Hollywood Icon, Goldie Hawn graces the podcast with her presence. Goldie joins Kelly to discuss favorite children and how she even confuses daughter Kate for herself. She reflects on her early career as a Vegas Dancer, her thoughts on using drugs, being robbed and the important work she does through her foundation MindUp. And don't miss Part 2 next week where Goldie dishes on her past movies, favorite co-stars and her dream project with her family.
Published 06/12/24
Listener favorite and one of Kelly's besties, Andy Cohen, makes his triumphant return to the podcast! Kelly asks Andy everyone's burning Bravo questions: Beverly Hills casting rumors (Bette Middler?? Tori Spelling?? Hilaria Baldwin??), reunion seating charts and who is the most surprising Bravo fan! Andy reflects on 15 Years of WWHL, the game he regrets the most, and which housewife he wishes stayed a season longer.
Published 06/05/24
Actor, podcaster and advocate, Jameela Jamil joins Kelly to share her journey with disordered eating and how it has affected her health today. After years of counting calories, Jameela shares her thoughts on working in an industry that is so focused on weight, and how she's taking control of that narrative. She gives her opinion on the "skinny shots," filters and airbrushing, and why she has no qualms scaring men on the street.
Published 05/29/24
Jessica Biel joins Kelly to talk about the glamorous Met Gala, being a busy mom, and shielding her kids from the camera. She reveals the inspiration behind hubby Justin Timberlake’s music, and Kelly discovers the hilarious reason why Gelman made her shoot a video in the shower- spoiler alert, Jessica is at fault! Jessica also shares why she's talking about periods in her new book and why she doesn't want to hide her tampons up her sleeve anymore!
Published 05/22/24
Kelly pays homage to her Queen, Madonna. Kelly shares the moment that changed her life forever, the night she was called on stage with her at Madison Square Garden. She walks Albert and Jan through every moment: from backstage to dancing with Madonna herself. Later, she's joined by Leslie Bibb, Kyle Richards, and Demi Moore to hear their unforgettable Madonna moments. Stick around until the end for Madonna super fan and historian, Isaac Boots. And Madonna, if you are listening, we want you!
Published 05/15/24
Star of film and television, author and musician David Duchovny joins Kelly to talk about his personal and professional failures. He shares a harrowing experience with his daughter and the review that almost crushed him. David debates whether or not he would ever be a talk show host, gives his rose and thorns for some of his iconic roles, and makes Kelly a custom mixtape.
Published 05/08/24
She's booking shows as the podcast records! Ballet Prodigy and all around winner Elisabeth Moss joins Kelly to talk about the on set cliques of Girl, Interrupted, what she learned from working on The West Wing, and the playlists she creates for her characters. Elisabeth gives advice to her younger self, discusses training for her new FX show The Veil, and filming while pregnant!
Published 05/01/24
Albert and Jan turn the tables on Kelly and ask her about how Fame has affected her life. Later, Kelly talks to Cole Sprouse about privilege, social media, and the IMDB forums. Catherine O'Hara gives her two cents on fame, critics, and online posting! Stick around until the end when Kelly puts on her Dear Abby hat and answers some juicy listener advice questions!
Published 04/24/24
Fan favorite Mark Consuelos joins Kelly to reflect on his first year at LIVE! Mark shares why he ultimately took the co-host gig, the difference between acting and hosting and whether or not he thinks the show is a safe space for him. Mark gives his honest opinion on the game Stump Mark, which guests have made him starstruck, and if he thinks this relationship with Kelly has changed because of the show. Stick around for ASK MARK!
Published 04/17/24
Kelly is joined by movie star Demi Moore! Before Demi graces the podcast, Kelly tells Albert all about the land of palm trees and superstars and her experience at this year's Oscars. Demi joins to discuss her iconic career, life as a Glam-ma, the internet's favorite dog, Pilaf and working with Taylor Sheridan. Kelly and Demi reflect on cancel culture, aging, and Bissell Pet Cleaners (and they are not a sponsor, but should be!).
Published 04/10/24
The charming Cole Sprouse joins Kelly to reflect on Riverdale, his time as the bad boy of set school, and growing up in the spotlight. He shares his real thoughts on a Zack and Cody reboot, why he wants to apologize to Matt Damon, and if marriage is in the cards for him.
Published 04/03/24
The headline making Kyle Richards joins Kelly to discuss all things friendships, marriage and Housewives. Kyle reflects on this season of Beverly Hills, where she stands with the women, and whether or not she would want her sisters back on the show. She gives Kelly an update on the status of her separation, the best advice Rihanna gave her, and what’s the deal with Morgan Wade.
Published 03/27/24
The delightful Leslie Bibb joins Kelly before she jets off to the exclusive world of The White Lotus. She discusses working with legends like Clint Eastwood, Robert DeNiro and the best advice Christopher Walken gave her. Leslie shares what it was like working with the star studded cast on her new show PALM ROYALE and spills her partner Sam Rockwell's sexiest qualities...stick around to the end when the Oscar Winner himself drops in!
Published 03/20/24
We are back to Season 2 and starting off with an all NEW episode with comedy legend Catherine O’Hara. Catherine dives into her decades long work relationship with Eugene Levy and the one joke she could not *perform*. Catherine tells Kelly about her most memorable fan encounter and how Meryl Streep reacted to Catherine’s impression of her. Join us as the duo chats all things Schitt’s Creek, Christopher Guest movies and her upcoming role on The Last of Us.
Published 03/13/24
Kelly's future daughter-in-law and bonafide movie star, Sharon Stone joins Kelly to discuss her time being the inconvenient wife, why she didn't name names in her book and during #MeToo, and reflects on playing opposite much older men. Sharon gives Kelly an update about her health, the two laugh about aging, and Kelly offers her matchmaking services.
Published 03/06/24
As Bravo news makes the headlines daily we thought we would bring back the mastermind behind the mega-hit network. Producer, host and author Andy Cohen joins Kelly to discuss his new book, The Daddy Diaries: The Year I Grew Up and he shares how much his life has changed since having his two kids. Andy answers pressing Bravo related questions like who is the leakiest Housewives cast, plays F/Marry/Kill, and of course dishes on #Scandoval. Stick around until the end of the episode where Andy...
Published 02/28/24
You know, I have another gig besides this podcast! Bringing you back one of my favorite episodes with the one and only Michael Gelman, the Executive Producer of Live with Kelly and Mark. He gives our listeners a real behind the scenes look at the magic of LIVE. Gelman shares how his career in television began, the wildest stunts they have done on the show and which stunt went too far! Gelman recounts Gaborgate and how he really feels about those SNL impressions of him.
Published 02/21/24
In honor of Valentine’s Day I bring you two loves of my life… my kids, Michael & Lola Consuelos! In this off-the-wall interview, Jan gives them the power to ask me ANYTHING they want. Let's just say I haven't heard anything like this since Frost/Nixon. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!
Published 02/14/24
We can all use a good laugh so I’m bringing you back one of my favorite people… The one, the only, Jimmy Kimmel! As he preps to host the Academy Awards again (and let’s all agree he is the best man for the job) listen to his behind the scene takes of past Oscars, as well as his funny family stories!
Published 02/07/24
In one of our most important episodes for parents, Actress Holly Robinson Peete joins Kelly to talk about her son R.J’s autism diagnosis, his “never” day and learning to trust her mom instinct as a rookie mom. Holly peels back the curtain on The Masked Singer, and if the makeup artist offers you extra sparkles… it probably means you’re going home that night.
Published 01/31/24
In honor of National Belly Laugh Day, we give you a re-airing of one of our favorite funny men. Comedian Sebastian Maniscalco tells Kelly about the surreal experience of Robert De Niro playing his father in his upcoming film "About My Father." He spills the pre-fame tea about his time as a bartender at The Four Seasons and his interactions with the famous clientele. Sebastian relives the moment he "sh*t the bed" on Fallon and finding out he lost the Gala Emcee job at his kid's school.
Published 01/24/24
Kicking off 2024 with a dose of inspiration, we are revisiting one of the very best. The Original "Dreamgirl" Sheryl Lee Ralph joins Kelly to discuss her start as a singer for Penthouse, attending Rutgers University at 16 years old and working with Sidney Poitier. Sheryl relives her Super Bowl performance, her son's engagement, what it was like working with Rihanna and how she avoids slipping into that first lady look. With her upcoming star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Kelly wonders how...
Published 01/17/24
Happy New Year! Join us in a re-listen of one of our most revealing episodes. Kelly is joined by Actress, Producer, Director and Double Virgo, Salma Hayek Pinault, who shares her beauty secrets, about working with Mike White, and the time Prince washed her mouth out with soap! Salma gives Kelly tips on how to be better on Instagram, her two celebrity crushes, and a recent travel mishap. Listen to find out what Salma says only Kelly can ask her...it's an episode you do not want to miss!
Published 01/10/24
Just in time to help with your New Year's health resolutions, Kelly's nutritionist and gut-health specialist, Dr. Daryl Gioffre joins the podcast. Dr. Gioffre shares his top picks, what to avoid, and the foods we THINK are healthy, that are NOT! Dr. Gioffre provides many do's and don'ts to get your health back on track and reveals a special brand-new "hack" to cleanse your system! You won't want to miss as Dr. Gioffre tries to help Kelly with her inability to give up sugar and meets his...
Published 01/03/24