Philip Metres on middle age, writer's block, and praying for the people of Palestine.
Published 04/23/24
Published 04/23/24
April Gibson on chronic illness, religion, and being a teenage mother.
Published 04/09/24
Declan Ryan on his father's construction job, tenderness between boxers, and the inevitable tragic end.
Published 03/26/24
Monica Rico on cooking, grunt work, and the heat at General Motors.
Published 03/12/24
Nam Le on commerce, irony vs. sincerity, and being in the Arctic. 
Published 02/27/24
Gregory Pardlo on improv, therapy, and driving around with his father’s ashes.
Published 02/13/24
Caitlin Cowan on rejection, tradwives, and poems from our better self.
Published 01/30/24
Blake Butler on complex mourning, the suicide of his wife Molly Brodak, and finding his way back.
Published 01/16/24
Remembering the lesbian poet and activist Minnie Bruce Pratt, as well as the Palestinian poet and symbol of the resistance, Refaat Alareer.
Published 01/03/24
Steve Zeitlin and Bob Holman on the healing act of writing, small frogs, and politics at the fiddle festival.
Published 12/12/23
Laura Mullen on academia, death threats, and doing the next brave thing.
Published 11/30/23
Daniel Brock Johnson on risk, a T-shirt mantra, and life after the death of his friend James Foley.
Published 11/14/23
Sebastian Merrill on the voice of his former self, the underworld, and laughing during yoga.
Published 10/31/23
 Sahar Muradi on cyclical time, leather butterflies, and saying goodbye to her father.
Published 10/17/23
Sean Cole on loneliness, fear of aging, and what poems can do.
Published 10/03/23
Eric Sneathen on queer utopia, bad writing, and San Francisco in the ’70s.
Published 09/19/23
Irène Mathieu on pediatrics, suburbs without a TV, and our body's unknown terrain.
Published 09/05/23
Natalie Shapero on Wheel of Fortune, babysitting for her landlord, and pretending not to grieve.
Published 08/22/23
Rosanna Young Oh on her parents’ grocery store, leaving poetry, and the duties of the firstborn. 
Published 08/08/23
Airea D. Matthews on self-interest, starry skies, and her parents’ fateful wedding day.
Published 07/25/23
Sophus Helle on empire, Calvin and Hobbes, and the world's first author. 
Published 07/11/23
Leslie Sainz on Bill O’Reilly, glassblowing, and the lure of praise.
Published 06/27/23
Diane Seuss on New York in the ’70s, virtue, and her father’s early death.
Published 06/13/23
Katie Farris on cancer, desire, and her early-menopause care package. 
Published 05/30/23