Christopher Klimovitz returns to talk to us more about the legends and folklore around Whitby, the town where Dracula comes to England in Bram Stoker's famous novel.  Christopher previously talked with us back in #179 about folklore of the Balkans Dracula (full novel) Lych-Wake Dirge https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lyke-Wake_Dirge Monty Python - Four Yorkshire Men Whitby's Connection to Dracula The Night Frankenstein was Born The Wreck of the Dmitry (inspiration for The Demeter in...
Published 09/25/23
A continuation of our look at Georgia Cryptids, excerpted from a DragonCon 2023 presentation. In this episode we take a deeper look at Altie, plus discuss Bigfoot, Aliens, and Hogzilla. 2011 Creative Loafing story featuring Blake Smith & Rick Spears  Hogzilla and other giant pigs Georgia Martian Moon Monkey  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
Published 09/18/23
Did a European-trained Werewolf haunt late 1800's Georgia? Blake and Karen discuss the case of the Georgia Werewolf. Sheep Ranching in Georgia Red Wolf range today (and historically) Grave of the GA Werewolf (Don't legend trip here - it's private land) Ghostly re-telling of the Emily Burt story Same story - from Week in Weird Georgia Ghosts by Nancy Roberts(affiliate Link) Nancy Roberts Amazon author page(affiliate Link) The Kennesaw House (allegedly haunted location in Marietta, GA) 2017...
Published 09/11/23
Blake and Karen interview Georgia paleo-artist Rick Spears and discuss his iconic sculpture depicting the local "estuary monster" that inspired the piece. Currently located in the Darien, GA Welcome Center, the statue is a beautiful reminder of the colorful local folklore that we will be discussing in our interview.  Rick Spears' website  Darien Welcome Center (home of the statue) 2012 Creative Loafing article that cites Blake and Rick Learn more about your ad choices. Visit...
Published 09/04/23
Catching up on what we've been working on, what's up next, where you can see Blake talk at DragonCon this next weekend, and other big news relative to Monster House, LLC. October Forsyth County Library - 10/15/2023  DragonCon 2023 Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
Published 08/28/23
This week we're seeking the truth about the strange but pervasive idea that people can use sticks or rods to mysteriously locate things. Water is often the target, but certainly isn't the only one. It might be considered aqueous yet innocuous when the quest is just for a new well, but what if the seeker is being paid to find treasure? Or oil? Or cancer? Knowing how this stuff works (and doesn't) is a fascinating gateway into understanding the human brain and the tools we can use to test this...
Published 08/21/23
Chris Woodyard returns to tell us all about the strange and mysterious phenomenon of The Women in Black that erupted in the United States at the end of the 1800s. Patrons can read a selection of contemporary news stories about this outbreak at patreon.com/monstertalk. LINKS FOR THIS EPISODE: Ghost & Witch Panics Victorian Mourning Clothes Whitby Goth Weekend Ohio Cryptid - The Crosswick Monster Gossamer (Looney Tunes) More by Chris Woodyard: Chris' Amazon Author Page (affiliate...
Published 08/14/23
For the next two episodes we'll be in conversation with Chris Woodyard, an author and researcher whose work will likely be of interest to many of our listeners. This week we're discussing omens and it turns omens can be almost anything we find symbolic or evocative - and they're not all bad. Have a listen! Links for this episode (Omens): Black Dogs as Victorian slang for Depression Telling the bees Psychopomps Colony Collapse Disorder Chris' Amazon Author Page (affiliate Link) From the music...
Published 08/07/23
We welcome back Dr. Brian Sharpless to discuss his exciting new book (due in October) called Monsters on the Couch. The book looks at some of our most common monster types and discusses the real psychological conditions that can appear quite similar to these creatures. In this episode we'll be talking about the sensitive topic of necrophilia - and because this is the practice of having sexual relations with a corpse, the episode gets an explicit tag and the Patreon edition includes quite a...
Published 07/31/23
Part two of our look at time travel stories involving old computers covers the strange and twisted tale of John Titor - aka TimeTravel_0 - a self-described time warrior from the 2030s who has come back to the early 2000s to get an old computer and save the world. Hilarity ensues. Part 2 links: The Hoax Hunter reveals his candidate. Reddit discussion of the Haber identity Rochester Magazine coverage - has interesting counterpoints on Haber identity Old posts about the civil war of 2005...
Published 07/24/23
In 1984 a group of people living in Dodleston, England, began to receive strange messages on a BBC Micro personal computer. Then things got weird... Part 1 of our 2-part coverage of time-travel and vintage computers! Links: Pathological Punning - Witzelsucht  A detailed review of The Vertical Plane Where is Dodleston? The book (reprinted recently) The Vertical Plane  by Ken Webster (affiliate link) A segment on this topic from the TV show From Out of this World (1996) A more detailed dive...
Published 07/17/23
Richard Sugg joins us again to discuss the weird story of Bobbie the Wonder Dog (aka Silverton Bobbie) - a dog that took a trip of more than 2500 miles to return to its family. The centenary of this event is almost on us - and this is our 300th episode of the show. Lots to think about in this episode and I hope you'll share your own thoughts about what mechanisms might be at play behind the phenomenon of animals that manage to find their way home. Bobbie the Wonder Dog (wiki) News coverage of...
Published 07/10/23
A discussion with artist and author Florian Schafer on his newest book about German house spirits. Links for this episode: Hausgeister: Household Spirits of German Folklore - pre-Order now (affiliate link) Fiction that inspired D&D: APPENDIX N (affiliate link) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
Published 07/03/23
Richard Estep is a paramedic by day, paranormal investigator by night. Author of Grifters, Frauds, and Crooks: True Stories of American Corruption, he’s written more than 30 books on topics as diverse as serial killers, demons, UFOs, and haunted hospitals. Richard Estep (Amazon Author's Page) Haunted Hospitals (Amazon Streaming) Haunted Case FIles (Amazon Streaming) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
Published 06/26/23
We're delighted to talk today with Professor Jack Longino of the University of Utah as he discusses ants! Can you help Karen & Matt out of a tough financial situation? There's a fundraiser here and they really appreciate any assist you can provide! https://bit.ly/helpkarenandmatt DISCUSSED IN THIS INTERVIEW: "Fringes of Reason" book link (Ted Schultz) Walter Tschinkel -molten metal ant nests   Are invasive N. American fire ants moving north due to climate change? Other MonsterHouse...
Published 06/19/23
I've replaced the intro on our audio distribution system but the system apparently caches the file and it may take some time for the corrected audio to work its way out to the world. My apologies - the music volume is so high in the first 5 mins of the intro it's very difficult to hear the text but it clears up after that. Still, I worked hard on the intro only to make a rookie mistake when finalizing the project. Hopefully the corrected audio will eventually make it to the public. Mick...
Published 06/12/23
Mick West joins us to talk about trying to solve UFO mysteries while keeping his cool. Mick is the author of Escaping the Rabbit Hole: How to Debunk Conspiracy Theories Using Facts, Logic and Respect. He hosts a leading site for analysis of weird aerial phenomenon called Metabunk. He also maintains the site "Contrail Science" which tries to resolve the pseudoscience of "Chemtrails." In the intro there are some clips about NASA and US Congressional looks at the "UAP" phenomenon. I will argue...
Published 06/05/23
A look at the "incorruptible" corpses of Catholic saints and a discussion of how they got this way - with Elizabeth Harper. Wilhelmina Lancaster (new incorrupt corpse) Joyce Caroll Cruz book on incorruptible saints (affiliate link) The Mummy Congress by Heather Pringle (affiliate link) Essay mentioned The Violent Madonnas by Elizabeth Harper The Order of the Good Death  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
Published 05/29/23
A look at the 2012 film The Possession which is allegedly based on the "true story" surrounding a wine cabinet and a creature from Jewish folklore known as a Dybbuk.  The 2021 Input Magazine article that "blows the lid off" the story of the Dybbuk Box.  Affiliate Link to THE POSSESSION (2012). Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
Published 05/22/23
Karen and Blake talk with Professor James Giordano from the departments of Neurology and Biochemistry at Georgetown University Medical Center about the phenomenon called Deja Vu. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
Published 05/15/23
291 - Montauk & Stranger Things (explicit) aka The Philadelphia Experiment pt 3 We take a deep dive into the absolute whackadoodle world of "The Montauk Project" and delve into its connections to the Netflix streaming series Stranger Things. (Karen & I are joined by Matt Baxter) The first book in the Montauk series is The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time. (affiliate link) Brief interview with Preston Nichols - 3 mins long  There used to be a very thorough debunking site dedicated...
Published 05/08/23
Author Sarah Krasnostein joins us to discuss her book The Believer: Encounters with the Beginning, the End, and our Place in the Middle. The Believer on Amazon (affiliate link) Previous episode discussing Australia, UFOs, and young-earth Creationism Previous episode discussing the Ark Encounter park. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
Published 05/01/23
The Myrtles Part 2: Send the Made-Up Continuing our look at the many ghostly legends surrounding the Louisiana plantation-turned-bed-and-breakfast, The Myrtles. Karen & Matt just got back from another visit/investigation so check the show notes for some fresh photos! (see show notes at MonsterTalk.org for photos) The Myrtles Whiskey Rebellion Ghostland by Colin Dickey Haunting America by Karen Stollznow Oleander Yellow Fever Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
Published 04/24/23
A look at the many ghostly legends surrounding the Louisiana plantation-turned-bed-and-breakfast, The Myrtles. The Myrtles Whiskey Rebellion Ghostland by Colin Dickey Haunting America by Karen Stollznow Oleander Yellow Fever Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
Published 04/17/23
WHAT IF YOUR WILL WERE NOT YOUR OWN? What if your mind were being controlled by something other than your own volition? This isn’t an imaginary scenario. Real lifeforms here on earth can profoundly influence the behavior of other lifeforms, turning them into helpless zombies, forced to do the bidding of their emotionless masters. In this episode of MonsterTalk, we interview entomologist David Hughes about host behavior modification by parasitic organisms. For more information on David’s work,...
Published 04/10/23