In the final episode of Pop Alarm, Dylan kicks things off with an update on Jason Momoa’s personal life. Next, Shakira chooses to go to trial in her long-gestating Spanish tax case, which could land her in prison if she’s not careful. And finally, things end on a high note with Britney Spears being handed another victory in court.
Published 07/29/22
Published 07/29/22
To start the show, Dylan shares Lamar Odom’s latest quote about Khloé Kardashian’s personal life (nothing good, of course). Next, Drake responds to criticism about his short private flights, and fully misses the point. And finally, Shawn Mendes is canceling his tour for a very important reason.
Published 07/28/22
The stork is back with another baby for Nick Cannon, and Dylan breaks down what we know about baby number… eight. Next, Amanda Bynes is reportedly single again, weeks after breaking off her engagement with Paul. And finally, another Bravo star is in legal hot water.
Published 07/27/22
Dylan starts the show with an update on the legal mess surrounding Hailey Bieber’s skincare line, and why she’ll be pleased with an initial court decision this week. Next, Adele finally has a new plan for her Vegas residency. And finally, two pairs of celebs have beef that we need to unpack.
Published 07/26/22
As expected, Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s legal saga is far from finished, and Dylan breaks down a surprising development in the appeal process. After that, Ricky Martin also had his day in court in regards to nephew-gate, and Elon Musk’s personal life got him in trouble again.
Published 07/25/22
It’s a great week to be Linda Evangelista, and Dylan has updates on her CoolSculpting lawsuit and her return to the world of modeling. Next, Ricky Martin’s bizarre legal battle heads to court today in Puerto Rico. And finally, Alicia Silverstone’s comments about parenting went viral (again).
Published 07/21/22
Armie Hammer has been spotted in the US for the first time since *those* allegations, and Dylan crunches the numbers on the disgraced actor’s messy finances, and which Hollywood star is supporting him. Next, hell has frozen over, as Mo’Nique announced her big deal with Netflix—who she was suing until last month. And finally, a major couple in comedy calls it quits.
Published 07/20/22
Dylan starts the show with more details on the big Ben & Jen wedding, and how they’re planning to celebrate in the coming weeks. Next, Kylie Jenner got dragged for two separate private jet-related incidents in the same week. And finally, Tristan Thompson is in Mykonos doing… exactly what you’d expect.
Published 07/19/22
20 years in the making, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck finally got married, and Dylan starts the week with what we know so far, before pivoting to a celebrity couple whose marriage is ending any day now. After that, Kanye West dropped out of another festival, and his replacement is messy in the best possible way.
Published 07/18/22
Still reeling from the Khloé and Tristan news, Dylan breaks down why the detailed timeline makes Tristan look even worse. Next, Tom Brady opened up about the hardships of parenting while rich. Then, there’s news about two great dudes: Prince Andrew and Kevin Spacey.
Published 07/15/22
Amber Heard’s mistrial motion was evaluated on Wednesday, and it looks like she might have to pay that $8 million in damages—Dylan has the details from the latest hearing. Next, there’s a Selling Sunset pregnancy announcement. Finally, is a celeb nepotism baby launching a podcast, or a skincare line? (Hint: it’s both!)
Published 07/14/22
Dylan starts the show with a breakdown of this year’s Emmy nominations, including who made history, who was nominated for the first time, and who has a shot at multiple wins in September. Next, there’s a rumored new couple that was introduced by Anna Wintour. And finally, Derek Jeter and A-Rod are feuding again.
Published 07/13/22
On a hectic Monday, RHOSLC star Jen Shah pled guilty to wire fraud—Dylan breaks down what that means, both for her legal future and her Housewives career. Next, one Ryan Murphy alum is replacing another in the Broadway revival of Funny Girl, and it’s as messy as it sounds. And finally, Johnny Depp responds to Amber Heard’s request for a mistrial.
Published 07/12/22
Is the Amber & Johnny legal saga headed back to square one? Dylan breaks down the plot twist that could lead to a mistrial. After that, there’s a celeb wedding, two broken (sort of) celeb engagements, and one surprisingly amicable celeb breakup.
Published 07/11/22
Dylan starts the show with the sad news of a Hollywood legend passing away. After that, Elon Musk’s creepy vibes are intensifying, with the news that he had two more secret babies. And finally, there’s an important update in Brittney Griner’s court case.
Published 07/08/22
Balenciaga’s couture show was the talk of the town (Paris, that is), and Dylan breaks down the necessary details. Next, he unpacks Hayden Panettiere’s revealing interview, where she opened up about addiction for the first time. And finally, there’s a hot new Hollywood couple.
Published 07/07/22
Charli D’Amelio and Travis Barker’s son hard launched their relationship at the world’s most A-list Fourth of July party, and Dylan starts the show with what we know so far. Next, the tennis world is rocked by assault allegations against one of the tour’s most controversial players. And finally, another figure from Britney Spears’ past is a slimy liar (allegedly).
Published 07/06/22
The LA Times continued their Bravo-adjacent hot streak with an explosive article about Randall Emmett, and Dylan starts the show by running down some of the biggest allegations, along with Rand’s response. Next, another Pete Davidson ex has confirmed their former relationship, and Pete’s breakup method is not it. And finally, a former The View co-host weighs in on whether she wants to return.
Published 07/01/22
Ghislaine isn’t the only one going to prison for sex trafficking, and Dylan starts the show with the details about R. Kelly’s sentencing, and what happens next in his legal journey. After that, there are some updates about Travis Barker’s health scare. Later, we celebrate Cameron Diaz’s un-retirement, and make note of a celebrity breakup no one saw coming.
Published 06/30/22
Dylan rips his attention away from the January 6th hearing to discuss another important hearing: Ghislaine Maxwell’s sentencing in federal court. Next, there are some light Kardashian updates. And finally, Alec Baldwin went live on Instagram with Woody Allen, and it was just as bleak as it sounds.
Published 06/29/22
On a day of two big pretrial hearings, the results were a mixed bag. Dylan has the updates on Britney’s stalker ex, and Brittney Griner’s outlook as she remains stuck in Russia. Plus, there’s a maddening story about how the US Government botched BG’s first phone call home in months. And finally, Drake’s new album is making chart history.
Published 06/28/22
It was a bleak weekend overall, and Olivia Rodrigo summed it all up with her song dedication at her Glastonbury performance. After that, Dylan has an update on the Amber Heard appeal situation, and Top Gun: Maverick is breaking more box office records.
Published 06/27/22
That’s right, it’s Denise Richards! Dylan recaps Charlie Sheen’s updated feelings about the platform and then has the details on Elon Musk’s kid who legally hates him. After that, there are Chrisley family responses to the recent guilty verdict in their fraud trial, and it was another bad day for Netflix.
Published 06/24/22