This week Relax! hosts Colleen and Erik go into the wild with a literal campfire episode. They tell camping horror stories, get attacked by killer cockroaches, and discuss seagull intercourse. 
Published 06/09/21
Colleen and Erik attempt and fail to do an entire episode without using the words pregnancy, babies, or twins.
Published 06/02/21
Colleen and Erik grapple with the reality that two human babies are growing in her body. Colleen is also extremely excited about some upcoming feature film adaptations of Broadway musicals. 
Published 05/26/21
Colleen and Erik react to the exciting news that their little fam jam is growing. Plus Colleen rates her super fun symptoms and tests Erik on his daddy knowledge.
Published 05/19/21
Colleen and Erik take a deep dive into her childhood diaries, Erik shares the meaning behind his first tattoo, and Colleen opens up about her confusing journey with Religion.  
Published 05/12/21
Special Guest Miranda Sings! + A new listener review song! Colleen and Eureka talk about all things behind the scenes for season 1 episode 3.
Published 05/05/21
This week Colleen and Erik take a walk down memory lane as they discuss their history of ‘firsts.’ We also discover that Erik might have some terrifying hygiene issues and Colleen still knows nothing about movies. 
Published 04/28/21
This week Colleen and Erik show you their ditties! They are Retracing their respective musical theatre histories and, of course, bursting into the occasional song. 
Published 04/21/21
This week Colleen is joined by her Haters co-creator, executive producer, writer, brother Christopher Ballinger to deep dive into all things episode 2: Preeching 2 the Chior. 
Published 04/14/21
Colleen and Erik discuss their differing perspectives on pregnancies past and future. Plus an all NEW listener review song AND Flynn stops by with his Truck of the Day. 
Published 04/07/21
Colleen and Erik retrace there old odd job history before they were both in the entertainment industry.
Published 03/31/21
Colleen and Erik share all the behind the scenes details of making the Pilot episode of her Netflix Original Series as they watch along. They also answer some listener questions.
Published 03/24/21
Erik and Colleen discuss Jealousy issues, Erik plays a new and oddly sexy listener review song, and why Colleen can’t watch Haters back Off!
Published 03/17/21
Colleen and Erik discuss the pressures of naming a human and YouTube creator glory days. Plus in their first ever interview welcome the #1 musical artist in the world (of songs about trucks) Twenty Trucks/ Truck Tunes creator Jim Gardner. 
Published 03/10/21
This week Colleen and Erik welcome a celebrity guest, Erik shares secrets about his experience working on Vampire Diaries, and a song written entirely using RELAX! Apple podcast reviews!
Published 03/03/21
This week Colleen and Erik cover controversial topics like home schooling, canceling raisins, and revisit what day is officially the first day of week (it’s Monday).
Published 02/24/21
Colleen and Erik discuss their troubled pasts, play a gross round of ‘kiss, marry, kill,’ and answer some listener questions.
Published 02/17/21
This week Colleen and Erik expose Valentines Day, put there relationship to the (internet) test, and attempt to understand social media slang. 
Published 02/10/21
This week Colleen gives Erik some much needed social media advice! Plus she gives her take on sports and the Super Bowl and they both share some nightmare audition stories. 
Published 02/03/21
In this week’s episode of RELAX, Colleen and Erik get into some arguments after the listeners point out the flaws in their relationship. After the heated discussion dies down, Colleen gets riled up again when they discuss the misogyny and sexism that still exists in our world today.
Published 01/27/21
Colleen and Erik read listener hate comments, discuss what it’s like living so publicly online, argue about what eat for dinner, and are interrupted by someone who thinks they can do a better job as podcast host. 
Published 01/20/21
In the premiere episode of RELAX! Colleen and Erik give some back story on who they are, play games, plus a surprise appearance by a SPECIAL GUEST. 
Published 01/13/21
RELAX! with Colleen Ballinger & Erik Stocklin premiers Wednesday, January 13th!
Published 12/21/20