The OC Savior: Ep. 3, Grapes of Wrath
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When Jay Avery needs to take a break from his new wine business to go to rehab, Lizzie Mulder is there for him like family. And when she takes the reins of his winery, business is booming and Jay gets an attractive offer from a Chinese investor who wants to pump millions into his company. The only problem is that every time they set up a meeting, the investor inexplicably cancels at the last minute. When Jay and his wife Marla finally learn what Lizzie’s really been up to, they go straight to the police. But will anyone believe them?  See for privacy information.
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Published 10/18/23
Right now, Jen Shah is reinventing herself in prison and making plans for a bright future. Veteran Housewives producer Carlos King and Bravo guru Kate Casey talk about the strange times we’re living in, where True Crime and Reality Television are blurring into one.  See
Published 08/31/23
Published 08/31/23