Published 08/02/22
Roll the Credits is back with Episode 99!! Tina is in a new apartment and Ryan talks about the best part of his day before they dive into one of Ryan's favorite actors, J.K. SImmons. Unfortunately, he didn't make a great pick as his movie failed to deliver in his eyes. It did spark a conversation about revenge and stories from a past life that come with it. Tina, however, watched a very enjoyable movie that centers around music which prompted the hosts to talk about the importance of music in...
Published 08/02/22
Tina opens up the show talking about the many emotions of her many changes that are happening in her life right now. Ryan then talks a bit about his dating life and any updates that come with that before they dove into Kurt Russell. Ryan's film is based on a true story which got the hosts thinking about major moments in history and remembering where they were. Unfortunately, most of these happen to be sad stories. Tina then picks up the mood with a true underdog story and how Ryan and Tina...
Published 07/20/22
This week on Roll the Credits Tina looks back on an era of her life that is coming to an end and how appreciative she is of it. They then dive into Ben Stiller's work where Tina of course watched and loved The Secret Life of Walter Mitty which brought on a conversation of the movie as a whole. Ryan, unfortunately, wasn't so lucky as he had posted one of his lowest scores to date. His question was around "do hurt people hurt people?". Do we believe that to be true? Tune in to find out all that...
Published 07/13/22
Ryan and Tina are back as they talk about the first half of the year which is somehow already over as well as their July 4th holiday weekends. They then ask for help when it comes to Instagram and managing multiple accounts. If anyone out there has experience and success, please step forward! After that, they dove into Jude Law which developed into conversations around being a con man, how women can have the upper hand and more. Tina's movie then dives into mental health, the truth, and...
Published 07/06/22
This week's episode of RTC starts off by talking about Father's Day and another great gift by Ryan. Both Tina and Ryan have weddings coming up this weekend and they discuss their plans for those parties. They then dive into Andrew Garfield's work where conversations regarding strong beliefs and fighting for this country. Don't hold your breath for Ryan to save you on the battlefield. They then discuss the upper upper class and how different life could be for them. All that and more on this...
Published 06/22/22
Roll the Credits is back after hitting their 20K listeners milestone and they reflect on that journey. They then turn their attention to Will Ferrell who unfortunately got the raw end of the deal this week with some pretty low scores. Tina's movie brings up the conversation of natural disasters and which one you would want to find yourselves in if you had to choose. Ryan's limited series focuses on therapy and he picks Tina's brain on how it all works. All that and more on this week's episode...
Published 06/15/22
Ryan and Tina are back and talk about RTC hanging out this weekend at The Lumineers concert. They then dive into Keanu Reeves and talk about everyone's price. Tina then asked Ryan how much it would cost him to eat a live goldfish. Ryan's movie brings up a conversation about lying, how much they do it, how severe the lies are, and how good they are at delivering them. All that and more on this week's episode of RTC!
Published 06/08/22
Roll the Credits is back and talking Memorial Day Weekend! Ryan and Tina are both looking forward to what hopes to be a very enjoyable June. On this week's episode they are discussing Daniel Day-Lewis, widely known to be one of the top actors in the last 50 years. Tina's movie brings on a discussion of artistic ability and desire while Ryan's movie opens up a conversation about how the President of the United States has to be the worst job...ever. Also, please check out a friend of the show,...
Published 06/01/22
Roll the Credits is back after a week hiatus and it is time for a date review...from Tina! She talks about a second date she had gone on recently and what plans might be in the future. This week Ryan and Tina were talking Angelina Jolie which brought up conversations of, if they had to pick a front line profession, which one would they choose. Also, they talk about feeling freedom and what that means to them. All that and more on this week's episode of RTC!
Published 05/25/22
This week on RTC, Ryan and Tina talk about their Mother's Day weekends where Ryan visited a really unique museum. They then focus on "America's Dad," Tom Hanks. Ryan and Tina both really enjoyed their movies which led to conversations about what conning profession we would take, a very long tangent into soap opera television and then topped off with reminiscing on childhood tv shows. All that and more on this week's episode of Roll the Credits.
Published 05/11/22
Ryan and Tina are back after a short two week hiatus to talk about life! They then dive into Julianne Moore which stems conversations about the longevity of life and what they value more as well as romance and the impact it has on different areas of people's lives. That spins into a great in depth conversation just about being human. Don't miss all that and more on this week's episode of RTC! Also, any movie tattoo ideas, shoot Ryan's way!
Published 05/04/22
Ryan and Tina are back with 20 questions and they talk sugar momma's! Also, both hosts watch classic Tom Cruise rom coms with iconic scenes that they somehow have never seen. Those movies bring up conversations about high school parties, or the lack thereof, as well as loyalty and how important that is in life. All that and more on this week's episode of RTC!
Published 04/13/22
It is wedding season at Roll the Credits and a recurring character returns to the podcast! This week Ryan and Tina talk about Matt Damon which leads to conversations about small towns as well as defining moments in both Ryan and Tina's high school sports careers. Ryan finally wins the competition 10 to 6! All that and more on this week's episode of RTC.
Published 04/06/22
RTC discusses the slap heard around the world as well as some other deserving Oscar storylines that lost the light. Sandra Bullock's movies spark conversations about the ocean and space and what would be scarier.  Also, how would Tina and Ryan pull off a heist. Don't miss it. Tina: 9, Ryan: 5
Published 03/30/22
IT'S TINA'S BIRTHDAY!! Ryan discusses Tina's birthday plans and she notes that she can no longer handle three day benders, she has retired. They continue the game of 20 questions before diving into Salma Hayek. A bit of a cheat this week by Tina drives conversation into the topic of how far would you go to help your friends. Then Ryan's romantic comedy strikes up a Q and A on women's thoughts before they go out to enjoy an evening on the town. All that and more on this week's episode of RTC!...
Published 03/23/22
This week on RTC Ryan and Tina make a deal of the next TV show they will be watching so hold them accountable. Also, 20 questions is back which has them talking about their pets they lost growing up. They then dive into Russell Crowe which brings on conversations about escaping jail and the word's corruption, all fun topics on this week's episode of RTC. Don't miss it! Ryan: 9 Tina: 4
Published 03/16/22
Ryan is back after a multiple week hiatus. As Ryan and Tina catch up about life, reality TV, Ryan introduces a game of 20 questions that the hosts will play over the next few weeks. That stirs up a conversation about different phases of life and what has been the best so far. They then dive into Adrien Brody's work which has them both in a unique situation when it comes to talking points. Tune in to find out. All that and more on this week's episode of RTC! Ryan: 8 Tina: 4
Published 03/09/22
This week on RTC, we have a special guest filling in for Ryan! Tina brings on her friend, Justin, to chat about Michael B. Jordan. Before diving into their movies, Tina asks Justin for his elevator pitch and a couple of other questions that lead to some interesting conversation. After that, they discuss two movies that couldn't have been more opposite, and an RTC record is broken for lowest rated movie! Next week, Ryan will be back with Tina to discuss Adrien Brody. Tune in for all of that a...
Published 03/02/22
In this week's episode Ryan and Tina open it up talking about the Super Bowl, Mental Health, and Reality TV before they open up into George Clooney. Tina's movie has the hosts talking about leaving a legacy and what that means to them. Ryan's movie, which he loved, leads Tina into a conversation about actions and consequences and how they view them as they get older. No Ryan next week, so stay tuned to hear who is guest hosting! All that and more on this week's episode of RTC!
Published 02/16/22
On this week's episode of Roll the Credits, Ryan and Tina talk about their Super Bowl plans as well as Valentine's Day plans (or the day after Valentine's Day to be more specific). Discounted candy, can't beat it! Tina talks about the limited series she watched, True Story, starring Kevin Hart which opened up a conversation around selfishness and helping people that need it. Ryan then discussed his movie which got Tina and Ryan talking patience and if they would classify themselves as patient...
Published 02/09/22
We are back on Roll the Credits and Tina has another injury story! This week on RTC we look into the uber talented Emma Watson. Ryan discusses the hit "Little Women" which gets the duo talking about dreams and aspirations when they were growing up. Tina's film, "Perks of Being a Wallflower" have the hosts discussing fitting in, meeting new people and the different anxieties that can come with social situations. All that and a whole lot more on this week's episode of RTC! Ryan: 6 Tina: 4
Published 02/02/22
In this week's episode of Roll the Credits, Ryan talks about his biggest insecurities growing up and how much of a late bloomer he was. Then they dove into Tina Fey and her work. Tina's movie brings up thoughts on the easy vs. hard road decisions in life and how many times we've chosen to take the more difficult road. Then Ryan lightened up the mood and started discussing hangovers and how worth it they are as we get older. What do you think? All that and more on this week's episode of RTC!...
Published 01/26/22
This week's episode of Roll The Credits, Ryan and Tina welcome fellow movie podcaster, Tommy Cresta of Popcorn Podcast. In this episode they break down Emily Blunt while discussing relationships and the troubles that can come with them based on communication and perspective. Tommy then has questions from his fans that he asked Ryan and Tina including best movie, most disappointing movie, and favorite movie series. All that and more on this week's episode of RTC! Ryan: 4 Tina: 4
Published 01/19/22
This week's episode starts off with honest conversation about life and the 20's as only Dax Shepherd would love. Ryan and Tina dive into bank robberies, going to prison, bad pick up lines and more. Also, a tribute to Bob Saget, Betty White, and Sidney Poitier who were all lost in the last couple of weeks. Ryan: 4 Tina: 3. Tune in next week for a special guest!
Published 01/12/22