We’re so happy you’re tuning in yet again to the world’s smartest podcast, featuring the world’s most incredible singer. This episode starts off with a heated debate between the cuties: is Arielle a good singer or a great singer? Unfortunately, Matt once again is being a bit too honest here, leaving Arielle’s dreams potentially crushed. Let us know how you think Arielle’s “American Idol” audition went. Is it too little, too late for this budding vocalist? The co-hosts also discuss how Arielle...
Published 08/10/21
Published 08/10/21
The cuties asked their followers for questions to answer on the pod, and once again, the Riled Uppers did not disappoint. We’re getting into everything from tramp stamps to mental health to wake-up songs to mini sandwiches. But first, Matt shares one of the drunk stories submitted after last week’s episode, and it leads to a very important question: why do drunk people just love getting naked? There is lots of motorboating involved in our first drunk story submission and it will make you want...
Published 08/03/21
Welcome back to the #1 educational podcast in the world! Today we learn what Lilikoi is. Basically, it’s an ingredient in a Lilikoi mule, a cocktail that Arielle had two too many of resulting in the cuties podcasting from bed. The hosts catch up on this season of Love Island, analyze the differences between girls and guys dressing rooms (Matt does NOT hang out in the girls dressing room, FYI), and discuss the best and worst kinds of drunks. Please send us all your drunkest stories for us to...
Published 07/27/21
This episode takes a lot of turns. We start out by analyzing Matt’s recent farting activity, get real deep about anxiety, discuss what it means to be “ugly hot” versus “hot ugly,” and then circle right back around to farts. It’s a real rollercoaster over here, Riled Uppers. The hosts also go off on a tangent about just how much they love Tito’s Vodka, and you better believe Tito’s owes us some money over here or at least free vodka for life because this was not sponsored content. Or was it?...
Published 07/20/21
Hey, Matt’s mom, if you’re listening to this podcast episode... don’t. Matt and Arielle do not want you to hear what they hypothetically plan on doing with various celebrities so you’re going to want to exit that podcast app stat. Don’t get us wrong – the cuties are still fully engaged and doing well, but isn’t it fun sometimes to picture what would happen if Brad Pitt slid into the DMs? In other news, Matt and Arielle are planning what they’re most excited to do in their future (lots of...
Published 07/13/21
Watermelon sugar, hiiiiiii. We’re so excited you could join us because we have a lot to tell you, including the latest Love Island news (which involves Arielle locking lips with islanders) and the new business your hosts are starting. All very exciting. We also experience a murder live on the mic as a fight ensues between Matt and a Hawaiin spider. This podcast is not for the faint of heart. We learn that Arielle might not know as much about her fiancé as we initially thought (including his...
Published 07/06/21
If you’re a fan of AIM acronyms and FaceTiming your mom, this episode may just be for you. The two cuties are riled about friends who are living their lives like retired people, Gmail’s tendency to make us look like idiots in our mail icons, and Drake’s beef with Kanye West and the resulting song which is chock-full of poop scoop. Matt recounts the time he snuck vodka bottles into Les Deux nightclub (and how that situation ended for him) and Arielle shares that she doesn’t know how to spell...
Published 06/29/21
The rumors are true. Yes, you heard it here first... Arielle has her period!! Oh also, Riled Up is back for another season. The two cuties are coming at you from Hawaii to catch you up on what is new in their lives and answer the important questions such as, should teens be allowed to dance to the Thong Song? When was makeup invented, and more importantly, why? Should Arielle fight Manon Matthews in the UFC ring for all to watch? On a more serious note, Matt and Arielle are so excited to...
Published 06/22/21
Today we’re riled about vlogs, David Blaine, bouncy noses, Christmas gifts, emo videos, Matt’s upcoming birthday, private jets, and Jason Derulo. The co-hosts inspire the Riled Uppers with some amazing, thoughtful gift ideas for the holidays and beyond, while meanwhile, Matt does his best to uncover what he’s getting this year for Christmas. Plus, Arielle explains what went down during her past interactions with a super famous frog-eating magician and Matt explains what YouTube is –...
Published 12/22/20
Today we’re riled about aliens, The Bachelor, pooping at Nobu, peeing at festivals, backstage passes, superhero squirrels, Range Rovers, and Oscar winners. The two cuties are talking about a very serious topic this episode: how to best announce that you have to drop a deuce when you’re in a dating scenario. Luckily, Arielle has an effective strategy that she shares with the Riled Uppers. And speaking of going to the bathroom, Matt and Arielle break down the potty situation when it comes to...
Published 12/15/20
Today we’re riled about Cyber Monday, the Adidas website, Tonya Harding, Lord of the Rings, Venmo requests, family time, and Chapstick. The co-hosts discuss how their Thanksgiving went (do we all need a break from fam after 3 days?) and how they feel about Cyber Monday, a day that has seriously overwhelmed Matt’s inbox. They also get into the finale of HBO’s The Undoing and if we’re telling the truth, Matt might not even know what went down because he was too distracted by Hugh Grant’s...
Published 12/08/20
Today we’re riled about palm tree berries, Dutch people, foreign food, solo travel, The Rock, Fiji cab rides, luxury cars, and career advice. Arielle and Matt are continuing their unique and innovative segment, Fan Questions, leading them to talk about all things travel, geography, and career advice. Arielle shares the story of her solo trip to Paris where she met up with a friend and cried over delicious food and Matt explores the different levels of scariness when it comes to traveling...
Published 12/01/20
Today we’re riled about clubbing, chess, sex positions, Matt’s innocence, church camp, juicy kisses, and once again, Dax Shepard. The co-hosts have recently discovered The Queen’s Gambit which takes place in an era where Arielle would have absolutely thrived, beating all the boys at golfing or pile driving. Matt and Arielle also dive into a unique and never before heard segment... fan questions. The questions lead into a detailed discussion about first kisses from church camp pecks to full on...
Published 11/24/20
Today we’re riled about Dax Shepard, virgin homeschoolers, car pursuits, celebrity news, DJ Khaled, baby season, and this year’s Halloween costumes. It’s a chill episode on Riled Up as the two co-hosts are sitting down at night to chat about whatever topics come to mind. Matt and Arielle dive into what the heck is going on with “no fly zones” during car chases, whether or not they could ever get Julia Roberts to come on the podcast (it’s probably a no), and the top-ranking cartoons of all time.
Published 11/17/20
Today we’re riled about decluttering, journals, iPhones, Stinky's poop, Moscow Mules, boy band lyrics, and Bieber’s acoustic version of “Holy.” This week really takes the podcast’s name of Riled Up to a whole new level as the cutie co-hosts dive into their underwhelming weekend getaway for Arielle’s birthday which involved sad craft cocktails and dirt water. On a lighter note, Arielle has finally discovered the magic that is BTS. Have you ever really listened to the lyrics of their hit song...
Published 11/10/20
Today we’re riled about geography, pop, birthday gifts, freeway signs, Drew House, trendsetters, and the biggest golf legends of our generation. Matt and Arielle are coming to you from the road as they make their way to a top-secret getaway weekend to celebrate Arielle’s belated day. The cuties discuss their Halloween costumes and plans for this year, which may actually involve Matt going golfing with Justin Bieber (or at least a very convincing lookalike).
Published 11/03/20
Today we’re riled about curtain rods, ovaries, hunchbacks, coffee, staring, judgers, and internet Karens. The cuties talk about signs that they’re officially getting old(er), why judgers need to stop judging immediately (unless they’re Judge Judy), and their favorite rituals and addictions from coffee to saving dogs. Arielle shares a few standout moments from her time opening for Whitney Cummings and explains to Matt what happens each month when women get “the period.”
Published 10/27/20
Today we’re riled about birdies, rock hards, smashing nines, thankfulness, assault by pizza, Florida men, and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. We already knew that Arielle could act, sing, and (kind of) dance, but the two cuties have recently discovered what might be her greatest career move yet: golfing. Arielle also gives tips for decluttering your life – another new passion of hers – and shares with Matt a recent trick she learned that involves men in Florida and intense food fights.
Published 10/20/20
Today we’re riled about Love Island Season 2, sleep farts, nudes, the NBA, doves crying, and Justin Bieber (per usual). Arielle, AKA our second guest on the podcast, gives all the behind the scenes details of filming Love Island in Vegas including what it was like in the bubble, which couples she was rooting for, and what went down with the man in her ear.
Published 10/13/20
The cutie co-hosts are taking a brief break but we will be back soon with Season Two!
Published 09/15/20
Today we’re riled about great grandparents, unqualified doctor advice, caffeine, tattoos, Snapchat, sexy cars, and Post Malone. Arielle and Matt begin the episode by revealing what names they almost were given by their parents and what names they would choose for themselves now. We learn that in another world, you may very well be listening to Riled Up with Nikki and Jason.
Published 09/08/20
Today we’re riled about Love Island, underboob sweat, Zion National Park, bush brothers, hot wolf nerds, grizzly bears, and small-town bars. While Arielle has been in a bubble filming Love Island in Las Vegas, Matt has been on an epic road trip with his friend Duck, making new friends, spying on wolves from afar, and just generally being a degenerate.
Published 09/01/20
Today we’re riled about carrots, trance music, Breathe Carolina, time travel, Alice Cullen, cupcakes, dream weddings, and Mr. Jones. The co-hosts have been making some fantastic music lately, from Arielle’s song “I’m Full Naked” to their live duet of “Cutie, Don’t Choke on Carrots,” but you won’t believe your ears when you hear the debut of Arielle and Christine’s trance song, “Twilight Fanny Pack.”
Published 08/25/20
Today we’re riled about Peeta Mellark, TV remotes, Along Came Polly, the cast of Friends, clubbing, music video props, and wolf tracking. Matt and Arielle recount a devastating Apple TV experience they had while trying to watch the final movie of The Hunger Game series and Mr. Apple, if you’re listening, please address this ASAP. We also learn how Matt discovered his new favorite song at a gas station, how rappers get away with bricks of cocaine on camera, and which incredible actor did not...
Published 08/18/20