Jessi, David and her mom sit down to talk about what rest and balance mean in today’s world and in the Word. Jessi and David also touch on a personal life update. They tie off their season finale with thanking and honoring their listeners and all the guests on this season as they hit pause! We love you!!! Follow Jessi on her journey at @jessi_afshin & @my_darling_diary as she takes a pause on podcasting.
Published 09/01/21
Published 09/01/21
Join Jessi & her fiancé, David, as they sit down for a laid-back conversation on God’s calling and intimacy with Jesus. They first dish a personal-life update followed by an episode filled with a discussion on defining God’s calling and focusing on the things of the heart. http://modernfertility.com/jessi for $20 off your at-home fertility test To our listeners and sponsors, thanks for making this show possible! We love you! XO, Jessi & team | @jessi_afshin @my_darling_diary
Published 08/18/21
Jessi walks through how she’s built a staple wardrobe that lasts years, what to spend less $$ on, working with trends, and her specific go-to staples. She also talks about how to fight overspending in a social media and consumer-heavy world - while also maintaining a wardrobe you love. To our listeners and sponsors, thanks for making this show possible! We love you! XO, Jessi & team | @jessi_afshin @my_darling_diary
Published 08/04/21
Jessi brings in her good friend Lauren (@secretsnsuch) to dive into the definition of beauty. Lauren opens up about her lifetime journey and story of ups and downs with confidence and insecurities--as well as her pivotal change. Lauren and Jessi talk about their struggles with subjective beauty and what it did to their hearts. The girls ultimately land on how to help guard God's true definition of beauty. ☆ Jessi’s Partners & Show Discount Codes ☆ http://modernfertility.com/jessi for...
Published 07/28/21
Jessi sits down with one of her bridesmaids, Courtney Cassin, who works for the wedding site “The Knot” to dish on all things wedding. The girls focus on how to bride on a budget with tips and girl chats on wedding dresses, hairstyles, makeup, bridesmaids, and speech decisions. The girls dive into the listener’s tell-all: best advice on the big day, budgets, what to spend less $$ on, what was worth spending $$ on, tips/hack ideas to save money, biggest regrets and some honeymoon chat. Jessi...
Published 07/21/21
This week, Jessi sits down for a solo episode on productivity to beat those summer lulls. She spills the tea on her personal productivity hacks on staying organized, decluttering, honoring rest, morning routines and more. ☆ Jessi’s Partners & Show Discount Codes ☆ madeincookware.com/jessi with code Jessi for 15% off your first order modernfertility.com/jessi for $20 off your at-home fertility test To our listeners and sponsors, thanks for making this show possible! We love you! XO,...
Published 07/14/21
Buckle up as Jessi and her mom take you through the ups and downs of owning a brand and shop. Jessi talks about how she almost shut down her shop and how what happened next helped her transform it into the encouraging and growing brand it is today. The mom and daughter duo talk through the shop’s best and most dramatic hard moments, share how it gives back to women in need, answer your questions, and talk about the family heartbeat behind creating and stewarding a brand. Support our shop and...
Published 06/30/21
The friendship episode with Jessi’s good friend - Courtney Cassin. The girls dig into BFF goals, friendship stories, the foundation needed in friendship and the skills needed to make healthy friendships work. They also go into healthy friend breakups, confrontation, fake responding, confidence, finding + praying for more friends, as well as applying truth and scripture. Courtney and Jessi then read through your stories of the good and the bad and give advice to girls who wrote in! We hope...
Published 06/23/21
Jessi sits down with her close friend, letterer and influencer, Jenessa Wait @jenessawait, to talk through Jenessa's gift of championing others in their faith. This incredibly powerful, encouraging, life-giving episode is packed with tips on having holy confidence in your everyday conversations, loving others, being bold with your faith, finding purpose and becoming a leader. The girls wrap up with telling stories about their travels together throughout Israel in early 2020. Jessi’s...
Published 06/16/21
Jessi and her mom dish on what they wish they could tell their younger selves and seeds of wisdom they have learned over time. Brimming with encouragement from Jessi’s IG audience as well, this episode will definitely make you smile.
Published 06/09/21
Jessi sits down with her fiancé, David, as he opens up to tell his story, heart and journey--which they have kept sacred in their dating time. The couple then talk about their heart behind their covenant, getting off social media, and provide encouragement for singles, while diving into scripture and prayer. They finish with how David proposed and funny stories from their trip. Jessi also ads in her heart for becoming a bride in this season. Their best episode yet!
Published 06/02/21
Sit back for a peaceful and relaxed conversation with Jessi and her mom as they dig into the somewhat taboo topic of shopping addictions, materialism and overconsumption in an Instagram & Influencer world. Jessi exposes what happened to her heart in promoting materialism on IG and encouragers women (influencers and shoppers) to guard their heart from the addiction to overspending - and instead turn to stewarding. Mama Kim shares her story and stories around the mother-daughter team as...
Published 05/26/21
Get ready for an episode jam-packed with seeds of wisdom. Jessi meets with a close friend, mentor figure, and pastor, Caroline Dykes, to talk through pressure in a social media world. The two hit on miscarriages, setting boundaries in dating, knowing who to trust, the power of no, the definition of influence, and female leadership in the church.
Published 05/12/21
Jessi spills the tea on dating stories - with one her close friends, Jeanine Amapola, who is a youtuber and podcaster. The two discuss their cringey, funny, and horror dating stories during their singleness but also read stories from Jessi’s @my_darling_diary audience that give the girls a good laugh. One of the funniest and silliest episodes yet on the diary, get ready to giggle and cringe discussing the reality of 21st century singleness. Part two found on Jeanine’s Podcast...
Published 05/05/21
Emily Herren, friend and fashion blogger @champagneandchanel, is a leader and trailblazer of influence on instagram. Emily takes us into the unseen reality of going viral at a young age and how growing up on the gram shaped her heart along the way. Jessi and Emily dig into the true meaning of joy, talk through finances, finding true friendships, decisions in dating, marriage and more. The girls dish on finding true peace within social media pressure, ultimately pointing to what really...
Published 04/28/21
Jessi and David take on the taboo topics of judgment, cancel culture and trolls online. The couple not only discusses the presence of shame in pop culture scenarios and what it’s doing to our hearts, but they also talk about online stories in Jessi’s life and influencers around her. The two also dissect the topic of judgment inside the church and ultimately point to the definition of love.
Published 04/21/21
Let’s face it - waiting in life is inevitable. Jessi brings one of her wisest friends and mentors, Janet Ellis, to tell her stories of finding joy and peace in the waiting. Janet, an incredible storyteller, has lived through a lot of life and trials in the waiting - and opens up and shares her stories that apply to women of all ages and waiting in different seasons and timelines. Jessi and Janet talk about the ways they found true purpose, strength, peace and joy in their seasons of long...
Published 04/14/21
Jessi sits down with her close friend, Blaze Shipley, for a real, honest and unfiltered girl chat to talk about the reality of social media, what it can do to your heart, its side effects, as well as battling comparison. Blaze opens up about her journey with Lyme’s disease and how she realized social media was worsening her disease and stealing her joy. The girls dive into becoming stronger, practical steps to find rest and both of their journeys to beat the online cycle of comparison.
Published 04/07/21
Jessi sits down in her most candid episode yet where she tells the stories and moments of her past when she starts to find her faith and how it intersected with her career—all the way from age 15 to now. Jessi also dishes on how memories are the most important keepsakes in life.
Published 03/31/21
Jessi sits down with her boyfriend, David Fraga, and this time they dish guys’ and girls’ perspectives on dating apps, boys who love keeping “backpocket girls,” confrontation, guarding your heart and becoming stronger in the sagas of singleness.
Published 03/24/21
Jessi gets raw, real, and vulnerable as she talks the reality of girl world, her personal stories with mean girls, and how social media has paved the way for comparison and jealousy to be more present than ever. Jessi unpacks what real friendship should look like as well as small seeds of wisdom to create a healthier and kinder girl-on-girl world.
Published 03/10/21
Jessi Afshin invites her boyfriend, David Fraga, on the show to dish a heart-to-heart on the never-before-told story on how they met. The duo discusses how intentionality, clarity and a focus on God allowed David to lead the way in their relationship. David and Jessi not only discuss their personal stories of singleness and dating, but also tips for guarding your heart and honoring others through dating in the social media era.
Published 03/03/21
Jessi Afshin walked away from everything. Quietly, she closed the doors to the public eye, and abandoned her fashion feed and hard-earned success—without saying a word. For the first time, Jessi opens up about her story, takes off the filters and makeup and gets real. She starts the season spilling how the social media industry and blogging in her 20s impacted her heart, personal life, singleness, community, and identity. This episode is the first teaser for an entire show, designed to have...
Published 02/26/21
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