How to Be More Productive
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This week, Jessi sits down for a solo episode on productivity to beat those summer lulls. She spills the tea on her personal productivity hacks on staying organized, decluttering, honoring rest, morning routines and more. ☆ Jessi’s Partners & Show Discount Codes ☆ with code Jessi for 15% off your first order for $20 off your at-home fertility test To our listeners and sponsors, thanks for making this show possible! We love you! XO, Jessi & team | @jessi_afshin @my_darling_diary
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Jessi, David and her mom sit down to talk about what rest and balance mean in today’s world and in the Word. Jessi and David also touch on a personal life update. They tie off their season finale with thanking and honoring their listeners and all the guests on this season as they hit pause! We...
Published 09/01/21
Published 09/01/21
Join Jessi & her fiancé, David, as they sit down for a laid-back conversation on God’s calling and intimacy with Jesus. They first dish a personal-life update followed by an episode filled with a discussion on defining God’s calling and focusing on the things of the...
Published 08/18/21