Riled about Season Two
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Today we’re riled about Love Island Season 2, sleep farts, nudes, the NBA, doves crying, and Justin Bieber (per usual). Arielle, AKA our second guest on the podcast, gives all the behind the scenes details of filming Love Island in Vegas including what it was like in the bubble, which couples she was rooting for, and what went down with the man in her ear.
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We’re so happy you’re tuning in yet again to the world’s smartest podcast, featuring the world’s most incredible singer. This episode starts off with a heated debate between the cuties: is Arielle a good singer or a great singer? Unfortunately, Matt once again is being a bit too honest here,...
Published 08/10/21
Published 08/10/21
The cuties asked their followers for questions to answer on the pod, and once again, the Riled Uppers did not disappoint. We’re getting into everything from tramp stamps to mental health to wake-up songs to mini sandwiches. But first, Matt shares one of the drunk stories submitted after last...
Published 08/03/21