears when we share some of these tips!
Published 06/17/19
In This Episode:  We all know that kids are awesome, but the truth is they are still learning who they are. As they go through school at a younger age, they encounter different kids...kids that live differently, look differently and even eat differently. So we took two fifth graders, one vegan and one not...and had a discussion about it. And the insights were great. Listen in!
Published 06/10/19
In This Episode:  As a busy family of five, our journey to a vegan diet has been one of patience, compassion and love. At times, however, even the most patient person can feel frustrated when they are met with someone who questions the way they eat. Food is very personal and as parents, it’s our job to teach our kids not only how to choose a life of compassion and caring by eating a vegan diet, but also to encourage our kids to lead by example and be open to inclusive conversations about the...
Published 04/18/19
In This Episode:  Cory and Izzy hop on to share some quick and easy vegan brands that you might not have known are vegan! Keep in mind that although these brands are vegan, it doesn't necessarily mean you should eat them all the time, so be sure to eat them sparingly. If you are on a whole food, plant-based diet exclusively, these are NOT for you. These are for those in-laws or parents that DO NOT understand your vegan diet. If these are on hand at their house, the kids can have a nice...
Published 03/13/19
In This Episode:  Food for thought! Cory and Izzy try their first video podcast, with some SUPER short and sweet thoughts on eating vegan breakfast for dinner. Do you like to eat vegan breakfast for dinner? Is it acceptable in your house? Tell us what you think of this video format and if you would be interested in seeing more content like this on our podcast! Thanks for watching and listening to Lean Green DAD Radio!
Published 03/12/19
In This Episode:  31-Day Food Revolution is your ultimate guide to liberation from a toxic food world. World-renowned health advocate and author Ocean Robbins, cofounder of the global 500,000-plus member Food Revolution Network, reveals how specific methods and ingredients such as processed meats, pesticides, and added sugars could be making you sick - and what to do about it. And he shows you how - in just 31 days - you can use the amazing power of delicious food to heal your gut, lose...
Published 02/03/19
IN THIS EPISODE: VegAnnie had struggled for a while with her weight. But then she found out through a few simple calculations that she could lose the weight herself. As a former gymnast, she knew how to take care of her body, but her food got out of hand. She found her way to a vegan diet and to this day is still very aware of what foods she eats. She is an amazing chef that also holds a Ph.D. in nutrition and she's ready to help you reach your weight loss goals. Listen in! THIS EPISODE IS...
Published 01/24/19
In this episode:  A podcast with Santa himself! Cory from Lean Green DAD, has the chance to talk to Santa about his favorite dairy milk substitute, why he only has treats every now and then and how his magic is so very special. This interview is completely safe for little ears. Enjoy in the car on the way to your shopping!
Published 12/16/18
IN THIS EPISODE: Eating food and the events that surround eating food can be very emotional. As a child, my mom cooked warm meals for me all the time. Of course it tastes great and feels great to eat, but I see now more than ever how satisfying it is for the parent to know that their child is eating a nourishing, satisfying meal. When my family decided to adopt a plant-based lifestyle, it was a tough transition for both sides of our extended family. It seemed to happen in phases. First came...
Published 09/24/18
IN THIS EPISODE: At his core, Dr. Joel Kahn believes that plant-based nutrition is the most powerful source of preventative medicine on the planet. Having practiced traditional cardiology since 1983, it was only after his own commitment to a plant based vegan diet that he truly began to delve into the realm of non-traditional diagnostic tools, prevention tactics and nutrition-based recovery protocols. These ideologies led him to change his approach and focus on being a holistic cardiologist....
Published 09/10/18
IN THIS EPISODE: He was a Division I collegiate football star for Nebraska, but then something went terribly wrong. After his injury, Gabriel Miller had a decision to make. He was no longer a top athlete. Instead, in his own words, he found himself obese and unhappy. He took matters into his own hands and transformed into Plant-Based Gabriel, where he lost over 100lbs. Today, he and his family are thriving on a plant-based diet! LOOKING FOR AWESOME PLANT-BASED MEAL PLANS? Visit our...
Published 09/03/18
IN THIS EPISODE: Artist and author Ruby Roth is the author is the author of three children's picture books (That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals, V Is for Vegan, Vegan is Love), The Help Yourself Cookbook For Kids, and a former art teacher. She often speaks to schools and other groups and has appeared on The Today Show, CNN, FOX, NBC, ABC News, HuffPo, Washington Post, Redbook, Glamour, Wired, and Globe and Mail. LOOKING FOR AWESOME PLANT-BASED MEAL PLANS? Visit our homepage at leangreendad.com...
Published 08/27/18
IN THIS EPISODE: Is it possible to shop healthy at the bulk food store? Yes! You just have to know where to go and which isles to pick up the good stuff. Check out just a few of the awesome items Cory mentions to get your brain going in the bulk food store...especially if you have a family with lots of kiddos!  PODCAST SPONSORS: Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee No jitters, no crash, no stomach issues...just medicinal mushrooms mixed with coffee that tastes AMAZING and literally heals your...
Published 04/25/18