President Biden is quietly working with Democratic leadership on three new breakout stimulus bills. In today's show we're going to breakdown the latest news on government assistance. We're also watching Fed Chairman Jerome Powell's speech on inflation as we prepare for a major market correction. 
Published 01/26/22
Published 01/26/22
Clayton and Natali break down the crazy ups and downs we're seeing in the markets as the Federal Reserve could be making things worse. Investors could be seeing the biggest boomerang market in history. 
Published 01/25/22
The New York Times has learned that President Joe Biden is considering deploying troops, aircraft, and warships to the Baltics and Eastern Europe as a means to deter Russia from invading Ukraine. Troops are on standby and ready for airdrops into Ukraine along with equipment. Also reports that the Kremlin is looking to replace Ukraine's president with a pro-Russia leader.  Gold prices are up along with US dollar and Swiss franc as investors are running for safe havens.
Published 01/24/22
GMO co-founder Jeremy Grantham says the market crash has begun. He predicts a drop of 50% in stocks and he says the FED can't stop it. They're going to try with the announcement that they are about to launch their own digital currency. So what happens to the Treasury US dollar?  If that's not bad enough the great #Meatloaf just died and US home prices are still skyrocketing. Morning Invest is live at 9AM Eastern.
Published 01/21/22
President Biden gave the starkest warning yet that Russia has no choice but to invade Ukraine after amassing 100,000 troops along the border. Will this lead to a NATO backed war with Russia?  President Biden also admitted his failures to pass stimulus as one big bill. Instead he’ll need to break them into smaller pieces of legislation in order to pass Congress.  We’re also looking at the eviction nightmare facing America. Why is no one talking about this?
Published 01/20/22
President Biden holds his 1 year in office press conference to try and talk about his administration's successes. He'll face tough questions on Build Back Better, supply chain issues, Russia, and much more.
Published 01/19/22
Unvaccinated people around the world are increasingly being hit by taxes as governments try to boost lagging vax rates. Greece, Austria, Canada and the U.S. all have no-vax taxes.  Mike Lindell slams the banks that have stopped accepting his My Pillow business. Are we about to see more controversial businesses go unbanked as financial institutions go woke?
Published 01/18/22
NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has been shining a spotlight on America's growing collapse. This time Snowden is talking about desperate Americans breaking onto trains in order to steal basic goods and medicines.  Credit Suisse is in turmoil as the CEO Antonio Horta-Osorio, has resigned after breaking Covid quarantine rules. Novak Djokovic has been deported from Australia after his visa was revoked. British PM Boris Johnson is under increasing fire for partying at 10 Downing Street while...
Published 01/17/22
The cost of living last month is 7% higher than it was one year ago. And the US dollar continues to decline. Can President Biden do anything about it? Or is he too busy pushing for voting legislation?  This is the fastest increase since 1982 and politicians are trying to pretend that they’re not panicked about it so that they can raise the debt ceiling next month and continue government spending. 
Published 01/13/22
Across America grocery stores are experiencing empty shelves as the US dollar declines at the same time. What is going on here? On today's show we're examining the latest consumer price index and inflation numbers out this morning.  Also Fed Chair Jerome Powell testifies before the Senate and makes a case for trying to curb inflation while at the same time doing no harm. Is that even possible? 
Published 01/12/22
It's being called the big quit or the great resignation as millions of Americans say enough is enough and are quitting their jobs in record numbers. But they're not sitting at home, they're looking for better jobs with better conditions.  A new study shows that one out of four employed Americans plan to quit their job in 2022. Will we see another year of turmoil in the jobs market? 
Published 01/11/22
In today's livestream... House Speaker Nancy Pelosi shocked with comments on CBS pointing to a democratic plan to provide a new round of stimulus. 
Published 01/10/22
In today's livestream... Biden Admits The Obvious Covid Isn't Going Anywhere
Published 01/07/22
In today's livestream... teachers are worried about rising Covid infections and are choosing to stay home. Superintendents across the country are forcing kids back to virtual schooling. 
Published 01/06/22
 In today's livestream we're looking at lawmakers holding an emergency meeting last night around a new round of covid stimulus. 
Published 01/05/22
In today's livestream... we're looking at how the changes to the child tax credit and student loan repayments will affect your tax refunds this year. 
Published 01/04/22
In today's livestream... Fauci warns of MASSIVE Covid surge and hospitalizations as White House messaging is all over the map. And Marjorie Taylor Green is banned from Twitter for spreading "misinformation". 
Published 01/03/22
In today's livestream... the state of Florida dropped a bombshell that accuses the Biden Administration of hoarding monoclonal anti-body treatments from the elderly population. 
Published 12/29/21
In today's livestream... we'll be looking at the confusion in the White House over the Covid response and why they're punting to the states. We're also looking at why Americans are turning away from the mainstream media in record numbers.
Published 12/28/21
In today's livestream... the jury returns to deliver a verdict in the Ghislaine Maxwell trial. America's travel nightmare as testing is to blame. And is President Biden about to step down? 
Published 12/27/21
In today's livestream... today we're covering: Team Biden's waffling on student loan forgiveness Bill Gates pushes for lockdowns but Biden resists Progressives threaten to primary Biden as his agenda collapses 
Published 12/23/21
In today's livestream... President Trump shocked a crowd when he said he got a booster shot and told the crowd that his MAGA vaccine saved millions of lives. 
Published 12/22/21
In today's livestream... President Biden warns of a Winter of severe illness and death for America. 
Published 12/17/21
In today's livestream...The FED Admits Economy is In Serious Trouble 
Published 12/16/21