Featuring the point of play-testing, separating art from artist, Elden Ring, privilege, and "choice" in a workplace. But also feet. Sorry.
Published 05/21/22
Published 05/21/22
This week, we talk about Gotham Knights and then somehow rapidly progress into discussing games industry contracts, and their prevalence.
Published 05/14/22
Join Alanah Pearce (video game writer), Troy Baker (video game actor), Austin Wintory (video game composer), and Mike Bithell (video game director) as they celebrate ONE HUNDRED EPISODES of Play, Watch, Listen! This was streamed live on Twitch earlier this week, featuring the first ever PWL trivia. 
Published 04/29/22
This week, the team discusses Spaghetti Westerns, inflated hours for game releases, and plans for EPISODE 100!
Published 04/25/22
We actually mostly talk about government and religion, as is tradition every 25 episodes or something.
Published 04/02/22
Journey turned 10, so this week we largely celebrate the release of Austin's new album, called "Traveler - A Journey Symphony".
Published 03/22/22
This week, Alanah and Austin talk about, er, how they record audio for the show, the game-musical Austin is working on, the Oscars removing certain categories from the show, Epic Game buying Bandcamp, and Boba Fett.
Published 03/04/22
This week, Alanah, Mike, and Austin are IN THE SAME ROOM!? We talk about how events like DICE are useful for those in the games industry, and what 'networking' really is.
Published 02/26/22
This week, we talk about Nintendo Direct! Mostly, I think. I'll be honest, I wasn't there for the start of the episode and I haven't had time to watch it. They could've spoken about absolutely anything, which would be on brand. Idk, maybe this episode is about the definition of the word 'alacrity' and John Williams. Your guess is as good as mine.
Published 02/18/22
This week, we mostly talk about movies that came out over a decade ago. And then Poker. And then Age of Empires! Thank God for Austin.
Published 02/06/22
This week, for some reason (?), Austin, Alanah, and Mike delve into STATISTICS, discussing console sales and the percentage of hardware owners that end up buying first-party exclusives. 
Published 01/29/22
This week, it's just Alanah and Mike, ready to discuss what will undoubtedly be the biggest gaming news of 2022.
Published 01/22/22
Troy tweeted something very pro-NFT, and trended on Twitter as a result. Here's us talking about that.
Published 01/15/22
This week, we do such a good job of staying on topic. Wow. Amazing. Iconic. Flawless. We talk about The Matrix Resurrections, mostly. This isn't a prank! We really did!
Published 01/08/22
Alanah is in a car, sorry about that. This week, we talk about our favourite games of 2021 (but not necessarily from 2021), and very vaguely touch on Spider-Man and The Matrix.
Published 12/31/21
On this week's episode, we share an animated clip (that will be on YouTube when this publishes, if you'd like to go see it!), before jumping right into NFTs, and ending with some talk of Arcane.
Published 12/24/21
This week, Austin and Mike discuss Game Awards until Alanah joins and suddenly it becomes about homelessness? Even I didn't see that one coming, and I am aforementioned "Alanah".
Published 12/17/21
We promised you we'd talk about Arcane. Surprising nobody, we didn't.
Published 12/11/21
This week, Troy joins us from an airport and I am very sorry about it. But also, we discuss a headline choice (and subsequent article) regarding Call of Duty fans and their purchasing decisions, before diving into a discussion about if playing games is 'required' to work in the games industry. 
Published 12/04/21
This week, Austin and Alanah enthuse about Ghostbusters: Afterlife and Mike asks questions. Great interviewer, that Mike.
Published 11/27/21
This week, Alanah, Austin, Troy, and Mike attempt to dissect what makes games so expensive, versus the obvious costs that contribute to the expenses of filmmaking. It's a lot of Nespresso machines, turns out.
Published 11/20/21
This week, Alanah, Mike, and Austin try to figure out what on earth is most likely to win 2021 game of the year awards.
Published 11/13/21
Chris Pratt is in Everything (says Troy Baker)
Published 11/09/21
Please refer to the title.
Published 10/15/21