Nonprofit coaching can be transformative, but there are different styles as my guests Laura Zielke and Darien Heyman Rodriguez demonstrate in this compelling and actionable episode.
Published 06/03/23
Tune in as Priya Parker uncovers the treasure within hybrid meetings and shares golden nuggets to transform your hybrid gatherings from 'awkward' to 'awesome'.
Published 05/20/23
When fierce advocates clash, who you gonna call? Nonprofit internal conflict busters! Tune in to learn how Aarati Kasturirangan, Senior Partner and Managing Director of Dragonfly Partners, navigates this important work.
Published 05/06/23
Board dysfunction driving you bonkers? Join Rob Acton and me as we unravel the causes and offer practical solutions to get your nonprofit board of directors back on track!
Published 04/22/23
Enough with the bland icebreakers! Join me as I share a game-changing team-building icebreaker that will change your nonprofit's group dynamics for the better. Less cringing, more connection.
Published 04/08/23
Ready to transform your volunteer community? Join me and the queen of the power of volunteerism, Tobi Johnson, as we explore DEI strategies and share practical advice to help you build a diverse and vibrant volunteer base that drives your mission forward. Don't miss this game-changing conversation!
Published 03/25/23
It can be frustrating to see people overlook the incredible impact of our organizations. We're constantly fighting against stereotypes and misconceptions, but I believe we can change the narrative and set the record straight.
Published 03/11/23
Crypto donations guru Pat Duffy shares his expert insights and debunks some of the myths around crypto donations. We discuss the benefits of accepting crypto donations, how to reach potential donors, and how The Giving Block has helped thousands of charities, healthcare systems, schools, and faith-based non-profits to fundraise with cryptocurrency.
Published 02/25/23
In this episode, we discuss a critical topic for every nonprofit that wants to effectively serve their community: board composition.
Published 02/11/23
What happens when purpose and celebrity status join forces? Join me as I sit down with Jessica Seinfeld — bestselling author, founder of the powerhouse nonprofit, Good+ Foundation, and wife of comedy legend Jerry Seinfeld to find out!
Published 01/30/23
Tune in as collaboration evangelist and Walton Family Foundation CSO, Chelsea Peters and I uncover the power of public-private partnerships. Spoiler alert: it's all about combining your superpowers!
Published 01/14/23
A very special guest joins me in this episode to share her journey from burned out realtor to ignited volunteer. Tune in to learn how to find volunteer opportunities that fuel you.
Published 12/17/22
What were your biggest takeaways from 2022? Tune in as Stacy Palmer, editor of the Chronicle of Philanthropy, and I discuss some of the nonprofit sector’s biggest headlines, trends, and takeaways of 2022.
Published 12/03/22
Does your organization have an ED with a low appetite for fundraising? Tune in to learn how strengthening the partnership between your ED and development director can help!
Published 11/12/22
Feeling the heat lately? You are not alone… burnout impacts many of us in the nonprofit sector. Tune in to learn best-selling author and global keynote speaker, Hamza Khan’s strategies for preventing burnout.
Published 10/22/22
In this episode, my guest compares strategy to love — tune in as Robert Raben and I dig deep into the topic of nonprofit strategic planning and how the right approach can help promote diversity, equity, and inclusion.
Published 09/24/22
Are there nonprofit funding sources out there that are not being sufficiently taken advantage of? According to my guest, Candid CEO, Ann Mei Chang, the answer is yes. Tune in to learn more.
Published 09/10/22
Getting the right people on your nonprofit board is no easy task. Tune in to this episode to learn how one nominations committee chair helped her org build the board of its dreams!
Published 08/27/22
Want to leave your nonprofit in good hands even after you move on to your next adventure? Tune in to discover the 7 crucial steps to a successful succession planning process.
Published 08/14/22
Join me for an eye-opening conversation about fundraising mistakes, fundraising anxiety, and what it actually takes to be a first-rate development director for your nonprofit.
Published 07/30/22
What does an ideal relationship between a program officer and a grantee actually look like? Experienced program officer, Rebecca Cokley, joins me in this episode to answer this frequently asked question.
Published 07/16/22
These days, lots of leaders in the nonprofit sector are searching for ways to hire more diverse talent. But, according to my guest, Daisy Auger-Domínguez (Chief People Officer at Vice Media Group) this is the wrong place to start if you really want to foster more inclusivity in the workplace. According to Daisy, before asking questions like, “Why don’t more people raise their hands for board service” or “How can we get more people of color on our board,” you must first unpack what conditions...
Published 06/18/22
Purpose-driven work is in high demand these days — especially in the midst of the Great Resignation. The nonprofit sector is dripping with opportunities to find a deeper meaning in what you do every day, but what does this look like in the private sector? After all, people are hungry to work and become advocates for organizations that have a greater purpose than raking in more and more profits for corporate billionaires. I thought it would be interesting to explore what a purpose-driven...
Published 06/04/22
Do you know anyone who is a US military veteran? Our sector has many organizations with missions that support the brave individuals who felt compelled to answer the call to serve our country in the military. My guest today, Art delaCruz is the CEO of one of those organizations — Team Rubicon. Many veterans come home looking for ways to continue the sense of purpose, identity, and community they found while fighting for our country — and Team Rubicon’s mission is to provide these kinds of...
Published 05/21/22