Don’t Fear Change, Master It!
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In this episode we speak with Brad Stulberg -performance coach and author of new book ‘Master of Change: How to Excel When Everything is Changing —Including You’.
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In this episode you will hear a live podcast recording at the Richmond Marathon expo. Trevor joins Lindsey Hein, Martinus Evans, Cynthia Vissers, and Dr. Lisa Mitro to talk about ‘finding community in the running space’. They also share advice for first-time marathoners, favorite mantras and...
Published 11/21/23
Published 11/21/23
In this episode we reveal seven questions you can use to evaluate your training. These questions reveal the key adjustments, changes, and tweaks you can use to fine tune your training and hit your goals in the marathon. Let’s help you get “dialed in”! Seven Questions to Ask Yourself
Published 11/13/23