Alito's Red Flags feat. Matt Rogers
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Matt Rogers not only survives, he thrives as Lovett or Leave It’s guest host this week. During the show, Aasif Mandvi proves all jokes can be dad jokes. Atsuko Okatsuka leaves the people pleased. Rachel Bloom checks herself before she Shreks herself, and we get straight (cis male) to the point when it comes to Katy Perry. Tour dates & cities:
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RNC you next Tuesday! We bid farewell to America’s Dairyland, but not before an incredible show at Madison’s Barrymore Theater. This week, Victoria Vincent is anything but conventional. Mandela Barnes and Fran Hong break down the far right and the Frank Lloyd Wrong. Thomas Lennon helps our...
Published 07/21/24
The temperature and the vibes are down as we head into the Republican convention after a weekend of mayhem and "unity." Trump chooses Vance. Biden chooses his words carefully. And Democrats in Congress choose not to choose.
Published 07/16/24
Published 07/16/24