The Reality & Untold Stories behind Shop Owning
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Buckle up as Jessi and her mom take you through the ups and downs of owning a brand and shop. Jessi talks about how she almost shut down her shop and how what happened next helped her transform it into the encouraging and growing brand it is today. The mom and daughter duo talk through the shop’s best and most dramatic hard moments, share how it gives back to women in need, answer your questions, and talk about the family heartbeat behind creating and stewarding a brand. Support our shop and ministry at !! ☆ Jessi’s Partners & Show Discount Codes ☆ with promo code JESSI at checkout for your FREE account or 50% off your premium account to start online curating! To our listeners and sponsors, thanks for making this show possible! We love you! XO, Jessi & team
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Jessi, David and her mom sit down to talk about what rest and balance mean in today’s world and in the Word. Jessi and David also touch on a personal life update. They tie off their season finale with thanking and honoring their listeners and all the guests on this season as they hit pause! We...
Published 09/01/21
Published 09/01/21
Join Jessi & her fiancé, David, as they sit down for a laid-back conversation on God’s calling and intimacy with Jesus. They first dish a personal-life update followed by an episode filled with a discussion on defining God’s calling and focusing on the things of the...
Published 08/18/21