The men of Raven 23 resist mounting prosecutorial pressure to plead guilty, and must finally face trial -- a legal odyssey that dragged for seven more years and encompassed three trials. In this episode, Gina chronicles the repeated violations of the men’s civil rights at the hands of prosecutors who are aided by a complicit judge. Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/thinkthink)
Published 08/20/21
In our final episode, Gina visits with Dustin Heard, Evan Liberty, Nick Slatten and Paul Slough three months after President Donald J. Trump issued unconditional pardons to free them from prison. They talk about hearing the news that they were coming home to their families for Christmas, and about their hopes and dreams.  Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/thinkthink)
Published 08/20/21
Published 08/20/21
Eric Holder and his Department of Justice resurrect their prosecution against the Nisour Four.  Their reason?  Pure politics.  Join us as we review the show trials where the DOJ commits every element of prosecutorial misconduct to collect political...
Published 11/25/20
Any relief experienced by the Nisour Four and their families from their decisive victory in the US District Court is short-lived.  Vice President Joe Biden openly challenges the decision of Judge Ricardo Urbina - a distinguished and revered judge...
Published 08/11/20
The Department of Justice aggressively moves forward to prosecute the men of Raven 23, employing every unethical and unjust trick in its playbook.   The Department of Justice recreates the events of the day through a series of "alternative facts,"...
Published 06/30/20
Today, on May 12, the Congressional Justice for Warriors Caucus sent a letter to President Trump formally requesting a Presidential Pardon for the men of Raven 23.  Representative Gohmert took the time to speak with Gina about the growing movement in...
Published 05/12/20
Gina recently interviewed Derrick Miller, the Executive Director of the Justice for Warriors Caucus and Military Adviser to Texas Representative Louie Gohmert.  Thanks to Representative Gohmert's leadership, Miller spends every day advocating for...
Published 05/09/20
For most of its history, Iraq was considered the cradle of civilization.  They pioneered life-changing inventions in agriculture, travel, medicine, and the law.  In fact, King Hammurabi established the earliest set of written laws, which codified the...
Published 04/04/20
Just hours after being attacked, the men of Raven 23 discover that the truth of what happened in Nisour Square will immediately come under attack as well.  They are about to discover that their own government is willing to prosecute innocent men in a...
Published 02/28/20
Several eyewitnesses directly contradict the US government's two primary charges against "The Nisour Four."  First, they prove that these wrongly accused military veterans faced major enemy fire in the battle at Nisour Square.  Second, they show that the US government's star witness - Jimmy Watson - was a major catalyst in the debacle. In fact, the incident originated with a rogue decision by Watson to disobey a direct order to stand down.  Instead, he commanded his men directly into the eye...
Published 02/11/20
Clint Lorrance discusses his recent Presidential Pardon for his unjust conviction of war crimes. He also discusses parallels between his politically motivated prosecution and the DOJ's relentless pursuit of the men of Raven 23. Hidden evidence, government witnesses guilty of murder who were granted immunity, and political pressure to cooperate with the prosecution's fictional narrative are just a few of the eerie similarities between the two cases that Clint discusses.
Published 12/18/19
Innocent Iraqis, Blackwater Security Contractors, Jihadist Insurgents, and the truth are set on a tragic collision course in Nissour Square.
Published 12/13/19
With a civil war in Iraq raging, Blackwater emerges as the private military contractor willing to step up and take on any mission, regardless of the threat it poses to its contractors or its portrayal in the media.
Published 11/23/19
Did a petty decision by a vindictive judge enable 19 terrorists to execute the terrorist attacks on 9/11?
Published 11/15/19
The government, the media, the judiciary and other powerful institutions have created a false narrative that led to the imprisonment of four innocent military contractors. Join us as we expose the universal deceit surrounding Nissour Square and the Blackwater Four.
Published 11/11/19
Donald Rumsfeld delivers a speech describing bureaucracy as the Pentagon's greatest threat at the same time five terrorists are checking into a hotel just 20 miles away.
Published 08/11/19
A first look at the latest investigative true crime series about a controversial trial following a controversial battle in Iraq.
Published 06/16/19