Doctors race to track down the killer inside a teenager's body when he begins to vomit his own fecal matter. Then, a girl's love of swimming comes back to haunt her when she develops severe headaches, nausea and a bizarre rash.
Published 12/08/22
Published 12/01/22
A teen dodges death by surviving getting sucked into a tornado, but when his trauma wounds won't heal, doctors discover a hideous infection that's eating his body alive.
Published 12/01/22
A young Peace Corps volunteer gets the assignment of her dreams in West Africa, but things quickly turn into a nightmare when a deadly organism strikes.
Published 11/24/22
A globe-trotting couple returns home for Christmas and discovers some stowaways that bite, suck and consume flesh. Then, a man learns something is eating his heart and a desert photographer finds herself knocking on death's door.
Published 11/17/22
A newly engaged man mysteriously collapses and soon faces complete organ failure, forcing him to make a choice between amputation or death. Then, a mysterious eye infection takes away a college freshman's ability to see.
Published 11/10/22
A teenage ballerina suffers debilitating migraines and incapacitating muscle failures. Then, a high-tech monster shatters a young boy's life and a young missionary experiences something that literally makes his skin crawl.
Published 11/03/22
A boy's summer fun is cut short by an apparent flu that suddenly transforms into a life-threatening condition. Then, an extreme case of asthma strikes a former beauty queen and bizarre hallucinations take down an oil rig worker.
Published 10/27/22
Doctors quarantine a young girl with a lump on her neck and race to save her life. Then, a family's eldest son becomes mysteriously paralyzed and abdominal pain and nausea haunt a mother for over four years.
Published 10/20/22
A 7-year-old girl suffers mysterious seizures and painful rashes, and winds up in a deadly coma. Then, a college graduate's health spirals viciously out of control when her flu-like symptoms turn out to be a flesh-eating monster.
Published 10/13/22
In Texas, a budding baseball star suffers from a rare and mysterious infection taking over his brain and causing violent, uncontrollable seizures. Then, doctors discover a ruthless killer eating a toddler from the inside out.
Published 10/06/22
After surviving premature birth, a baby mysteriously coughs up blood and doctors discover a monster destroying his fragile body from within. Then, doctors uncover something insidious attacking the brain of a college student.
Published 09/29/22
A young California gymnast strives for stardom until a festering menace in her hand threatens her dreams. Then, an auto specialist in Oregon believes death will be his only relief as something inexplicable drives him to madness.
Published 09/22/22
A man struck with a swollen face and yellow eyes suffers from an infection that's shutting down his organs. Then, a teen being treated for Lyme disease is forced to drop out of school when her symptoms become intolerable.
Published 09/15/22
A toddler in Ohio stops eating and suffers bizarre salt cravings, leaving doctors puzzled. Then, an executive in California suffers a ruptured colon that unleashes something potentially fatal across his body.
Published 09/08/22
In Georgia, a menace brings a successful model entering into motherhood to the brink of suicide. Then, a North Carolina woman watches as an infection eats her son alive during summer break.
Published 09/01/22
An adventurous traveler from Oregon returns from a trip across South America with a mysterious infection that's devouring his face. In California, a 12-year-old's ability to play football is affected when a monster hits his brain.
Published 08/25/22
A young mother expecting her second child is suddenly hit with a devastating infection that leaves her in a coma. Then, a runner in Texas discovers her lungs are filled with parasitic worms and doctors struggle to find a cure.
Published 08/18/22
A pregnant teacher is blindsided by an invader that causes excruciating pain, and doctors must save her baby before it's too late. Then, an upstate New York truck driver nearly goes blind from a parasite.
Published 08/11/22
A young newlywed suffers horrific seizures and inexplicable delusions caused by a monster hijacking her body. Then, a young basketball player in Ohio is in agony as an insidious creature rips his leg muscles apart.
Published 08/04/22
An Iraq War veteran pulls a foot-long worm from inside his body. Then, a contractor is unable to breathe after visiting a sushi restaurant, and a woman develops a mysterious rash that could be caused by a dangerous parasite.
Published 07/28/22
A factory worker in Iowa begins to go blind and doctors realize he's infected with a deadly parasitic killer. Then, doctors discover a young girl's paralyzing seizures are caused by a fatal and elusive parasite.
Published 07/21/22
Doctors find thousands of silent monsters living in the tissue of a Kentucky mother of five. Then, a New York attorney is paralyzed for months as doctors wait for her immune system to fight parasites on its own.
Published 07/14/22
A California man explores hookworms as a way to cure his allergies, but when no lab will sell him the parasites, he takes radical action. Then, a 5-year-old girl notices a red dot on her foot that appears to be alive.
Published 07/07/22
An 8-year-old girl becomes the host of some of the most common parasites in nature. Then, a teen fights to keep from going blind after a fly uses his eye as a breeding ground. To actually see the Monsters Inside Me episode you just listened to, stream full episodes on discovery+. Go to discoveryplus.com/monsters to start your 7-day free trial today. Terms apply.
Published 06/30/22