Season 6 is coming Sep 29th and we can't wait! Are you worn down? Burnt out? Are your hardest emotions feeling unbearable? The things we have used to prop up our pain have been kicked out from under us during COVID and what is underneath is exposed. We stay busy. We stay entertained. We numb out. All to avoid facing these hard emotions. And for the first time, we’re realizing it. But we don’t have to stay there…. Do you want to get free? Do you want to use this pandemic season well? Do...
Published 09/15/20
You get to hear from a new friend of mine from Kenya named Jey. We need some perspective and sometimes for me, perspective comes from hearing other people's stories. Jey has a story worth telling! We talk about growing up in the slums in Kenya, what it's like trying to live in community here in the US vs. Africa, what he misses about living in Kenya, and how God powerfully moved in his life through the local church and through Compassion to completely alter the course of his life. Join us...
Published 09/08/20
This episode will change the way you view your emotions in this time. Dr. Anita brings so much clarity to the way our bodies respond to stress and grief and change and how Jesus is no stranger to the emotional toll of grief. Follow Dr. Anita on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/dranitaphillips/ Get all this amazing content and more with an IF:Lead digital access pass: iflead2020.com
Published 09/01/20
We are headed into an election and every single day we are faced with new decisions as we navigate politics well in 2020. As followers of Jesus, we get to keep a spirit of mercy, peace, and love towards others even in the midst of the division. I know you will love this episode with my friend Rev. Eugene Cho. Find Eugene's new book here: https://www.amazon.com/Thou-Shalt-Not-Jerk-Christians/dp/0781411157/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=eugene+cho&qid=1598303725&sr=8-2 Get your...
Published 08/25/20
This could be one of the greatest things we do for our kids but how do we do it? How do we teach such big things to our little kids? This episode will take the pressure off giving your kids a big view of God. We get to work with God as He does the work in our own hearts and in our kids. This is Jennie's full breakout session from IF:Lead 2020 and guess what... you can watch the rest of the event ALL YEAR with the digital access pass starting Mon. Aug 24th! Go to IFLEAD2020.com to get your pass.
Published 08/18/20
Feeling deep emotions. Technology taking over our days. Discipleship in this new context. We wanted this little IF:Lead breakout sneak peek to be incredibly helpful for you today no matter where you are. For even more of this, you can access the IF:Lead one-day virtual experience from your pajamas and watch the session all year! The passes start at only $29. Go to IFLEAD2020.COM and grab your pass to watch with your people this coming weekend August 15th.
Published 08/11/20
Read Jennie’s very first children’s book ‘I Am Creator’ from the Story of God 5-book series available NOW at Theolaby.com! Everyone needs these books... we need to know the heart of God for the world, to understand sin, to know Jesus as rescuer, and the hope for us in heaven. Listen along today and turn it up in the car for your kiddos too! Order the Story of God series here: http://THEOLABY.COM
Published 08/04/20
This week we’re talking with my friend Matt Chandler about heaven. Hear how coming face to face with heaven in his darkest moment helped Matt flesh out what he truly believed and how this shift in perspective has allowed him to be a safe place for his kids as they wrestle with their own beliefs. Grab your tickets for IF:Lead 2020 : https://iflead2020.com Make your free ISSUU account and start sharing files easily! http://issuu.info/JENNIE
Published 07/30/20
What do we know about heaven? Let’s see what the Bible tells us about it and what we can anchor our hope in during every season of life. You will love the Dwell audio bible app: http://dwellapp.io/Jennie Find Jennie’s book series for kids: http://Theolaby.com
Published 07/28/20
IF:Lead 2020 is in 3 weeks, it’s August 15th, and I’m telling you now...you don’t want to miss it! It’s all online this year, but you are going to love this incredible content. Along with who you just heard from, Tammy & Kirk Franklin, Beth Moore, Jo Saxton… will be there! so many of the people you love and some you’re going to fall in love with. Every single one of our speakers is jumping in because we know this year has stretched you beyond belief and you’re trying to navigate big...
Published 07/23/20
If we’re surrendered to Jesus, we’ve been given a Helper that leads us, guides us, convicts us, comforts us, reminds us of what is true. Let’s talk about the Holy Spirit today for ourselves and for our kids! You will love the Dwell App to listen to the Bible : http://dwellapp.io/jennie Find the Story of God book series Jennie wrote: http://theolaby.com
Published 07/21/20
This week we’re talking about Jesus and this conversation with Max Lucado will encourage you and speak to you no matter where you are in your spiritual journey today. Max has written so many books that have had a huge impact on my family’s life. Visit maxlucado.com to see more of his books and sermons. Find my new 5-book series for kids at http://Theolaby.com Download our favorite audio bible app called Dwell! http://Dwellapp.io/jennie
Published 07/16/20
There is an answer for the problem of sin in our hearts and in the world. It was God’s plan all along to rescue us from the grip of sin and we want to make it simple for you today.. if you’ve ever wondered how you can know God, join us for this episode. Make your free ISSUU account and start sharing files easily! http://ISSUU.INFO/JENNIE Sign up for IF:Lead 2020, it will be an incredible weekend: http://IFLEAD2020.com
Published 07/14/20
You have to know Katie Davis Majors! Her impact on my life started almost 13 years ago when she moved to Uganda and wrote about her faithful obedience to God on her blog Kisses from Katie (you might recognize it!). Today, we talk about life in Uganda, what it’s like raising her family of 15 overseas, and how God’s plans for us are always greater than our own. Find her books ‘Kisses from Katie’ and ‘Daring to Hope’ online and learn more about Amazima at amazima.org Find Jennie’s 5-book series...
Published 07/09/20
This week we’re going to talk about sin. Yep... we are going to go there! Because we want to be honest about it, we want to be real about, we want to equip you to have conversations about it and see what God has done to deal with it. Buy the Story of God 5-book series here: http://theolaby.com Download the Dwell app here: http://dwellapp.io/jennie
Published 07/07/20
You were made in the image of God. Today we get to chat with my friend Trillia Newbell about God’s plan for a beautifully unique creation... and that includes you! We get practical about talking to our kids about diversity and this is just a taste of what you’ll learn from Trillia if you’re a Theolaby family! Go buy Trillia’s amazing children’s book “God’s Very Good Idea”: https://www.amazon.com/Gods-Very-Good-Idea-Delightfully/dp/1784982210 Find the Theolaby “Story of God” book series...
Published 07/02/20
We’re starting at the very beginning. Why did God make you? Why are you here? My prayer for you is that you would walk away from this episode and know down in your soul why you’re on the earth and the hope we have in Jesus. Help give your kids a big view of God: http://theolaby.com Share files and PDF’s easily with ISSU and it’s completely free! http://issuu.info/Jennie
Published 06/30/20
Little kids ask hard questions. Am I saying the right thing? Am I explaining that enough? You’re met with blank stares. Or maybe their curiosity is deeper and bigger than you could ever dream. Or let’s get real. We have hard questions about the things of God. But we rarely take the time to stop and dig for the answer and understand it down in our bones. Even if you don't have kids, don’t tune out on this. This is important for all of us to get the basics right. Why am I here? What is sin?...
Published 06/26/20
This friend needs no introduction. You all know and love Latasha Morrison! She will be a friend for life and from the moment she’s walked into my life she has blessed me beyond measure. This work of racial reconciliation in my life has given me the most incredible friendships like Tasha. On the other side of this work could be the best friends you’ve ever had. So join us today and hear from her. If you haven’t read her book “Be the Bridge”, you’re missing...
Published 06/18/20
We’re going to take the next two weeks to understand the next steps for racial reconciliation. Jesus broke down one cultural barrier after another then commissioned us to do the same. Racial reconciliation is Gospel work and we are ministers of the Gospel! Get ready for this convo with Mike Kelsey this week. Find Mike on Instagram: @mikekelsey Watch the video replay and download free guides at tv.ifgathering.com
Published 06/11/20
We get to talk to two dear friends full of wisdom about the gift of presence and the legacy their parents have left in them. Sometimes our kids need a steady listening here, a steadfast presence. Let’s fight for the kids in our lives and show up everyday for them! Connect with Chrystal: https://chrystalevanshurst.com Connect with Priscilla: https://www.goingbeyond.com Learn more about Theolaby: http://Theolaby.com
Published 05/28/20
Loneliness. It’s an epidemic and we’ve got to help the kids in our lives fight it better. Let’s talk about some of the ways we create a culture of team in our homes, how we can make choices against technology invading their lives, and more. Download the GOOYH tool kit here: http://jennieallen.com Be the first to hear more about my 15-year dream for kids: http://Theolaby.com
Published 05/26/20
You have most likely heard of Dr. Chapman’s five love languages, but today we are talking about how we can learn to love our kids in a way they can receive it better. This is an important part of fighting for our kids when they’re struggling with toxic thoughts.... connection! To take the 5 love languages test and see all Dr. Chapman’s books, go here: 5lovelanguages.com
Published 05/21/20
Self-importance. We’ve talked about it in our own lives. What does it look like to fight for our kids in this? We build worlds that don’t revolve around them. We were built for God and His kingdom! Download the GOOYH kids tool kit here: http://jennieallen.com Give your kids a BIG God: http://theolaby.com
Published 05/19/20
Dr. Cristina has been a wise and insightful voice in my journey writing Get Out of Your Head. I know you’ll love hearing what she has to say! She is a licensed psychologist and is trained in Cognitive Behavior Therapy. She works with kids of all ages as well as adults at the Sparrow House Counseling of Dallas. Find Dr. Cristina here: https://www.sparrowhousecounseling.com Read the blog post about why everyone should have a counselor:...
Published 05/14/20