Guest host Guy Branum joins us for the final episode of Lovett or Leave It before the return of the king. This week, Martha-Ann Alito (James Adomian) stops by to let her freak flag fly. Dean of USC’s Gould School of Law Franita Tolson explains whether or not we should be terrified of this year’s Supreme Court rulings. Clark Gregg puts the “stage” in late-stage capitalism, and we spin the Rant Wheel one more time before it makes its way back into Lovett’s capable, sunburned hands. Want more...
Published 06/15/24
Langston Kerman guest hosts the last What A Weekday until Father… we mean, until Lovett gets home. This week, Trump narrows down which conservative ghoul shall receive his vice presidential rose. What happens in Vegas, stays in the belly of a shark. Mark Robinson’s train of thought flies off the rails. There’s a conspiracy afoot, and since it’s Alex Jones’s foot, you know just the sight of it is gonna make you puke.
Published 06/12/24
Published 06/12/24
Jared Goldstein tastes the rainbow this Pride as our very special Lovett Or Leave It guest host! BenDeLaCreme reads the world for filth, Hacks' Mark Indelicato auditions for the role of a lifetime, and the kaleidoscopic Rant Wheel lands on gay slang, straight guys who paint their nails, and, of course, JoJo Siwa. Tour dates & cities: crooked.com/events
Published 06/08/24
Adam Rippon skates by on his good looks and incredible comedic timing for this week’s What A Weekday! This week, Donald Trump appears on America’s For You Page. Trump’s conviction reveal leads to conservative squeals. Simone Biles gives us all a reason to keep living, and the extremely online athletes of TikTok demand we all quit horsing around. Grab your tickets for Lovett or Leave It’s weekly live show in Los Angeles. Special guest hosts include: Andy Richter, Larry Wilmore, Matt Rogers,...
Published 06/04/24
Guest host Ian Karmel steps into Lovett’s Cariumas for a very special post-Trump conviction Lovett or Leave It episode. Ian’s wife, writer Dana Schwartz, stops by to fall in love all over again. Head writer Halle Kiefer chats with Ian about being members of the T-Shirt Swim Club. Preacher Lawson roasts the unroastable, and we all gather together to say, like the Pope did this week: mi scusi. Tour dates & cities: crooked.com/events
Published 06/01/24
Matt Rogers not only survives, he thrives as Lovett or Leave It’s guest host this week. During the show, Aasif Mandvi proves all jokes can be dad jokes. Atsuko Okatsuka leaves the people pleased. Rachel Bloom checks herself before she Shreks herself, and we get straight (cis male) to the point when it comes to Katy Perry. Tour dates & cities: crooked.com/events
Published 05/25/24
Las Culturistas host Matt Rogers joins What A Weekday! today and what a weekday is it. This week, the prosecution rests while the defense snoozes in Trump’s hush money trial. Rudy Giuliani gets served more than birthday cake. Jasmine Crockett goes toe-to-toe to Marjorie Taylor Greene, and you can only imagine what those toes look like. Billie Eilish takes us out to “Lunch,” and we applaud for Cate Blanchett as long as we Cannes. Grab your tickets for Lovett or Leave It’s weekly live show in...
Published 05/21/24
This week, Lovett Or Leave It is Larry Wilmore or Leave It, as the Black on the Air host joins us for a brand-new episode from the SiriusXM G. Laurie Kilmartin royally screws the screwed-up royals. Hamish Linklater and Lily Rabe narrowly avoid an awkward ride home. Bradley Whitford weighs in on what president he’d invite into his Oval Office, and we close out the show by putting Trump’s words in everybody’s mouth. Tour dates & cities: crooked.com/events
Published 05/18/24
Louis Virtel joins us for some fava beans and a nice Limoncello La Croix for today’s What A Weekday! This week, Donald Trump’s Hannibal Lecter speak leaves a funny taste in our mouth. Robert and Nadine Menendez are couple goals. The Taylor Swift concert baby has better seats than we do, and we end the show the way we always do: with 1,500 spiders and scorpions. Grab your tickets for Lovett or Leave It’s weekly live show in Los Angeles. Special guest hosts include: Andy Richter, Larry...
Published 05/14/24
Andy Richter fills Lovett’s shoes and then some as Lovett or Leave It’s guest host of the week! Yamaneika Saunders and Jared Goldstein stop by to help out an old white man. Herman J. Pamper (Andy Daly) helps Andy get to the bottom of the MAGA diaper rumors, and you are NOT going to like what they find down there. And we end the evening with a spin of the Rant Wheel! Head to votesaveamerica.com/2024 to volunteer and save democracy! Tour dates & cities: crooked.com/events
Published 05/11/24
The incredible Maria Bamford joins us this Tuesday for What A Weekday! This week, Kevin Spacey wants YOU to vote for RFK Jr. We get into the sultry financial details of Trump’s hush money trial. Boeing tries to lasso the moon, and Kristi Noem has a ruff time defending her thoughts on dog murder. Grab your tickets for Lovett or Leave It’s weekly live show in Los Angeles. Special guest hosts include: Andy Richter, Larry Wilmore, Matt Rogers, Ian Karmel, Langston Kerman and Guy Branum. Dates...
Published 05/07/24
Lovett Or Leave It is ready to take life by the horns this Taurus season. Rose Abdoo looks back on a life of cattle calls. Jena Friedman recommends Republicans and comedians all cut the bull. Two Gay Matts figure out if they’re on the same side of the fence, and we spin the Rant Wheel ’til the cows come home. Tour dates & cities: crooked.com/events
Published 05/04/24
Just like Biden, What a Weekday comes out swinging. The president roasts Trump on the campaign trail. Kristi Noem ends up in the dog house. It’s both the heat and the humidity in the Arizona GOP, and Galena the cat survives Amazon to fight another day.
Published 04/30/24
Live from our nation’s perfect capital, Al Franken stops by to look at the latest batch of lying liars. Mehdi Hasan doesn’t pull punches or eat sushi. Sam Jay and Josh Gondelman crown a new Freak of the Week, and we ask our guests the question, “Would you smash or would you passover?” Tour dates & cities: crooked.com/events
Published 04/27/24
Congress passes Ukraine aid and Trump passes… time in Court. We’re back in Austin for this year’s Moontower comedy festival. Lovett tries to convince the Sklar Brothers to open up a fresh can of worms. Joyelle Nicole Johnson wouldn’t trust Greg Abbott farther than she can throw him. Tim Miller weighs in on which Trump lackeys are all hat and no cattle. Zach Zucker keeps his saddled oiled for the men of the Wild West, and we bring it on home with a do-si-do around the Texas Rant Wheel. Tour...
Published 04/23/24
We’re live and brooding from the Tortured Podcasts Department. This week, Acapulco’s Jaime Camil pages through his motorcycle diaries. Sam Taggart and Nikki Glaser start a gay-to-straight translation service, and we throw the ol’ Rant Wheel on the turntable, roll up the rug, and blast our favorite screeds and tirades. Tour dates & cities: crooked.com/events
Published 04/20/24
Donald Trump gets a courtroom visit from the Sandman. President Biden forgives (more student loans) while American voters forget (what the hell it was like living under Trump). And Grimes’s Coachella set has us desperately seeking Skrillex. Please, save us, Skrillex. We beg of you. Tour dates & cities: crooked.com/events
Published 04/16/24
Lovett or Leave It dims the lights and slips into something more comfortable for a late show at LA's Lyric Hyperion! Paula Poundstone joins for What A Week to help us process a hideous abortion ban and a gay bug fungus. Hari Kondabolu stops by to put the petty in pet peeves, and James III shares his appreciation for cinematic masterpiece Bad Boys II in a round of Ok, Stop. And we could keep going! We're not even sleepy! Tour dates & cities: crooked.com/events
Published 04/13/24
It’s the day after the eclipse, and boy, are our retinas tired! The world’s biggest liar is at it again, this time pretending he wouldn’t sign a national abortion ban with the thickest Sharpie he owns. President Biden finds a kinky new way to forgive student debt, the Rock finds the loudest possible way to say nothing, and all of us find out together how much $30 million weighs.
Published 04/09/24
Astronomers warn not to stare directly at Lovett or Leave It, or you’ll burn out your retinas. This week, Brendan Scannell and Kara Klenk shine a light on women, and whether we can trust them. Dewayne Perkins and Katrina Davis look at the brighter side of horror, and the sun sets on our deepest, darkest grudges. Tour dates & cities: crooked.com/events
Published 04/06/24
Good Friday? More like Great Saturday! This week, Lovett or Leave It welcomes the eggcellent Busy Philipps, who rolls back the stone on the secrets of womanhood. Congressional candidate Will Rollins hops to it for the people of Palm Springs. And Gianmarco Soresi stops by to crack some yolks about the Great White Way. Tour dates & cities: crooked.com/events
Published 03/30/24
Lovett or Leave It was disappointed not to be chosen as RFK Jr.’s running mate today, but don’t worry, we’ll still be voting for him come November. Meanwhile, Ronna McDaniel’s gets the best of both worlds: being on TV and everyone hating you. Donald Trump compares himself to Jesus, and not just because of those washboard abs. Rudy Giuliani screams across the void from his nightmare world, and producer Kendra has us doing quad axels with her knowledge of, and love for, the world’s most...
Published 03/26/24
Lovett or Leave It is back and this time, it’s personal. Minnie Driver answers our most massive questions. Jenny Yang unearths nightmarish 90s artifacts. Rabbi Sharon Brous talks about empathy, isolation, and the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. D’Arcy Carden dares you to answer the question, “Was she in this?” And the gang convenes once more to figure out what to do with the additional hour of sunlight that just fell in our laps. Tour dates & cities: crooked.com/events
Published 03/23/24
Lovett or Leave It says it’s time for your blood bath! Scrub-a-dub-dub. This week, Donald Trump is Bond… Unable to Pay His Bond. The Supreme Court ponders whether they want to make social media even worse ahead of the next election and/or pandemic. Kate Middleton is still at large, and Tom Cruise is looking oh so small on top of that big, beautiful Hollywood sign.
Published 03/19/24