Finding Joy in the Dark Moments
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Can you find joy in difficult times? Is it possible to find happiness during dark days? Joy and happiness are critical for a healthy life. We all know what it feels like when we're happy, when we're joyous and celebrating; experiencing the joy not just externally but also internally. Inner joy creates a state of peace and calm, a sense of belonging and serenity: life just feels right.But it's one thing to experience joy in good times, when things are going well. What about when things are not going so well? Can you find joy amidst tragedy, grief, loss or setbacks? This question poses a catch-22 situation. On one hand joy is what allows us to be buoyant and hopeful, it helps us build our confidence and gives us courage. On the other hand, hardships tend to demoralize and deflate us. So how do you find joy when you are feeling dejected and discouraged? Is it possible? Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson as he dissects the anatomy of joy, and discover surprising insights about the power of joy: Joy is now about what you do, it's who you are. True joy is not a result of what happens to you, it is the natural state of your soul. When you connect to your soul and its mission, you can find happiness and a sense of belonging in everything that comes your way, including difficulties.By appreciating the inherent joy within the reservoirs of your spirit, you will learn life-changing tools to access these reservoirs, and draw from them into your daily life.
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