The OC Savior: Ep. 4, Better Than Everybody
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Is con artist Lizzie Mulder working alone? A trusted business owner known as "The Dog Trainer" gives Lizzie a glowing recommendation to print shop owner and victim Mike Cochran. So Mike hires her to do the books for his business. He also introduces Lizzie to his parents who need tax help. Then tragedy strikes. Mike’s ailing father takes a turn for the worse and gets admitted into hospice care. And con artist Lizzie Mulder… takes full advantage. See for privacy information.
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In 1963, a multimillion-dollar heist forever changed England’s history. The thieves called the job the train, the papers called it the Great Train Robbery, and the police called it the crime of the century. Since then, there have been books, articles, movies, plays, even tours of the site where...
Published 07/06/22
Where are Lizzie Mulder’s victims today? What was this con artist like as a child? And how the heck does that voice changing software work, anyway? Answers to all of these questions - and much, much more will be revealed in this final conclusion episode of Queen of the Con: The OC Savior. See...
Published 06/30/22
Published 06/30/22