Learn to Love Dr. Pepper feat. Guy Branum
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Guest host Guy Branum joins us for the final episode of Lovett or Leave It before the return of the king. This week, Martha-Ann Alito (James Adomian) stops by to let her freak flag fly. Dean of USC’s Gould School of Law Franita Tolson explains whether or not we should be terrified of this year’s Supreme Court rulings. Clark Gregg puts the “stage” in late-stage capitalism, and we spin the Rant Wheel one more time before it makes its way back into Lovett’s capable, sunburned hands. Want more of Guy Branum? He'll be at Dr. Grins Comedy Club in Grand Rapids, Michigan, from June 27 through 29. Get your tickets, on sale now. Tour dates & cities: crooked.com/events
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Published 07/21/24
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Published 07/16/24