Rich and Tracie are joined by novelist, New York magazine features writer, and fellow Gawker alum Emily Gould.
Published 10/01/22
Tracie found her!
Published 09/23/22
Published 09/23/22
Rich and Tracie look back at an iconic hoax. Plus, Selma Blair's self-reported history of biting people.
Published 09/23/22
What's truth? What's a lie? Two high people try to figure that out.
Published 09/16/22
Tracie continues fact checking her Diamond Girl.
Published 09/07/22
Tracie tells Rich of her vacation in the Poconos, which was a blend of MAGA, LGBTQ+, and everything else.
Published 08/26/22
Tracie reads excerpts from Anne Heche's memoir "Call Me Crazy" to Rich.
Published 08/18/22
*Valerie Cherish voice* Well, I got it!
Published 08/08/22
PayPal illegally confiscated $1233.21 from Tracie's account and she's taking them on.
Published 07/27/22
Celebrate this milestone with us!
Published 07/20/22
Rich went to see Debbie Gibson perform on Long Island, and she did the most Valerie Cherish thing anyone has ever done (besides Valerie Cherish).
Published 07/09/22
Tracie tells Rich about her experiences with abortion.
Published 06/29/22
Tracie gets another letter from a neighbor—this time about a missing cat.
Published 06/18/22
Ryan O'Connell, Emmy-nominated star of "Special" on Netflix, discusses his debut novel with Rich and Tracie.
Published 06/11/22
Rich has a great idea.
Published 06/03/22
Melissa Beck from "The Real World Homecoming: New Orleans" joins Tracie and Rich.
Published 05/21/22
Tracie and Rich watched a documentary.
Published 05/13/22
Tracie and Rich meet up for the first time in three weeks to discuss whatever.
Published 05/06/22
Are you sitting down? Tyler Henry is a liar.
Published 04/26/22
After a brief hiatus, Tracie and Rich are back at it again.
Published 04/13/22
Tracie tells Rich of her experience in Joshua Tree.
Published 03/23/22
Rich tells Tracie about the new "Texas Chainsaw Massacre."
Published 03/10/22
They met on a beach 30 years ago, then f****d the same guy, then one of them died.
Published 03/04/22
Rich and Tracie discuss various rappers' leaked nudes and also review Bradley Cooper's brief frontal nudity in Nightmare Alley.
Published 02/22/22