The Unreal Housewife: Ep. 8, Jen Shah - An intersection of True Crime & Reality TV
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Right now, Jen Shah is reinventing herself in prison and making plans for a bright future. Veteran Housewives producer Carlos King and Bravo guru Kate Casey talk about the strange times we’re living in, where True Crime and Reality Television are blurring into one.  See for privacy information.
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Published 04/11/24
As soon as it appears justice is coming for Peggy, she seemingly slips away. Again. But how long can her good fortune last? This might very well be the beginning of the end for con artist Peggy Ann Fulforfd. See for privacy information.
Published 04/11/24
NFL Running Back Ricky Willians knows Peggy for 5 years before he hires her as his financial manager. But after driving a wedge between Ricky's wife and his childhood friend, Peggy unknowingly orchestrates the beginning of her end. See for privacy information.
Published 04/04/24