Published 02/20/24
This week, we're dealing with fancy ladies and chaps, in particular a certain Bella Griffiths angling for a summer at Greenwood Lake!
Published 02/20/24
There's mooks aplenty on another tantalizing episode of Obscure.
Published 02/13/24
Those meddlesome kids are causing mayhem - absolute mayhem - out there in Kansas City, MO.
Published 02/07/24
Clyde and Hortense continue their back-and-forth and we're forced to endure their irritating pas de deux.
Published 01/30/24
It's sin, sin, and more sin on a positively scandalous episode of Obscure.
Published 01/23/24
Horny teens speeding along a snowy road in a stolen car. What could possibly go wrong?
Published 01/16/24
Clyde has promised 50 dollars to Hortense, and Hortense has promised her whole self to Clyde
Published 01/09/24
As we barrel through the holiday season, your curmudgeonly host grouches about all things consumerist
Published 12/26/23
Clyde Griffiths doesn't seem to mind receiving a little abuse, and Hortense Briggs doesn't seem to mind dishing it out.
Published 12/19/23
It's all about sex for Clyde Griffiths as he contemplates the sensual life.
Published 12/12/23
In addition to the international tragedy of wars breaking out across the globe, your host is experiencing his own American tragedy of insomnia and fatigue.
Published 12/05/23
A strange incident at the Taco Bell leads your humble host to reflect on the importance of being aware of one's surroundings.
Published 11/28/23
As your humble, exhausted host tours New York City, where everything is up to date, Clyde Griffiths is at the center of the world, Kansas City, MO where he continues to entertain the enchanting Hortense.
Published 11/21/23
Forget about the world's troubles for a few moments, will you not, as we follow Clyde's romantic misadventures.
Published 11/14/23
Michael's in Chicago and Clyde's in heat.
Published 11/07/23
T-Swift has got herself a new beau. Dane Cook has a new child bride. And Clyde Griffiths is out there in KC with a bevy of young beauties on his arm.
Published 10/31/23
Clyde visits one of Kansas City's finest brothels with his fellow bell hops for a night of frivolity.
Published 10/24/23
The bell hops are getting ready for their big night out at Frissell's and trade stories of life at the hotel.
Published 10/17/23
We've got everything in this episode: digestive biscuits, high-stakes gambling, forbidden fruit, and a gang of rambunctious bellhops.
Published 10/10/23
Clyde Griffiths continues learning the ropes and, now that he's been there a minute, the hotel's seedier side is being revealed to the boy for the first time.
Published 10/03/23
Clyde Griffiths is off and running - almost literally - as he begins his new bellhop duties.
Published 09/26/23
Things are looking up indeed for old Clyde Griffiths. Good for him. As for your host, he's suffering from insomnia.
Published 09/19/23
Big doings there in KC, MO for Clyde Griffiths.
Published 09/12/23
Things aren't rosy for the Griffiths. Their daughter is out there doing God knows what with James Franco and Clyde wonders whether he, too, might escape.
Published 09/05/23