A Cat Story: A One Hour Tale of Adventure
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It has been two years since the release of A Cat Story in two parts! Now you can listen to the full one hour story with no interruptions. Cat lives in a house with big picture windows. He enjoys lazing by the window, napping, and bird-watching. His life is simple and quiet. Until one day he sees something that sends a chill down his furry spine. Find out what happens to Cat when he escapes his safe, comfortable life and embarks on an adventure. ENJOY! If you LOVE THIS EPISODE, PLEASE SHARE IT! Get more of the stories you love, ad-free listening, and access Little Stories for Sleep--a bedtime podcast featuring brand new sleep stories--with Little Stories Premium! Join or GIFT a subscription at http://www.littlestoriespremium.com Find my two picture books, Little Hedgehog Goes to School and Little Fox Can't Wait to Dream at https://www.littlestoriestinypeople.com/books
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