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In 1963, a multimillion-dollar heist forever changed England’s history. The thieves called the job the train, the papers called it the Great Train Robbery, and the police called it the crime of the century. Since then, there have been books, articles, movies, plays, even tours of the site where the robbery took place. But how the villains pulled it off—now that’s a story that’s never been told. At least not the way host William Green tells it, because he has access to perhaps the last surviving man who may or may not have been involved: His dad. See for privacy information.
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A series of crazy lawsuits and appeals filed by Peggy's son Elkin against Peggy's ex-husband for the most bizarre reasons is unearthed and analyzed. See for privacy information.
Published 05/02/24
Published 05/02/24
Television producer Andrena Hale shares her personal experience with Peggy. From Peggy allegedly scamming drug dealers on the streets of New Orleans to where Peggy claims all those millions she stole from professional athletes actually went. See for privacy information.
Published 04/25/24