Nutrition for Littles
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In this episode, we talk about picky eating and why the usual ways parents try to help don’t always work. Have you ever told your kid they’ll get a cookie if they finish their plate? Or tried to explain why eating veggies is good for them, hoping they’d understand like an adult? Turns out, these […]
Published 04/03/24
In this week’s episode, I talk with Brooke Miller about mom health and kid health. We talk about sweets and how our relationship to sweets can impact our children’s relationship with sweets. As well as talk about starting solids and so much more. You can follow Brooke on Instagram...
Published 03/13/24
Today, we’re focusing on ‘safe foods’ for toddlers. We’ll discuss why these foods are essential for picky eaters and strategies for when your child only wants to eat their safe food or suddenly rejects it. This episode provides practical tips for introducing new foods and maintaining a balanced...
Published 01/25/24