Lamar Odom Is Talking About Khloé Again (July 28th, 2022)
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To start the show, Dylan shares Lamar Odom’s latest quote about Khloé Kardashian’s personal life (nothing good, of course). Next, Drake responds to criticism about his short private flights, and fully misses the point. And finally, Shawn Mendes is canceling his tour for a very important reason.
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In the final episode of Pop Alarm, Dylan kicks things off with an update on Jason Momoa’s personal life. Next, Shakira chooses to go to trial in her long-gestating Spanish tax case, which could land her in prison if she’s not careful. And finally, things end on a high note with Britney Spears...
Published 07/29/22
Published 07/29/22
The stork is back with another baby for Nick Cannon, and Dylan breaks down what we know about baby number… eight. Next, Amanda Bynes is reportedly single again, weeks after breaking off her engagement with Paul. And finally, another Bravo star is in legal hot water.
Published 07/27/22