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This is the story of Bobby, a 10-year old disabled boy, who was vulnerable and lived an isolated life, hidden away on a farm with his mother and her boyfriend in a remote rural part of Sweden. Nobody knew what was going on behind closed doors, until it was too late. This shocking story became a landmark case in Sweden, instigating legal reform and changes to child protection protocols.
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Published 06/05/23
On a summer’s evening 60 years ago, four teenagers camp out in a tent by Lake Bodom in Finland. In the early hours, they’re brutally attacked and only one of them emerges alive. His name is Nils Gustafsson and the events that night will haunt him for the rest of his life. New episode every...
Published 05/30/23
Since the 1990s, violent computer games and aggressive music have been seen as the reasons for violence among young people. Meanwhile, experts urge the media not to describe suicides in too much detail to avoid putting ideas into people’s heads. But can murder really be contagious? New episode...
Published 05/23/23