3 Steps to Figure Out What’s Next for Your Career
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Have you ever felt your mind racing non-stop about why you're unhappy at work and what you can do to change it?One of my clients called this the "mind tornado," and it's SO real.You stay up late at night searching Google for career options while plotting your escape from your current job.So how do you stop this mental torture and actually figure out what's next?In this episode, I break down 3 practical steps to calm that storm and get you moving forward.I talk you through:mental and somatic s...
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Have you ever felt lost and confused about your career in medicine?Like you've mapped out your whole life, only to wonder if you've been on the right path?By the time you become a clinician, you’ve dedicated over a decade to this dream.Medicine defines your future, your identity.But what happens...
Published 05/31/24
Published 05/31/24