Jide Adeniyi-Jones (b. Lagos, 1952) is a Nigerian documentary photographer based in Lagos and Washington, DC. He credits the English photographer John Vickers for paving his way into photography in 1972. Since then, he has worked across various sectors of the discipline, including advertising, private media, civic service, and contemporary art.  Having been a photographer for most of Africa's post-independence era, he has witnessed and documented many key political events in the continent as...
Published 04/14/23
Published 04/14/23
Achille Mbembe is no doubt one of the most influential philosophers of the 21st century. Born in Cameroun in 1957, the year that ushered in a ricochet of the independence of African nations – also known as the year of Kwame Nkrumah – in many ways, his work and disposition could be summarised as an embodiment of the spirit of the future. In this conversation moderated by Emeka Okereke for the 13th episode of Nkata Podcast, Art and Processes, Mbembe generously opens up personal spaces to offer...
Published 02/08/23
The 12th episode of Nkata Podcast: Art & Processes features a conversation with Koyo Kouoh. Koyo Kouoh is a Cameroonian-born curator. She is a leading figure in the Contemporary art world. More specifically, she is one of the pioneers who helped shape and articulate contemporary art practices from the African continent and beyond. Her work is rooted in community and institution-building through collaborations. She is the founder of RAW MATERIAL COMPANY, an art space in Dakar that promotes...
Published 10/19/22
Olu Oguibe (b.1964, Aba) is a Nigerian artist and academic living and working in the United States of America. He is one of the foremost scholars of his generation whose work constitutes a pillar of what we now know as Contemporary African art and post-colonial studies. Since 1988, he has saddled a rigorous and prolific artistic practice as a visual artist, writer, curator, professor and art historian. Put succinctly, a credible account of the history and trajectory of...
Published 04/17/22
In episode 10 of Nkata: Art & Processes, Emeka Okereke is in Conversation with Qudus Onikeku (b. 1984, Lagos), a Nigerian contemporary dancer, performer and Choreographer. He has been active and consistently prolific since 2004, so much that one cannot knowledgeably talk about the practice and evolution of contemporary dance in the 21st century without stumbling on the name Onikeku. As with many notable artists who came of age at the dawn of the century, he embodies the belief that art is...
Published 12/07/21
If you know Niq Mhlongo's work, this podcast conversation will offer a more expansive, informative, yet entertaining frame for better appraisal. As for those encountering him for the first time through this conversation, you will find that he continues in the tradition of many African artists whose encounter with art was underlined by remarkable coincidences which, in hindsight, could only be understood as a calling.
Published 10/20/20
In the 7th Episode of Nkata Podcast: Art & Processes, Emeka Okereke visited Alam in his home in Dhanmondi, Dhaka in Bangladesh – same apartment from which he was arrested. They had an extensive conversation about his life and work starting from his childhood, parents, family, his dedication to social justice in Bangladesh.
Published 07/04/20
This podcast gives an up-close glimpse of Uche James Iroha, a visual artist, thinker and activist who stands, however unobtrusively, at the hinge of history and continues to work for it. It is an ode to one of his catchiest lines: “history is not absent-minded”.
Published 04/19/20
Nontsikelelo Veleko (b. 1977) is a South African photographer most notably recognised for her depiction of black identity, urbanisation and fashion in post-apartheid South Africa. Veleko studied photography at the Market Theatre Photo...
Published 03/18/20
Emeka Okereke in conversation with the visual and performance artist Otobong Nkanga.
Published 12/20/19
In this podcast, Jihan El-Tahri reflects on events and moments that remarkably shaped her and made her the kind of filmmaker and artist she would eventually become.
Published 06/28/19
Akinbode Akinbiyi touches on several aspects of his life and practice beginning with moments and events that led to and spurred his vocation as an artist.
Published 02/27/19
Emeka Okereke (host of program) introduces NKATA
Published 02/18/19