Lovett Or Leave It eases you into the long weekend with the dulcet tones of Ron DeSantis’s hideous voice, while Janet Yellen (Jenny Zigrino) reminds you what catastrophe awaits if we don’t sort out the debt ceiling by, uh, today. Mrs. Davis’s Jake McDorman enters virgin territory, while Jessi Klein ranks the LOLI moms from best to even better. Schuyler Bailar dives into the right’s anti-trans sports neurosis, and we spin the Rant Wheel to start your holiday road trip off right. Chip in today...
Published 05/27/23
Published 05/20/23
It’s a barn burner of an episode! Luenell answers the hard questions (and a ton of easy ones), while Scott Aukerman and Kyle Kinane ponder the question: would you rather? Tig Notaro and Todd Stashwick go where no Lovett has gone before, and we keep our tootsies warm with the fiery glow of these Hot Takes. Join Friends of the Pod for bonus content, exclusive access and more: crooked.com/friends
Published 05/20/23
This week, Lovett Or Leave It has an episode only a mother could love. Elizabeth Holmes (Nicole Travolta) makes a pit stop on her reputation rehabilitation tour, and did she mention she has two kids? Scam Goddess’s Laci Mosley weighs in on the ultimate mama’s boy, King Charles III. Stiffed host Jennifer Romolini gives your mom what she wants most this Mother’s Day (full-frontal nudity), and we spin the Rant Wheel in honor of 79-year-old new parent Robert DeNiro. Quick! It’s not too late to...
Published 05/13/23
The king of Lovett Or Leave It welcomes his queens to Los Angeles’s beautiful Dynasty Typewriter theater ahead of this coronation weekend. Representative Katie Porter plays monarch in a minivan with “Queen For a Day,” and joins Drag Race’s Alaska and Willam for a royally funny round of Taboo. A TV writer (Demi Adejuyigbe) takes power back to the sunburned, dehydrated people during the WGA strike. Saturday Night Live legend Julia Sweeney looks back at non-binary boss Pat, and Lovett gathers...
Published 05/06/23
Lovett or Leave It is back at Dynasty Typewriter to give Tucker Carlson the sendoff he deserves: one he has to share with Don Lemon. Hari Kondabolu stops by to wash down some unpleasant news with some even worse ice cream. Alan Ruck takes an expletive-heavy stroll down memory lane with Succession’s spiciest insults. Pat Regan and Marcy Jarreau school Lovett on the finer points of reality TV, and we top it all off with a big ol’ batch of fresh-baked Hot Takes.
Published 04/29/23
Lovett Or Leave It sparks up a very special episode at Los Angeles’ Dynasty Typewriter. Lovett rolls the dice with Weed Gummy Three-Card Monte. A Spanish cave diver (Kiran Deol) emerges from beneath the earth after 500 days, and boy, is she behind on the news! Chris Gethard is a certified DILQ as he tackles the week in fathers. Judy Greer and Beth Lapides join us for the Highest Thoughts Bracket in celebration of 4/20, and we go out with a blaze of glory as the Rant Wheel spins.
Published 04/22/23
Take a (Senate) seat, relax and kick back with a nice, cold Lovett Or Leave It. Jon reaches out to the deranged Republican billionaires in the audience. Joe Mantegna challenges us to answer the age-old question, “Was I in this?” Jena Friedman, Aparna Nancherla, and Blair Socci give us the latest in Girl News (spoiler alert: the news… is bad!) and we close out the show with a spin of the Rant Wheel that will leave you AND your personal Supreme Court judge feeling dizzy!
Published 04/15/23
Why is this night unlike any other nights? Why, it’s a Lovett Or Leave It Passover, Charlie Brown! Lesley Stahl (Paula Poundstone) stops by to interview the Pharaoh from Exodus and probably could have followed up a bit? Zach Zimmerman rates each of the Biblical plagues on the Kinsey Scale, and his answers… might surprise you. The world’s deepest fish (Andrea Jin) ponders our complicated lives on land. Adam Conover weighs in on a potential writers' strike, and we tuck into some Cadbury eggs...
Published 04/08/23
Trump is indicted! Paltrow is free. Ari Shapiro (All Things Considered, The Best Strangers in the World), Langston Kerman (My Momma Told Me), Tawny Newsome, Andrew Ti (Yo, Is This Racist?) and Josie Riesman (Ringmaster: Vince McMahon and the Unmaking of America) join for a barn burner of an ep as we cover a momentous week - from charges to verdicts, and A.I. popes to Ice Age meatballs.
Published 04/01/23
Tickets: www.crooked.com/events Presale code: ERRORS Presale is live NOW and runs through 3/30 10 PM local Public on-sale: 3/31 $1 of every Lovett or Leave It: Errors Tour ticket sold will be donated to the F*ck Bans: Leave Queer Kids Alone Fund. You can donate too by heading to www.votesaveamerica,com/fuckbans Tour Dates: Friday, June 23 San Francisco, CA Thursday, July 27 New York, NY Friday, July 28 Philadelphia, PA Thursday, Sept 21 Chicago, IL Friday, Sept 22 Madison, WI...
Published 03/27/23
Lovett Or Leave It brings you March Radness as we welcome everyone’s favorite surprise celebrity sighting, Tony Hawk, who offers the LOLI team some much needed advice. Liv Hewson must vote yes or naur on the question: are Australians as dumb as Americans? Kimberly Clark puts the period at the end of Lovett’s sentence (which is also about periods). Brad Turbo (Matt Rogers) has something for fans of toxic masculinity, and we rant our way though Gwyneth Paltrow’s skiing suit.
Published 03/25/23
Lovett Or Leave It brings a stellar array of comedy’s best and brightest to the Dynasty Typewriter stage with a special stand up episode. Lovett and Emily Heller discuss dating strategies in this modern age of ours. Will Miles takes solace in Lifetime movies, while Ellington Wells shares the trials and tribulations of babysitting. Rob Haze takes on SCOTUS, and Cara Conners takes us camping. Ian Karmel reckons with the legacy of Kanye West, and we’ll be back next week with a classic Original...
Published 03/18/23
Lovett Or Leave It welcomes all the beautiful people to Los Angeles’s gorgeous Dynasty Typewriter theater, including Keep It’s own Oscars trivia star Louis Virtel. Jiavani sings a musical number for America’s catastrophic blunder, the GOP. Jonathan Braylock and Jerah Milligan sweep the spring cleaning categories. An old-timey villain (Jenny Yang) crosses their fingers for a televised trainwreck, and Lovett asks for the envelope, please, to celebrate the winners of this year’s first-annual...
Published 03/11/23
Are you smarter than a Hulu cast? Live from NeueHouse Hollywood, Lovett sits down with some of the cast and producers of Hulu’s, “History of the World Part II” and tests all of our elementary school knowledge by seeing if anyone, anyone at all, can name a single historical event. Ike Barinholtz brags about being a friend of the pod, Mitra Jouhari takes a stand for Diet Coke, David Stassen settles the time-old debate: David or Dave?, and Poppy Liu’s rant evokes existential uncertainty as we...
Published 03/06/23
We march into a new month with another stellar phalanx of guests at Los Angeles’ beautiful Dynasty Typewriter theater. Gretchen Carlson talks about why she sued Roger Ailes and what she’s learned since leaving Fox News. Lizz Winstead talks abortion access and, against all odds, even makes it funny. Ms. Pat has lived a storied life, and sees if our audience can guess which tales are even too tall for her. Kara Swisher puts the AI in “aye yai yai” in her conversation about ChatGPT, and Lovett...
Published 03/04/23
In this week’s show, Lovett Or Leave It welcomes President Biden to the Dynasty Typewriter stage to address all these audio deepfakea of him on TikTok. At least it sure sounds like President Biden? Robin Tran and Brendan Scannell weigh in on the pressing ethical questions of our time, while Marjorie Taylor Greene (Megan Gailey) drops off America’s divorce papers, whether we want them or not. Our audience tries to guess which linguistic worms got yoinked out of Roald Dahl’s literary peaches,...
Published 02/25/23
This week, Lovett temporarily left it, asking the brilliant Guy Branum to steer the ship in his stead. Lance Reddick teaches us from Ron DeSantis’s new Florida AP African-American Studies course, and tries to differentiate between the villains of the MCU and the villains of the GOP. River Butcher and Guy crack open a nice cold round of Gay News. One of the Mars Wrigley employees who fell in a molten vat of chocolate (Ana Gasteyer) stops by to talk about labor activism, the upcoming writers...
Published 02/18/23
Biden mixes it up and Mitt says what we’re all thinking. What a week. Ron Perlman teaches us how to tell people off. Gus Kenworthy evades Lovett’s hard-hitting questions by suggesting he take up curling. Anyone can do it! Cupid points his bow at Producer Malcolm, as Katrina Davis helps him find love on a conservative dating app. And Harry Styles’ stylist (Christina Catherine Martinez) explains the method to Harry’s queer(bait?) madness. Plus, mwah mwah mwah — it’s the Love Wheel.
Published 02/11/23
Live from the SiriusXM studio, Lovett Or Leave It pits DeSantis vs Trump in a battle for the... well, not the soul of the country. The Academy’s own private detective (Brandon Scott Jones) pulls back the red curtain on this year’s Oscars scandal. Lovett and Larry Wilmore discuss police brutality and the debate over reform. Plus Josie Totah and Olly Sholotan face a 90s TV quiz, and the Rant Wheel? It spins.
Published 02/04/23
Whether you’re on the lanai or inside Los Angeles’s beautiful Dynasty Typewriter theater, this week’s Lovett Or Leave It thanks you for being a friend. Gabe Mollica platonically speed dates our other guests, in search of a real connection. Zach Schiffman and Carl Tart answer the question, “what’s a few misplaced classified documents between pals?” Lovett has a monopoly on our live audience’s understanding of what the hell a monopoly is. The Earth’s molten core (Alyssa Limperis) turns up the...
Published 01/28/23
Join us as Lovett Or Leave It gets sopping wet this Dry January at L.A.'s beautiful Dynasty Typewriter. A black market egg dealer (Brian Posehn) stops by to give Lovett a taste of scrambler’s delight. Jamie Loftus schools us in which hot dogs have actually earned the title. Brian Posehn and Amy Miller weigh in on whether or not the straights have gone too far with MILF Manor. Spoiler alert: they have. Ashley Ray looks for love amongst our live audience, and the Rant Wheel fires off hot, angry...
Published 01/21/23
The secret’s out… Lovett Or Leave It is back with another episode! Lovett finds out what dirty dealings Kevin McCarthy got up to when he unearths House Rules’ shadow document. We see if Star Trek: Picard’s Michelle Hurd knows her princes. The L.A. Times’ Julia Wick unpacks our fair city's city council mayhem. Holmes joins us to present the first-ever Ussy Awards, musical improvisers Zach Reino and Jess McKenna sing us into the weekend, and the Rant Wheel spins on and on.
Published 01/14/23
Lovett or Leave It rings in 2023 with a full house of festive guests, including the most famous Nepo Baby of all: Baby New Year (Zach Noe Towers). The audience updates their "America, Bizarre To Live In" file with all the new, strange state laws that went into effect January 1. Alex Edelman and Andrea Jin have MILFs on the mind as we struggle to separate TV fact from TV fiction. Lovett says farewell to a broadcast legend, and we end our show with some absolutely spot-on predictions.
Published 01/07/23