On August 4, 2020, a cache of improperly stored ammonium nitrate caused a devastating blast in the port of Beirut. Chris Abi-Nassif, Mona Fawaz, and Aya Majzoub join host Alistair Taylor to discuss the investigation into the blast, the reconstruction process, and the political, economic, and social impact in Lebanon.
Published 07/29/21
Marvin Weinbaum, Husain Haqqani, and Mick Mulroy join host Alistair Taylor to discuss the future of Afghanistan following the imminent US military withdrawal.
Published 07/22/21
Guled Ahmed, Mirette Mabrouk, and Mohammed Soliman join host Alistair Taylor to discuss the latest developments for the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), Egypt's African diplomatic outreach, and the creative solutions required to meet the region's growing energy needs.
Published 07/19/21
Charles Lister, Mona Yacoubian, and James Jeffrey join host Alistair Taylor to discuss the upcoming UN Security Council vote on the renewal of cross-border assistance for Syria, Russia's threats of severing access, and how they might impact stability across the region.
Published 06/30/21
Madiha Afzal, Syed Mohammad Ali, and Marvin Weinbaum join host Alistair Taylor to discuss a range of issues facing Pakistan, from the implications of the U.S. military withdrawal from Afghanistan, to its bilateral relations with India, China, Saudi Arabia, and the United States under the Biden administration.
Published 06/24/21
Alex Vatanka joins host Alistair Taylor to discuss Iran's upcoming presidential election on June 18. The election comes at a pivotal time for the country, as it faces a serious economic crisis and growing popular dissatisfaction at home, as well as a changing regional environment and ongoing talks over the revival of the 2015 nuclear deal.
Published 06/11/21
Sarah Johansson and Mohammed Soliman join guest host Mike Sexton to discuss the various legal, technical, and environmental challenges of cryptocurrencies in the region, among others.
Published 05/25/21
Hanin Ghaddar and Kasra Arabi join host Alistair Taylor to discuss the challenges Hezbollah poses to the region and its key role in Iran's proxy network, which spans from Iraq to Syria and Lebanon to Yemen.
Published 05/20/21
Alex Vatanka, Abdolrasool Divsallar, and Michael Eisenstadt join host Alistair Taylor to discuss the high-level talks in Vienna, now in their fifth week, aimed at reviving the 2015 nuclear deal that the Trump administration withdrew the US from in mid-2018.
Published 05/13/21
Paul Salem and Randa Slim join host Alistair Taylor to discuss the Biden administration’s first 100 days in office and what it’s meant for U.S. Middle East policy, from Afghanistan to Iran.
Published 05/06/21
Evidence shows that the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the women of the Middle East has been disastrous, as lost employment, disproportionate health and well-being, and the burden of care work have set women back in terms of political and economic gains. Where have the biggest losses been sustained, and how are activists and policymakers across the region seeking to address them? Sahar Khamis and Negar Mortazavi join guest host Eliza Campbell to discuss.
Published 04/30/21
Marvin Weinbaum and David Sedney join host Alistair Taylor to discuss the recently announced U.S. military withdrawal from Afghanistan and what it means for the country, the U.S., and the region as a whole.
Published 04/23/21
Jonathan Winer and Mirette Mabrouk join host Alistair Taylor to discuss Libya's new interim government, the complex regional and international dynamics at play, and what Libya's future might look like.
Published 04/16/21
Khaled Elgindy and Lara Friedman discuss the public launch of their congressional teach-in series, “Israel-Palestine: Where We Are, What Comes Next, and Why It Matters to Congress.” The series of webinars features an array of American, Palestinian, Israeli, and international experts on topics dealing with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and U.S. policy. View the series here: https://www.mei.edu/congressional-briefing-series
Published 04/08/21
Matthew Levitt and Douglas London join host Alistair Taylor to discuss the new and evolving threats of terrorism at home and abroad and what the US needs to do to adapt and innovate to address them.
Published 03/30/21
Amira Roess and Shahrokh Fardoust join host Alistair Taylor to discuss the public health and socio-economic impacts of the pandemic across the Middle East and North Africa, and how they compare to other parts of the world.
Published 03/23/21
Alex Vatanka joins host Alistair Taylor to discuss the future of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, the branch of the Iranian military charged with safeguarding the Islamic Republic, and its proxy warfare strategy.
Published 03/12/21
Sahar Khamis, Sabina Henneberg, Karam Shaar, and Ibrahim Jalal join host Alistair Taylor to examine the legacy and impact of the Arab Spring in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, and Syria ten years after the uprisings began.
Published 03/01/21
Jessica Donati, foreign affairs reporter for the Wall Street Journal, joins host Alistair Taylor to discuss her new book, Eagle Down: The Last Special Forces Fighting the Forever War. Find it on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Eagle-Down-Special-Fighting-Forever/dp/154176255X
Published 02/19/21
Paul Goble, Gonul Tol, and Alex Vatanka join host Alistair Taylor to discuss the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and the role of Russia, Turkey, and Iran in the South Caucasus.
Published 02/11/21
MEI’s Iulia-Sabina Joja and Chris Kubecka join host Alistair Taylor to discuss the range of cyber threats facing Eastern Europe and the Black Sea region, and how the EU is working to address them.
Published 02/04/21
MEI’s Paul Salem and Ross Harrison join host Alistair Taylor to discuss what the Biden Administration can do to reduce regional tensions and proxy conflicts in the Middle East.
Published 01/28/21
MEI experts Gerald Feierstein, Alex Vatanka, Gonul Tol, and Charles Lister join host Alistair Taylor to survey what lies ahead for the region in the year ahead, with particular attention to Yemen, Iran, Turkey, and Syria.
Published 01/15/21
In our final episode of the year, host Alistair Taylor interviews several MEI scholars on the key events that transpired across the Middle East in 2020 including in Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan, and they discuss US defense and diplomatic strategy in region as the as the transition to the Biden administration gets underway. Guests include Paul Salem, Bilal Saab, Randa Slim, and Marvin Weinbaum.
Published 12/16/20
Richard A. Clarke, the first US “Cyber Czar”, joins guest host Patrick Howell O’Neill, cybersecurity senior editor for MIT Technology Review, to discuss the state of defensive and offensive cyber capabilities across the Middle East, how it is impacting conflicts in the region, and steps the incoming Biden administration can take to reinvigorate US cyber programs. MEI's new book, “Cyber War and Cyber Peace in the Middle East,” is available now on Amazon. Visit www.mei.edu/cyber for more informat
Published 12/15/20