The OC Savior: Ep. 6, He Said. She Said.
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In a shocking turn of events, Lizzie Mulder’s own husband, Jesse, shows up unannounced to the Laguna Beach police department and confesses to detective Jordan Mirakian that his wife is stealing millions of dollars from her clients. And then suddenly, con artist Lizzie Mulder uses the element of surprise to her advantage and ambushes detective Mirakian at a local park; telling him she wants to talk about her case. The detective convinces her to come down to the police station to talk and then records their entire conversation.  See for privacy information.
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Published 02/09/23
A wealthy heiress and childhood friend of Danielle Miller reveals shocking scams Danielle pulled on her when they were just young girls.  See for privacy information.
Published 02/09/23