Pregnancy is hard work – for the body, mind and soul. There are seemingly endless resources for all the physical and logistical aspects of pregnancy but far fewer for renegotiating your sense of self in every part of your life. We'll discuss the effect of pregnancy on the brain, the importance of embracing negative feelings and strategies for maintaining changing relationships.
Published 05/11/23
It may sound counterintuitive, but if you want to take charge as a parent, stop trying to control your child, says psychologist and author Shefali Tsabary. Her new book, "The Parenting Map," lays out a step-by-step guide for creating conscious parent-child relationships.
Published 05/01/23
Published 05/01/23
Being a teenager is hard. There are emotional highs and lows every day. Clinical psychologist Lisa Damour says instead of jumping into problem-solving mode, parents can learn to ride the wave of emotional management with their teens. NPR's Rachel Martin speaks with Damour about her book "The Emotional Lives of Teenagers."
Published 03/30/23
Veggies help kids grow and develop, but it can be hard to convince them to eat their broccoli. These research-backed tips can help you encourage your kids to eat more veggies — or at least try them.
Published 02/07/23
From our friends at Radiolab: Terrestrials. Terrestrials is a show for people of all ages that explores the strangeness that exists right here on Earth.
Published 01/21/23
Called 'special time,' the strategy is widely recommended by children's health professionals to help reduce behavioral issues in young children. Here's a guide on how to do it with your kids at home.
Published 10/17/22
Psychologist Becky Kennedy, author of the new book "Good Inside: A Guide to Becoming the Parent You Want to Be," urges parents to spend more time raising thoughtful humans instead of fixing their behavior.
Published 09/26/22
Having a baby is one of the biggest - and most expensive - life changes a person can experience. Here's what you need to know about financially planning for a baby, according to Farnoosh Torabi, Editor at Large CNET Money. Find out if there is a magic number that tells you you're ready, what to think about ahead of time and learn what can probably wait.
Published 07/26/22
Talking about abortion can be complicated, even with adults. How do you talk about the medical procedure and the politics around it with kids? NPR's Ailsa Chang gets tips from Dr. Elise Berlan and parenting expert Reena Patel.
Published 07/21/22
Talking to kids about civics is kind of like talking to kids about sex - avoiding the conversation can have some really negative consequences. Here's how to talk to kids about civic participation, from discussing our hard history to taking action. This episode originally aired in November 2022.
Published 06/27/22
The news can be devastating, and tragic events can be incomprehensible for adults — so how do we talk about them with kids? Child development experts offer advice on what parents, teachers and other caregivers can say to help kids process all the scary news out there.
Published 05/28/22
Raising kids is among the most essential work humans do, and yet it's rarely valued as labor. Angela Garbes, author of Essential Labor: Mothering as Social Change, guides us through a shift in mindset to help give mothering the value it deserves.
Published 05/10/22
Calling all working parents and caregivers! We see you, and we know you don't have much time. Career coach Daisy Dowling shares time management tips to help working parents find sanity and joy.
Published 03/24/22
Amid the omicron surge, there is understandable anxiety among parents, particularly those with kids under 5. In this episode, infectious disease doctor Ibukun Kalu answers listeners' questions on the latest COVID variant, daycare and travel for unvaccinated children.
Published 01/08/22
Most students who want to transfer colleges, don't. The process can be complicated and confusing and differ from state to state and institution to institution. Despite these hurdles, transferring is a common route to college. So how do you make the process go as smoothly as possible? Start early, stay organized, and find a good fit.
Published 11/11/21
Creating healthy sleeping habits starts from having a consistent routine. This can include anything you and your family need from a specific bed time to an optimal bedroom setup.
Published 11/08/21
Having a birth plan can prepare you for pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum. Here's what to keep in mind as you start to put yours together.
Published 10/19/21
For expectant parents, navigating pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum can raise a range of emotions. There are so many things to think about and prepare for, and knowing where to start can feel daunting. But a birth plan can help!In this episode, Martina Abrahams Ilunga and Gabrielle Horton of NATAL, offer guidance on creating a birth plan that works for you, and makes it simple for your support system to pitch in.
Published 10/19/21
The Free Application for Federal Student Aid opens to potential college students to fill out on Oct. 1. Here's how to fill out the form to get money for college.
Published 09/30/21
Do you know someone who is struggling and may be at risk for suicide? Here's how you can help.
Published 09/28/21
Reading is important both in school and at home. But how can you raise a reader? In this episode, we'll look at how reading aloud as a family can help with that and more.
Published 09/27/21
Author Eric Garcia talks about myths surrounding autism, how to talk about it and how to help your autistic loved one live their most fulfilling life.
Published 09/20/21
Public health experts — all parents themselves — share their tips for keeping kids safe at school as the Delta variant surges across the U.S.
Published 08/30/21
Stepfamilies are common in the U.S., but experts say we don't talk enough about how challenging it is to become a blended family. Here are some tips for those becoming stepparents.
Published 08/19/21