185 - Kojey Radical, Drug Church, Ho99o9 and the new video from Rammstein
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This week is chock-a-block with news, from Sergio Vega announcing that he's left Deftones (some time ago as it transpires) to The Prodigy announcing their first tour since the tragic death of the twisted firestarter himself Keith Flint. Then there's the intriguing idea behind Arcade Fire distributing the sheet music for their new songs across a bunch of collectible postcards, as well as the potentially worrisome news that Bandcamp have been bought out by Epic Games, the videogame and software developer behind the likes of Fortnite, the Unreal engine and Rocket League (although, let's not start bemoaning the death of bandcamp JUST yet eh?). Oh and on top of all that, Rammstein sent the internet into a spin by premiering the video for new single Zeit. As well as all that, Steve and Remfry find the time to fit in reviews of the new records from Kojey Radical, Drug Church and Ho99o9, plus they talk about their little adventure down to Kingston-upon-Thames to watch the utterly brilliant Biffy Clyro smash a (broadly) acoustic set. https://www.npr.org/2020/08/19/903547253/a-tale-of-two-ecosystems-on-bandcamp-spotify-and-the-wide-open-future (NPR Feature: A Tale of Two Ecosystems: On Bancamp, Spotify and the Wide-Open Future) This podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: Chartable - https://chartable.com/privacy
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