The Federal Reserve just admitted we're heading for a major recession as confidence in the U.S. economy sent investors away from the U.S. dollar. Economist Peter Schiff says this is going to be worse than 2008 by a long shot. Get ready!
Published 03/23/23
The United States is about to launch a massive military offensive against Russian territory according to reports this morning. Russia and China just took major steps yesterday in reordering the world order creating what many are calling a new world order. 
Published 03/22/23
Published 03/22/23
Read the special FED report newsletter we talked about right here: http://wealthresearchgroup.com/Powell Chinese President Xi Jinping completed his first day of visits in Moscow with Russian President Vladimir Putin and the two leaders seem to be getting along swimmingly, with the West watching closely. The U.S. has begun ramping up accusations that China is considering sending lethal weapons to Russia although National Security spokesperson John Kirby admitted that“the U.S. has no evidence...
Published 03/21/23
The U.S could be on the verge of civil war with the impending arrest of Donald Trump, Europe is facing an energy crisis and banking crisis, while China’s president Xi Jinping just landed in Moscow Russia a few hours ago to solidify a massive new partnership that could change everything.  Relax like never before... visit https://cbdistillery.com and enter the code Redacted to get 20% OFF your order. 
Published 03/20/23
Putin says the U.S. is fabricating false flags over the downing of an American surveillance drone near the Russian border. Members of the media and the U.S. Congress are calling President Biden to act now against Putin. This pushing us dangerously close to World War 3. 
Published 03/15/23
Credit Suisse is just the latest bank warning of structural collapse as the orchestrated financial slide continues. The Biden administration is saying it's not a bailout but what would you call it when the government steps in to pay off deposits? And why didn't the government save FTX depositors? 
Published 03/14/23
The Biden administration just watched a third American bank fail leading to widespread panic among depositors. But could this be part of the plan to move us towards a CBDC. Scare people about cash in order to take more control?
Published 03/13/23
The next phase in the war just started as Russia launches hypersonic missile attacks on key infrastructure targets. All of this in an effort to soften targets ahead of a massive offensive. Former weapons inspector Scott Ritter joins Redacted for a look at the latest moves. 
Published 03/10/23
Tucker Carlson just dropped the beginnings of what we are about to see in the January 6th video tapes. But it turns out the federal involvement goes far deeper than anyone previously reported. They don't want you to know about this and that's why the Senate Majority Leader is trying to stop you from seeing it. Brandon Straka was there on January 6th and he joins Redacted to talk about these latest revelations. 
Published 03/09/23
These warmongering clowns are going to get us all killed. Last night Tobias Ellwood, head of the British parliament's defense committee, openly called for a direct head-on NATO lead war with Russia. This comes as Ukraine's president Zelensky says they will not negotiate a peace settlement and demanded more weapons and aircraft.
Published 03/07/23
President Biden just signed a national declaration of emergency over Ukraine. This gives him unprecedented executive powers. In today's show, we're looking at his new moves on surveillance, digital currency and more. 
Published 03/07/23
We are being played like a fiddle right now about China as the deep state is using the lab leak story to push us into a major conflict with Beijing. The media is falling for it all hook line and sinker. 
Published 03/03/23
Big developments in the war in Ukraine as NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg says unequivocally that Ukraine will become a member of NATO. Colonel Douglas MacGregor joins Redacted to talk about the latest provocation in a war that's spiraling out of control. 
Published 03/02/23
We’ve been watching the major indicators of an incoming recession on this show for months. At the end of the summer, we started sounding the alarm over concerns of massive layoffs that could hit after the Christmas holiday. Sadly it turns out we were right about that and companies across all sectors have started laying off thousands of people, from banks to silicon valley tech companies. But something bigger is happening that we want to draw your attention to. 
Published 03/01/23
It’s over… those are the words being told to Ukrainian president Zelensky about the war… it’s over. While at the same time the US is openly admitting that the U.S. is actively attacking Russia using Ukrainians as cannon fodder to do it.
Published 02/28/23
On February 27 the Biden administration will officially sign over sovereign power to the Bill Gates funded World Health Organization. The pandemic treaty gives the WHO the power to declare and manage global pandemic emergencies. This would mean that they could mandate lockdowns, vaccine mandates, vaccine supplies and distribution and monitoring and surveillance of populations. 
Published 02/24/23
Over the past few days scientists have been detaling how the chemical fall out in East Palestine, Ohio is worse than Chernobyl because of the multigenerational toxic dioxins from this train derailment in the soil and groundwater. There are plenty of examples of dioxin damage to American towns that are now wiped off the map. They no longer exist. 
Published 02/23/23
What happened in East Palestine, Ohio is being called the worst environmental disaster in American history and the Biden administration is mostly ignoring it. Now members of congress are calling for Pete Buttigieg to be impeached.
Published 02/18/23
Elon Musk slammed the globalists agenda right to their faces as the World Health Organization announces our next pandemic. The WHO convened an emergency meeting to discuss a virus outbreak in Africa. Get ready! The White House now says the UFO flap is probably not China related. And Whitney Webb joins us to talk about the latest document dump. 
Published 02/16/23
NATO is on the verge of WW3 while the mainstream media is dutifully distracting us with stories of UFO's and UAP's. NORAD now admits they're not ruling out aliens as possible invaders as they continue to shoot down unidentified flying objects over the United States and Canada. What the heck is going on here? 
Published 02/15/23
The deep state part of the Pentagon has been laying the groundwork to use a catalyst for war. The globalists spent all weekend scaring us about UFO attacks worldwide and trying to prepare us for a major confrontation with China and Russia. We are watching a disinformation campaign of the highest order being carried out right before our eyes. 
Published 02/14/23
Videos have surfaced showing unspeakable atrocities by Ukrainian soldiers. The Kremlin has responded and said those responsible will be found. All of this comes as Putin readies a massive offensive in Ukraine. Pfizer and BioNTech caught falsifying vaccine lab test results in new report. The WHO warns of the next pandemic and has already mobilized drug manufacturers to prepare. 
Published 02/09/23
Legendary journalist Seymour Hersh just dropped a bombshell report exposing how the U.S. carried out the terror attack against the Russian Nord Stream pipeline. The destruction sent Germany into an economic tailspin and forced them to start buying American natural gas. The Biden administration meanwhile announcing their new target is China. 
Published 02/08/23
Forget bail-outs; get ready for bail-ins, where your money is used by the banks to cover their own debts. A newly leaked video shows the FDIC preparing for the coming collapse and they admit that it's best not to tell you about it because the whole system is phony. The European Central Bank is also preparing as we speak to a massive financial collapse. What happens when you try to get money out of the bank? 
Published 02/07/23