Entry #211: “Grandeur”
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One of the strangest alternative Earths yet is scarred with the image of a mad overlord. Who they are, and how they could cause such chaos, is hidden among the ruins of a tormented Dar es Salaam.   Cast & Crew Written & Created by Ben Counter Sound Design & Music by Dana Creaseman Editor - Daisy McNamera Produced by Pacific S. Obadiah Andrew - Ben Counter Magdalena - Antoinette Berry-Snowden Website: https://midnightdisease.net/ Learn More: https://midnightdisease.net/#/out-of-place/ Support Our Show: https://midnightdisease.net/join
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A world of utter horror awaits the EXTANT team on their latest mission. Among the rivers of blood and mountains of the dead is a terrible truth about the Project itself, which will drive Andrew to question everything he knows.   Cast & Crew Written & Created by Ben Counter Sound...
Published 09/14/21
Published 09/14/21
A dead and empty London is the EXTANT team’s target as they search for reason the human race seems to have walked willingly into extinction. Using the data they bring back, Andrew reconstructs a tragedy born from the loftiest of motives.   Cast & Crew Written & Created by Ben Counter ...
Published 09/01/21