Laura and Jim discuss their analysis and thoughts with Lisa about Jennifer's murder in Central Park on August 26 1986.
Published 11/29/19
Laura and Jim discuss with Lisa their indirect personality assessment of Jeffrey Epstein using the Psychopathy Checklist Revisited (PCL-R) that was developed by Dr Robert Hare.
Published 11/27/19
Laura, Jim and Lisa analyse Jennifer Levin's murder in Central Park on August 26 1986 starting with victimology and the crime scene assessment against the backdrop of the five part AMC and Sundance docuseries "The Preppy Murder: Death in Central Park."
Published 11/22/19
Laura, Jim and Lisa continue to analyse Episode #6 of Wondery's series 'The Mysterious Mr Epstein.'
Published 11/20/19
Laura and Lisa are joined by special guest Bobby Friedman, CEO of Bungalow Media Entertainment and Executive Producer of 'The Preppy Murder: Death In Central Park' docuseries premiering on Sundance and AMC November 13-15.
Published 11/15/19
Laura, Jim and Lisa deep dive Episode #6, the final episode in the Wondery's series "The Mysterious Mr. Epstein".
Published 11/13/19
We continue our deep dive analysis of Episode #5 of Wondery's six part series "The Mysterious Mr Epstein" and Epstein's behaviour and the network that enabled him, including Prince Andrew and many other celebrities.
Published 11/06/19
Call Me God is the never-before-told story of the fascinating and turbulent investigation that led to the diabolical and elusive killers' capture; one that pitted protocol against instinct, sacred institutions against individual insight.
Published 11/05/19
Jim, Laura and Lisa analyse the critical issues raised by John Mark Dougan, a former marine and former Deputy Sheriff at the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office along with Michael Reiter former Palm Beach Police Chief, 2001-2009.
Published 10/30/19
In Wondery's new series Bad Batch, host Laura Beil (Dr. Death) investigates the multi-billion dollar underregulated industry of stem cell therapy where greed and desperation collide. When a group of patients wind up in a Texas hospital in critical condition, the trail leads back to one stem cell company and its charismatic CEO. What happens when a supposed miracle cure leaves you worse off than before? Listen to Bad Batch at wondery.fm/BadBatchPod
Published 10/25/19
Laura, Jim and Lisa continue to deep dive Episode #4 of Wondery's six part show 'The Mysterious Mr Epstein' and unravel Epstein's relationship with Ghislaine Maxwell and Prince Andrew.
Published 10/23/19
Laura, Jim and Lisa analyse Episodes #3 ‘All Access’ and #4 ‘Buried Secrets’ of Wondery’s six part series ‘The Mysterious Mr Epstein.’
Published 10/16/19
Laura Richards and Jim Clemente continue their behavioural analysis and forensic deconstruction of the Wondery six part show 'The Mysterious Mr Epstein'.
Published 10/08/19
Laura and Jim continue our analysis of Wondery’s six part series ‘The Mysterious Mr Epstein.’
Published 10/02/19
Laura and Jim forensically deconstruct the Wondery six part podcast ‘The Mysterious Mr Epstein.’
Published 10/01/19
Laura Richards, Jim Clemente and Lisa Zambetti continue analysing #Mindhunter Season 2 Ep #2, discuss pioneering work at New Scotland Yard profiling the most dangerous offenders and answer listener questions.
Published 09/25/19
Laura, Jim and Lisa finish forensically deconstructing Mindhunter: Season 2 Episode #1. Ted Gunn, the new unit chief overseeing the Behavioural Science Unit at Quantico, sets the unit on a new course, promising more resources and to get Holden Charles Manson.
Published 09/18/19
Laura, Jim and Lisa continue to forensically deconstruct the Netflix show Mindhunter. We discuss Episode #1 including the victims, the killers, the profilers, the FBI, criminal behavioural analysis and the reality of what the job entails.
Published 09/11/19
Laura, Jim and Lisa analyse and forensically deconstruct the long awaited Mindhunter Season 2
Published 09/04/19
We continue our discussion with Professor John White, forensic neuropsychologist, former police investigator and curator of the serial killer database.
Published 08/28/19
Laura, Jim and Lisa interview Professor John White, professor of psychology at Stockton University, Galloway, New Jersey who specialises in forensic neuropsychology.
Published 08/22/19
Laura Richards, Jim Clemente and Lisa Zambetti continue to analyse Joyce Malecki’s murder and other unsolved murders of women including Pam Conyers and Grace Montanye at the time of Sister Cathy Cesnik’s murder and we discuss forensic opportunities with Lisa, Gemma Hoskins and Shane Waters.
Published 08/14/19
Laura Richards, Jim Clemente and Lisa Zambetti revisit the murder of Sister Cathy Cesnik
Published 08/08/19
Laura Richards, Jim Clemente and Lisa Zambetti continue their discussions about the Central Park Jogger Case, the rape of Trisha Meili.
Published 08/01/19
Jim Clemente, Laura Richards and Lisa Zambetti discuss and review the forensic evidence in the brutal rape of Trisha Meili in Central Park in 1989.
Published 07/25/19