On this week’s episode, AG and RH discuss how they determine when they’ve reached their maximum capacity. How do we deal sudden task saturation? What tools do we have available to safely work our way out of a busy session? This episode was a lot of fun to record and you won’t want to miss it!
Published 01/17/22
AG and RH discuss what could cause a controller to deny a pilot’s request to cancel VFR flight following. Oftentimes pilot’s think since they are clear of Class B, C, or D airspace, they are safe to fly wherever they want. On this week’s show, we will discuss why that is not always true. Plus more of your awesome aviation questions and feedback!
Published 01/10/22
The Terps Elf is back! Another week of awesome feedback and aviation questions covering unlit towers, early descents from fuel savings land, fire fighting heroes, and non-RVSM airplanes above flight level 290. You don’t want to miss this episode!
Published 01/03/22
RH and AG discuss a pilot’s options when they encounter IMC at night and the approach they want to shoot says “NA at night”. We discuss safer alternatives to descending on a precision approach and flying low to your destination. We also go deep into the inbox to answer more of your awesome aviation related questions and feedback.
Published 12/27/21
AG and RH answer a listener question regarding the magic words to listen for in an approach clearance. Are you being instructed to join the final approach course or are you being cleared for the approach? Find out what to listen for and how to make sure you are on the same page as ATC. This week is full of great questions, you don’t want to miss it!
Published 12/20/21
AG and RH discuss restricted low approaches, go-arounds, and denied IFR airborne pickups. We also answer more of your aviation questions, discuss the ancient technology known as a VCR, and celebrate many new listener pilot ratings. This was a really fun episode so hit play now!
Published 12/13/21
AG and RH discuss pop-up IFR requests from the controller and pilot perspective. What happens behind the scenes to make this work? And how can pilots help ATC reach a common goal? We also discuss more of your awesome aviation questions.
Published 12/06/21
AG and RH answer a listener question about a poor setup for a visual approach. What can controllers do in order to set the pilot up for success? How can pilots get the most out of ATC? We will also share some awesome listener feedback and get to some more of your aviation questions!
Published 11/29/21
AG and RH break down some audio of a medevac helicopter through flight clearance in the middle of the night. The controller provided outstanding service and learned something new along the way. We also discuss who to contact when entering busy Class Delta airspace and more of your awesome feedback!
Published 11/22/21
On this week’s episode, we discuss a pilot’s lengthy flight up and down the west side of the United States where they experienced several different air traffic control facilities’ less than desirable practices like slam dunk visual approaches, poorly setup ILS approach clearances, and center reroutes. AG and RH will add their perspective and share some insights that may help you the next time you travel outside your normal local area.
Published 11/15/21
AG and RH are doing their best to catch up with all the questions. We are all over the map this week: Magnetic vs. True wind direction, student pilot remarks, wake turbulence encounters, and pilot compliance with instructions in a timely manner. You won’t want to miss this fun episode. Enjoy!
Published 11/08/21
VFR practice approaches and local pop-up IFR clearances are not the same thing and do not afford the pilot the same separation standards or cloud clearance latitude. RH and AG discuss why a pilot must be clear in their request to ATC and have an understanding of why these two clearances are different.
Published 11/01/21
Live from Killer Taco Truck Airport in Sanford, NC, AG and RH answer audience questions, play some audio from listeners that couldn’t make the show, and discuss the podcast’s history. We are humbled by the turnout and so thankful for our listeners and show supporters.
Published 10/25/21
Wake turbulence is a flight hazard for all aircraft but especially dangerous for small, light airplanes. Do non-pilot controllers understand the implications of squeeze plays with regard to wake turbulence encounters? On this week’s show we will break down arrival to departure wake turbulence minimums and how pilots can play a role in risk mitigation.
Published 10/18/21
During an emergency, controllers have required information they must get from the pilots. Sometimes that gets done repeatedly. On this week’s show, we will discuss why that happens and ways to reduce the redundant communications.
Published 10/11/21
What does ATC expect when a pilot experiences radio failure? How closely do lost communication regulations match up with what happens in real life? We discuss a common question that many instrument pilots have and give our take on what pilots can do to be more predictable.
Published 10/04/21
AG and RH discuss MEDEVAC flights, medical emergencies, and priority handling. How do we expedite traffic with time sensitive cargo on board? We also discuss tips and tricks for planning on weather reroutes, traffic avoidance, and international overflights.
Published 09/27/21
Low altitude alerts and collision alerts go off all the time. How do we know when they are genuine safety alerts or nuisance alarms? AG and RH explain the two safety alerts and how we process the information to keep the pilots safe! This week, our show topic was inspired by SGAC Patron Mike Mike. Thank you!
Published 09/20/21
Sometimes the most important NOTAMS are either buried in a stack of words or hidden in places pilots don’t even know to look before making a flight. AG and RH share some pilot feedback about the AirVenture NOTAM and discuss Domestic Notices. Also, we talk about weather reroutes and missed traffic calls.
Published 09/13/21
AG and RH go back to ATC basics and discuss a few of our local letters of agreement with surrounding facilities, how that changes your flight path, and how those reroutes relate to airspace. We also discuss merging target procedures with a duplicate target, flight following, and more of your aviation questions.
Published 09/06/21
RH and AG heard from the listeners about techniques they use to resolve the RNAV vector to final issue with ATC. We also discuss local flight following, emergency airspace, and clearances to unknown fixes.
Published 08/30/21
How much room below glideslope does a pilot have until they are too close to obstacles? We hear from the Terps Elf about obstacle clearance on the ILS and the importance of maintaining your vertical path on the glideslope to avoid hitting the ground or obstacles.
Published 08/23/21
Hold for release phraseology is used every single day throughout the NAS at non-towered airports to expedite IFR clearances. How should a pilot handle it when they run into a brick wall trying to get their IFR on the ground so they can load up the FMS/GPS? We discuss our ideas and explain what it means when we use this technique.
Published 08/16/21
When pilots and controllers get into an argument on frequency, nobody wins. It’s a waste of time and can most likely be solved on the ground using a phone. AG and RH explain what they consider before engaging in an argument or heated discussion on frequency.
Published 08/09/21