Making the “wrong choice” doesn’t HAVE to cost you (much) time or money
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Do you feel stuck when trying to figure out your next career steps?You don’t want to make the “wrong choice” (again)and end up wasting another 10+ yearsand $100,000 going down the “wrong path”.But then you feel so worried about making the wrong choicethat you end up paralyzeddoing nothing and remaining stuck in your current career switch.In this episode, I break down why you don’t have to be scared of making the wrong moveand how you can experiment with different career options with very mini...
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Have you ever felt lost and confused about your career in medicine?Like you've mapped out your whole life, only to wonder if you've been on the right path?By the time you become a clinician, you’ve dedicated over a decade to this dream.Medicine defines your future, your identity.But what happens...
Published 05/31/24
Published 05/31/24