Producer, host and author Andy Cohen joins Kelly to discuss his new book, The Daddy Diaries: The Year I Grew Up and he shares how much his life has changed since having his two kids. Andy answers pressing Bravo related questions like who is the leakiest Housewives cast, plays F/Marry/Kill, and of course dishes on #Scandoval. Stick around until the end of the episode where Andy joins for the Ask Kelly segment!
Published 05/31/23
Actress Holly Robinson Peete joins Kelly to talk about her son R.J’s autism diagnosis, his “never” day and learning to trust her mom instinct as a rookie mom. Holly peels back the curtain on The Masked Singer, and if the makeup artist offers you extra sparkles… it probably means you’re going home that night.
Published 05/24/23
Award winning journalist and NY Times best selling author, Katie Couric, joins Kelly to share her thoughts on the recent firings in the media world, being women in the entertainment industry and what she thinks about The Morning Show. The two recount their attendance at a former presidents wedding and what she wishes she could say to online trolls.
Published 05/17/23
The honorary Mayor of Dildo and late night host, Jimmy Kimmel, joins Kelly to talk about the “shrinking” of Hollywood, Jimmy being mentioned in Gwyneth Paltrow’s ski trial, and their shared inability to let things go. The pair also piece together a never before told behind the scenes moment from this year's Oscars and Jimmy gives his thoughts on *that* moment from the 2022 Oscars.
Published 05/10/23
Comedian Sebastian Maniscalco tells Kelly about the surreal experience of Robert De Niro playing his father in his upcoming film "About My Father." He spills the pre-fame tea about his time as a bartender at The Four Seasons and his interactions with the famous clientele. Sebastian relives the moment he "sh*t the bed" on Fallon and finding out he lost the Gala Emcee job at his kid's school.
Published 05/03/23
Actress Edie Falco discusses her journey with sobriety, finding peace with Buddhism, playing Pete Davidson’s mother in their new series Bupkis, and her hardest role to date: being a single parent to her two kids.
Published 04/26/23
Carol and Kelly talk about Carol's legendary life in Hollywood. They go behind the scenes of her famous variety show (that almost didn't happen), the two anonymous donors who helped her get her start, and how she's celebrating her 90th birthday next week.
Published 04/19/23
Matthew gives us an insightful look at the Art of Livin', how to turn red lights into greenlights, a recent harrowing flight experience, what his parents 2 divorces and 3 marriages taught him about love, and how his bromance with Woody Harrelson has Kelly ready to order a DNA kit!
Published 04/12/23
Kal discusses his unforgettable role as a pelvis thrusting Tin Man, why you should never peak in middle school, and that time he was schooled by President Obama. He also reveals a Hollywood producer's failed attempt at playing matchmaker, and how "coming out" as an actor to his immigrant parents was more difficult than coming out of the closet.
Published 04/05/23
Kate and Kelly take a dive into Kate’s life and “The Secret” to her success. From how media attention taught her the art of not giving a sh*t to an inside look at the her family dynamics with Goldie Hawn’s scorpion tail! Kate also tells Kelly about her most personal project to date… her upcoming album! Could a Grammy be next?
Published 03/29/23
Mark and I take an intimate look into our marriage since we are ripe for a "Gray Divorce". And, I learn a valuable lesson when our very own marriage counselor joins the conversation.
Published 03/22/23
Listen to the trailer for Kelly Ripa's brand new podcast launching on 3/22: This is the show that goes on in my head, when the cameras stop rolling. I get to ask the questions that I really want to know and talk to friends and experts about the topics I really want to discuss. It's unfiltered, often unhinged...it's Let's Talk Off Camera with Kelly Ripa.
Published 03/08/23