031 Aliens: Prophets & Monsters
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We are at a point in history where it is well established, and even accepted, that there are UFO’s flying around the Earth’s atmosphere and in the skies above us, and that extraterrestrials are real. But what else is there to know? What about early civilizations? Did people back then have any knowledge of other lifeforms, or lifeforms that looked humanoid-like, and were not normally here from this earth? How were ancient civilizations involved with Aliens, and to what extent? Not only do we have the extraterrestrials to think about, but what about other creatures existing among us, creatures that aren’t your everyday wildlife? Are they aliens or something else entirely? And maybe the most important question: How did we all get here? Are we a result of evolution, or were we created with more intent? Were we created by God or the Earth? In this episode I share my story of what happened to me decades ago and how it changed many things for me. For more information visit www.medicalmedium.com
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