In this episode, Joe and Alexa discuss our first conference-meets-festival, Convergence; a study looking at the potentiality of 5-MeO-DMT reactivation; and the story of a woman using cannabis as an adjunct treatment for cancer. www.psychedelicstoday.com
Published 12/02/22
In this episode, Victoria interviews James Fadiman, Ph.D., Adam Bramlage, and Conor Murray, Ph.D, who discuss the benefits of microdosing and the first-ever take-home wireless EEG microdosing study (which you can be a part of).  www.psychedelicstoday.com
Published 11/29/22
Published 11/29/22
In this episode, David, Joe, (and in her first appearance) Alexa Jesse discuss The PACT Caucus and Breakthrough Therapies Act, Jim Harris overcoming paralyzation through psilocybin, and research on chronic pain and Alzheimer's.
Published 11/25/22
In this episode, Kyle interviews Marc Aixalà, writer of "Psychedelic Integration: Psychotherapy for Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness." They discuss what integration truly is, and how it should be more personalized.  www.psychedelicstoday.com
Published 11/22/22
In this episode of Psychedelics Weekly, David welcomes Jon Dennis, Esq. They discuss Colorado Prop 122 and Jon gives an update on Oregon's legal psilocybin as the Oregon Health Authority finalizes its proposed rules. www.psychedelicstoday.com
Published 11/18/22
In this episode, David interviews Co-Medical Director of Nue Life, Dr. Ben Medrano. He discusses the risks, safety, and efficacy of at-home ketamine, Nue Life's recent study in Frontiers, and Nue Life's Nue Care program.  www.psychedelicstoday.com
Published 11/15/22
In this inaugural episode of Psychedelics Weekly, Joe and Kyle are back together again to kick off a new weekly show. In this episode, they discuss the recent Wonderland controversy and Colorado Proposition 122. www.psychedelicstoday.com
Published 11/11/22
In this Veteran's Day episode, Joe interviews two members of the Heroic Hearts Project: Founder/President, Jesse Gould, and Chief of Operations, Zach Riggle. They discuss their current studies, their new documentary, and more. www.psychedelicstoday.com
Published 11/11/22
In this episode, Victoria interviews podcaster and comedian, Dennis Walker. He sees his platform, Mycopreneur, as "The Onion of the psychedelic space," and talks about the need for more satire in our increasingly serious lives. www.psychedelicstoday.com
Published 11/08/22
In this episode, Joe interviews Canadian cannabis policy reform legend and long-time anti-drug war activist, Dana Larsen. They discuss prohibition, civil disobedience, and his Coca Leaf Cafe, where he sells coca tea and peyote.  www.psychedelicstoday.com
Published 11/04/22
In this episode, Court Wing (Founder of REMAP Therapeutics) joins Joe in interviewing Joel Castellanos, MD, and Timothy Furnish, MD, of UC San Diego's Psychedelics and Health Research Initiative (PHRI).  www.psychedelicstoday.com
Published 11/01/22
In this episode, Kyle interviews Dr. Steven Radowitz: Medical Director at Nushama, a wellness center in New York City primarily offering IV ketamine, with a strong focus on allowing an undisturbed, explorational journey. www.psychedelicstoday.com
Published 10/28/22
In this episode, Joe interviews David Bronner, CEO of Dr. Bronner’s, a top-selling natural soap brand. They discuss Colorado Proposition 122, a ballot initiative that would decriminalize several natural medicines in the state.  www.psychedelicstoday.com
Published 10/25/22
In this episode, Joe interviews Dr. Rochelle Hines, Ph.D. and Dr. Dustin Hines, Ph.D.: Co-Founders of Tesselate Therapeutics, which is focused on the development and testing of novel psychedelic molecules.  www.psychedelicstoday.com
Published 10/21/22
In this episode, Kyle interviews Dr. Jennifer Montjoy: psychiatric nurse practitioner specializing in ketamine-assisted psychotherapy, and Medical & Research Director at TRIPP; a 501(c)(3) psychedelic training organization. www.psychedelicstoday.com
Published 10/18/22
In this episode, David interviews Jamie Wheal: author of Recapture the Rapture: Rethinking God, Sex and Death In a World That's Lost Its Mind, and Founder of performance research/training organization: the Flow Genome Project. www.psychedelicstoday.com
Published 10/14/22
In this episode, Joe interviews Reggie Harris: Founder of Oakland Hyphae, which organizes events like the Hyphae Cup (previously the Psilocybin Cup), and performs psilocybin potency testing through Hyphae Labs.  www.psychedelicstoday.com
Published 10/11/22
In this episode, Victoria interviews Cory Firth: Chief Storyteller at the Nikean Foundation, a non-profit passionate about storytelling, and aiming to build the largest collection of transformational psychedelic stories online. www.psychedelicstoday.com
Published 10/07/22
In this episode, Joe interviews Jason Slot, Ph.D.: Associate Professor of Mycology and Evolutionary Genomics at Ohio State University. Slot discusses mushroom reproduction and what the science of evolutionary genomics entails. www.psychedelicstoday.com
Published 10/04/22
In this episode, Joe interviews Stephanie Wang: Founder and CEO of KA! Empathogenics, which has created the first-ever supplement chew with the primary ingredient of kanna, a natural succulent plant with effects similar to MDMA. www.psychedelicstoday.com
Published 09/30/22
In this episode, Joe interviews Sawyer Hurwitz: filmmaker and augmented reality collage artist who releases art under the name, Psychotronic Solutions. He also directed our new TV show, "Psychedelics Tonight" airing on ALTRD.TV. www.psychedelicstoday.com
Published 09/27/22
In this episode, Kyle interviews Clinical Psychologist and Founder of the Psychedelic Society of Vermont, Dr. Rick Barnett, from a live event in Burlington, VT this past June. They discuss psychedelics' various contexts of use. www.psychedelicstoday.com
Published 09/23/22
In this episode, David interviews Dr. Hans Eriksson: clinical psychiatrist and Chief Medical Officer at HMNC Brain Health, which is currently in Phase 2 trials for Ketabon, a non-dissociative, prolonged-release oral capsule.  www.psychedelicstoday.com
Published 09/20/22
In this episode, Joe interviews Brom Rector: podcaster and founder of Empath Ventures, a venture capital fund that invests in psychedelic medicine startups. They discuss investment, IP, the psychedelic crash, ibogaine, and more. www.psychedelicstoday.com
Published 09/16/22